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Do we take it for granted? PowerPoint Presentation
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Do we take it for granted?

Do we take it for granted?

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Do we take it for granted?

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  1. Do we take it for granted? View south along the Woodstock Road, No 26 on the left.

  2. “It is a planned suburb; the plots were large with the extensive gardens often dwarfing the actual houses” (Oxford City Council draft Area Appraisal.) The fragile illusion

  3. Death of the corner plot – the illusion destroyed Staverton Road Staverton Road Staverton Road St Margaret’s Road

  4. Effect on the landscape

  5. The landscape is a little different Picture taken at around 9.00am, June, 2008; angle of the sun about 45° high. Notice the length of shadows.

  6. The special character and appearance of the Conservation Area.It’s leafy.

  7. What the Council have said about this corner plot • The existing trees on the site are prominent in public views and collectively make a positive contribution to the special character and appearance of the North Oxford Victorian Suburb Conservation Area. Any damage to these trees or their subsequent loss would therefore have a significant adverse effect upon public amenity and be harmful to the character and appearance of the Conservation Area, contrary to the aims and objectives of Policies CP1, CP11, HE7, NE15 and NE16 of the Oxford Local Plan 2001- 2016.

  8. Who will replant these trees?

  9. Trees come and go – but if there is space they go and come “When we arrived in the late sixties there was evidence of elms, reduced to stumps before our arrival: two in the so-called forest and one on the Lathbury Road side.” Johanna Pope

  10. What the Council says about these trees • The attractive quality of North Oxford is due in large part to the trees, shrubs, ground cover and climbing plants that soften the architecture and add contrasting colours and textures. • The gaps enable views through to the planting in the gardens and the rear of adjacent properties, and are important in strengthening the sense of openness that prevails throughout the suburb.” • The mature trees shield the houses from sight. The skyline plays an important role in these vistas, as it is a major contributor to the overwhelming sense of space.

  11. “This beautiful Arts & Crafts house and garden”

  12. The delightful glimpses through the gaps.

  13. “Bit by bit”

  14. What the Council says • “No 26 Lathbury Road [is] a building of interest in its own right”. • Policy HE6: Planning Permission will only be granted for development … that would have an adverse impact on the building or its setting if … the development makes a more positive contribution to the character and appearance of the area.

  15. What the Council says • Policy HE7 • Planning permission will only be granted for development that preserves or enhances the special character and appearance of the conservation areas or their setting. • Planning permission will not be granted for proposals involving substantial demolition of a building … that contributes to the special interest of the conservation area.

  16. What the law says • Planning and Compensation Act 2004 • s.38(6) If regard is to be had to the development plan for the purpose of any determination to be made under the planning Acts the determination must be made in accordance with the plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.