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East Bay RTK Network PowerPoint Presentation
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East Bay RTK Network

East Bay RTK Network

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East Bay RTK Network

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  1. This presentation will probably involve audience discussion, which will create action items. Use PowerPoint to keep track of these action items during your presentation • In Slide Show, click on the right mouse button • Select “Meeting Minder” • Select the “Action Items” tab • Type in action items as they come up • Click OK to dismiss this box • This will automatically create an Action Item slide at the end of your presentation with your points entered. East Bay RTK Network Duncan Marshall East Bay Regional Park District 510-544-2374

  2. East Bay RTK Network

  3. History December 2003 UNAVCO speaks at Northern Calif. GPS Users Group • 11 Park sites will work geographically in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties • Sites chosen for their sky view for GPS and elevation for radio transmission January - September 2004 • Negotiations and site visits to set up and sign license for 10 sites in one agreement • 10 slated for installation East Bay RTK Network

  4. Radios - Current • Radio Type and FCC license issues • Type Trimble radios with 5 mile radius limitation • Does not cover all of Park District from these sites • Deep valleys with no reception • Could use repeater • FCC License • No local government frequencies available • District license in supervisors name - 13 channels East Bay RTK Network

  5. Radios - Future • Type – 2.4gHz? • Want - 24/7 Broadcast Time • To limit access to UNAVCO sites – less people, better • Save time not having to drive to GPS site to set up radio, public will want to use their radios at these sites – coordination! • Allows best use of information by everyone if always available • FCC License – Remove from Equation • 2.4gHz does not need license • Line of sight to radio tower (Park District, County, Public Utility) • Coordination for radio tower installation at these sites, each with a computer • Need selling points for Police, Fire and other dept.’s • RTK correction signal sent out over internet via cell phone modem East Bay RTK Network

  6. One Surface, One Solution • Connect All (Some?) Stations • Connect all GPS sites to one central computer to develop one surface for all of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. RTK correction signal to be sent from each UNAVCO site over 2.4gHz radio antenna aimed at a municipal radio tower. Signal received and sent over the internet to a central hub where it is processed with other sites and sent back out to cell phone modems for real time RTK. • Different solution than Orange Co. – Single line • Room to spread to other adjoining counties for a better solution? • Free to the public, just sign up East Bay RTK Network

  7. East Bay RTK Network

  8. Progress • Have worked up and down the hierarchy in the Park District to get sites approved with Environmental Impact Review. • Signed agreement with UNAVCO. • Sites to be installed “soon” • Support from other agencies in terms of money, equipment and man- hours to develop this “One Surface” system. East Bay RTK Network

  9. Work to Do… • Set up new radios at UNAVCO sites: Cost: $5,000± per site • New post, solar cells, antenna, batteries and radio • Coordinate and get permission to use existing radio towers • Set up new antennas at municipal radio tower arrays • New antenna, wire, computer and internet access • Set up central computer hub (U.C. Berkeley? East Bay Regional Park District?) • New computer, software and internet access East Bay RTK Network

  10. ? Questions ?! Comments ! East Bay RTK Network

  11. Thank You ! Duncan Marshall East Bay Regional Park District Survey Support Section 2950 Peralta Oaks Court Oakland, CA 94605 510-544-2374 East Bay RTK Network