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WALES. Wales is a land of beautiful nature, rich culture and amazing architecture. Area : 20,760 sq km (8,015 sq miles) Population : 2,798,200 Languages : English (100%), Welsh (20%) Capital City : Cardiff National Motto : Cymru am Byth ("Wales for Ever") . General Facts.

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  1. WALES Wales is a land of beautiful nature, rich culture and amazing architecture.

  2. Area: 20,760 sq km (8,015 sq miles) Population: 2,798,200 Languages: English (100%), Welsh (20%) Capital City: Cardiff National Motto: Cymru am Byth ("Wales for Ever") General Facts

  3. The Welsh Flag • The origins of the Red Dragon flag, or "y DraigGoch" could date back to the Roman period. • The dragonwas used by Roman military. • After the Romans left, the Red Dragon remained as a key emblem of Wales.

  4. Laverbread- local eggs and bacon combined with the more unusual ingredients. Afternoon tea can be served with Bara Brith ( a fruit bread) or Welsh cakes. The traditional meat for dinner in the evening  is Welsh Lamb or for a snack Welsh Rarebit. Traditionalfood

  5. “The costume regarded as national dress is based on clothing worn by Welsh countrywomen during the early nineteenth century, namely a striped flannel petticoat, bedgown, with an apron, shawl andtall hat" Bedgown : hálóing Petticoat: alsószoknya Shawl: kendő Apron: kötény

  6. Lovespoons • The giving and receiving of lovespoons between lovers, friends and family is a Welsh customTraditionally a lovespoon was a wooden spoon carved by a young man and presented to the woman he loved • Today lovespoons are very popular and used to mark and celebrate many occasions such as births, christenings, weddings, anniversaries and retirement..

  7. WelshChristmastraditions • Plygain- singing from 3-6am onChristmas Day • TaffymakingonChristmaseve • Mari Lwyd - thegreymarethatbringsgoodluck

  8. St. David’sday • StDavid’sday is commemoratedbythewearing of daffodilsorleeksonthe 1st of March.

  9. Wales is home to some of Europe's finest surviving examples of medieval castle construction: Chepstowcastle Beaumariscastle

  10. CaernarfonCastle Caernarfon is theancientcapital of Wales, wherethe British monarch’seldestson is traditionallycrowned Prince of Wales


  12. 1, SNOWDON mountains, SnowdoniaNational Park www.galenfrysinger.com

  13. 2, Pistyll Rhaeadrwaterfall Pistyll Rhaeadr

  14. 3, Wrexham Steeple

  15. 4, Overton Yew Trees

  16. 5, St. Winifred´s Well

  17. 6, Llangollen Bridge

  18. 7, Gresford Bells

  19. Anglo-Welsh poet, Dylan Thomasis famous throughout the literary world. • 1914-1953

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