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  1. Logo Norwalk Community Health Center 121 Water Street Norwalk, CT 06854 (203) 899-1770 (203) 899-1769 Directions (by car, by bus). Mission: The health center is a primary care facility, which serves primarily the South Norwalk community. This area was designated by the federal government as a Medically Underserved Area (MUA). In keeping with the NCHC mission, services are provided to low-income residents of greater Norwalk and its neighbor cites regardless of a patient’s ability to pay (over 10% of the Health Center’s patients reside in cities other than Norwalk). Over 50% of the patients treated at the health center have no insurance. (Background): Per the agreement with Norwalk Hospital, physicians and mid-level providers (such as mid-wives and P.A.s) work at the health center, but remain employees of the hospital. In addition, the health center employs approximately 34 full-time employees directly. These staff members consist of nurses, patient service representatives, patient billing representatives and administrative personnel. Brief Description of Services: We are providing quality Pediatric, Internal and OB/GYN services, as well as some social services, at an affordable rate based on income. For more information go to Services. Brief Description of Programs: The NCHC is also proud to work together with several community organizations, including Mid-Fairfield AIDS Project and Family and Children’s Agency in order to provide truly comprehensive care to our patients and to the South Norwalk community. For more information go to Programs. For latest developments and events, go to Newsletter/Calendar. Want to volunteer or make a donation? Go to How to Get Involved. Affiliated with this Hospital. Look at other Health and Social services, if you are looking for services not offered at this facility. Main

  2. The Norwalk Community Health Center is conveniently situated on the cusp of the very popular South Norwalk (Sono) section of Norwalk, as well as the community we serve. Our newly remodeled primary care facility, once used for manufacturing, fits right into the historic atmosphere of the coastal city. The location is within walking distance for most of our patients. By Car: From I-95 Northbound Exit 14 make a right at the stop sign and go down the hill and through 3 lights. Continue straight through major intersection. At the 4th light (this will be Washington Street) make a right onto Water Street. The Norwalk Community Health Center will be on your right hand side. From I-95 Southbound Exit 15 (So. Norwalk-Maritime Center Exit). At the light make a left and stay in your left lane. Keep straight for 4 lights (remaining in the far left lane. At fifth light make a left onto North Main Street. Continue straight for 2 lights. At third light make a left onto Washington Street. At the light make a right onto Water Street. The Norwalk Community Health Center will be on your right hand side. By Bus: Take Route 9 of the Wheels Bus system. Get off at the Water Street stop, which is directly in front of the Norwalk Community Health Center. Here is a link to the Wheels Bus map: Parking and the entrance are located at the rear of the building. Main -> Directions

  3. Services The Health Center is open Monday through Friday 8:30AM-12:30PM and 1:30PM-5:30 PM. These are the services we provide in detail: Adult Medicine provides general primary care for adults. This department also has several specialty clinics including a diabetes clinic, pulmonary clinic, and infectious disease clinic. For more information of an appointment, please call (203) 899-1754. Pediatrics provides general primary care for infants, children and adolescents. This department has a case manager who will help with Husky enrollment and follows children with chronic diseases, such as asthma and diabetes. The For more information or an appointment, call (203) 899-1763. OB/GYN provides comprehensive gynecological care, annual exams, contraceptive counseling, in-house surgery, as well as referrals to the Norwalk hospital for surgery. For more information or an appointment, call (203) 899-1766. The SWC Pharmacy is also located at NCHC, so that you can fill your prescriptions after your appointment, for your convenience. The pharmacy hours are Monday through Friday 9AM-12:30PM and 1:30PM-5:30PM. It is closed on weekends and holidays. For questions, please call (203) 899-0708. Information you need to have when you arrive: Photo ID, and an insurance card if they you have it. If you do not have insurance, bring your most current W-2 forms, 4 recent check stubs, a letter from employer stating your earnings, or a signed and notarized letter of your income. We have a notary on the premises who will be happy to notarize this type of letter for you. This will aid us to determine if you are eligible for some type of insurance, such as Husky (for children). Otherwise, we will use this information to determine your level on our sliding fee scale which can be a 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 % discount depending on income.  Payment: The payment is a minimum of $20, and will be determined based on the services received. Care is never denied. We will work on payment plans, even for a $20 fee. Acceptable insurance policies: CHN, Blue Care Family Plan,  PHS Private and Medicaid, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Husky A, Husky B, and Medicare Staff: Per the agreement with Norwalk Hospital, physicians and mid-level providers (such as mid-wives and physician’s Assistants) work at the health center, but remain employees of the hospital. In addition, the health center employs approximately 34 full-time employees directly. These staff members consist of nurses, patient service representatives and administrative personnel. Languages Spoken at the Health Center: English, Spanish, French and Creole Need services that we don’t provide? Go to sites of other Health Care Providers and Community Agencies

  4. Programs These are the programs offered at NCHC, in detail: Teen Outreach: The Peer Health Educator Program is a partnership between the Center for Youth Developmental Family and Children’s Agency and the Norwalk Community Health Center. The program is funded by the Fairfield County Foundation. Reach Out and Read: ROR is a pediatric early literacy program to encourage literacy development in our young patients; ROR integrates early literacy development into pediatric primary care for preschool children, taking advantage of regularly scheduled well-child visits to reach parents of children 6 moths to 5 years of age. Through anticipatory guidance from pediatricians, parents learn how to support their children’s early adventures in reading and writing, along with verbal language development. A new book given by the provider at each well-child visit means children’s books in the home, giving parents the tools to help children learn to love books. Volunteer readers in the clinic waiting room demonstrate vividly to parents and children that reading aloud is a source of pleasure and entertainment. SONO Asthma Control: 1st Wednesday of every month; child is referred by Dr. Uceda then put on a schedule that day Family Night Community Lecture Series: every 3rd Tuesday of the month; Infectious Disease Control: every Friday morning; 9-12; Dr. Pols and residents; Midfield AIDS project nurse to do case management and social issues; deal w/HIV, Hepatitis A, B, C…; prescribe antiviral cocktail, and associated medical issues, referrals to specialty clinics Diabetes: comprehensive and emphasizes disease management and a term approach, which is patient centered; patients are given the opportunity to learn how to take care of themselves and their individual; in addition to state of the art medical care, special individual and group sessions are offered with topics including diet, weight loss exercise, medication effects, insulin use and life style adjustments; these session are tailored to the individual’s needs; particular interests of the diabetic management team include diabetes during pregnancy and prevention of adult onset diabetes in persons at risk. March of Dimes: 3 sessions of 6 classes and graduation; 4-6pm; 2 times a week for 3 weeks; prenatal education (aimed at Hispanics); group of pregnant women- talk about nutrition, labor, delivery and baby care Prenatal Orientation: when patient has a positive pregnant test, sign up for class; every Wednesday at 9am for 2-2 ½ hours; do bloodwork, tuber test, urine culture, prenatal vitamins; meet with social worker for financial assistance, WIC worker, AIDS educator, someone from the Women’s crisis center, mentoring programs (like first step); results are ready for first prenatal visit to NCHC; registered for delivery at hospital; Chiropractic Clinic: every Friday, from 11-2; open to everyone; adjustments and massages; Dr. Dubet(sp???) There are other Programs that are offered (federally and state funded programs) HUSKY: for kids that are 19, or younger; U.S. citizen/legal status; Call Patricia Field ext. 2666 or Berenice Perez, ext. 209. Come in anytime to figure out if you are qualified. Head Start: CCIH: For information on when and where these services are offered at NCHC, or elsewhere in the community, go to the Calendar.

  5. Program Program Service Program Program Program Newsletter/Calendar President’s Report Department Reports The Latest- Programs: Services Any other Announcements. Past and Future Events in NCHC and in the community:

  6. Links List of Health Care Services Norwalk Hospital Americares Free Clinic of Norwalk Planned Parenthood Connecticut Counseling List of Helpful Community Agencies CPCA Mid-Fairfield AIDS Project NEON DSS of Norwalk United Way of Norwalk Mid-Fairfield Behavioral Health Other Important Information Sites CDC EPA Infoline

  7. Contact Us Phone #s, E-mail, function on each person listed: Sylvia Dr. Pols Board of Directors Statement of Purpose: To oversee the Norwalk Community Health Center. To provide contacts with the community. The health center is governed by a voluntary 25 member Board of Directors, drawn primarily from South Norwalk Organizations and the community. Six of the NCHC board members are appointed by the Norwalk Hospital as part of an agreement with the Norwalk Hospital. Complaints about NCHC? Complaints about the NCHC Web Site?

  8. How to Get Involved Job Listings for NCHC Volunteer? Name, phone#, fax #, email of people to contact.