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The Curious Forge Maker Space! What creations of your own lay unborn because of space, skill or tool limitations? PowerPoint Presentation
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The Curious Forge Maker Space! What creations of your own lay unborn because of space, skill or tool limitations?

The Curious Forge Maker Space! What creations of your own lay unborn because of space, skill or tool limitations?

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The Curious Forge Maker Space! What creations of your own lay unborn because of space, skill or tool limitations?

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Presentation Transcript

  1. The Curious ForgeMaker Space! What creations of your own lay unborn because of space, skill or tool limitations?

  2. Its Born! and it’s a …. Maker Space! Audience response : a collective aaaaaaaaaw, googoogagas in the back

  3. …and its name is THE CURIOUS FORGE!!!!! Audience response : wild applause

  4. … and we have filed for non-profit corporation status Gumbas! We will be a legal entity soon! (honest) • Audience response : enthusiastic clapping, some ulululas from the back

  5. … and you’re a part of it! Audience response : jumping on tables, throwing chairs out the window, making love on the carpet and dancing in the streets

  6. … and fun to be had! • Workshops • Getting into a our Space • Contests • Fundraisers • Audience response : giggling building to uproarious laughter

  7. … and it has its very own website (also Audience response : repeatedly saying the name and nodding and smiling

  8. We own, and both are pointed to the same website We have a space on And received our first correspondence from it ! ( penis enlargement kit offer! Damn these makers are ingenious ! ) The email is Twitter is Curious Forge Looking for feedback in the forum In the spirit of pushing as much decision making as possible to the membership, keep an eye on the polls/voting area.

  9. Website Functionality • calendar (events, workshops), • current projects • editable portions for members including:Calendar, personal project area, wanted posts, community chat and blog, wish list, volunteer Schedule • web cam • gallery of events, projects and black mail material • resources – links, materials, people • members directory – skill sets, special tools, desires, certification • voting/Polling • check lists – opening/closing, new members, etc • subscription payment/volunteer hour tracking • space info – address/hours/marketing/ joining • donations page • chat/forum /collaboration coordination / current projects • wiki – articles of incorporation, bylaws • tool and machine usage tutorials • password protected members only sections

  10. Workshops ! • Soldering • Mold gourd making • Solar system building • Welding mild steel basics • Sauerkraut making • Audience response : ooooooooohaaaaaaaaah, “holy mother of ______” from back

  11. Soldering workshop By the end of the workshop you will be proficient at all kinds of soldering, have your own soldering iron and a kit that plays Beethoven's 5th and have several cool burns on your fingers as well as : Safety Theory Types of soldering basic bridge, ic, discrete Tinning, wire soldering E.L. wire soldering

  12. Mold Gourd Art We will be part of an alien invasion and create hundreds and hundreds of pod people and then release them on to an unsuspecting congress. In the process we will learn Learn about the ancient Chinese Mold Gourd art form 2 and 1 part Mold making Make our own molds Apply molds to gourds Then Wait…wait…. More waiting Apply finish to gourds and then watch out congress Proper preservation of the gourds

  13. Solar Energy System Design Everyone knows that solar energy systems are only good for cooking wieners and maybe wearing them as a hat but while doing that we will learn solar energy theory End to end system explanation Capacity/site planning Different applications Hands on demo and discussion on a real onsite system  Obtaining system components installation tips Everyone takes home a partially cooked hot dog

  14. MIG Welding Basics If you never want to be without a ride you have got to get creative and have skills. Theory of MIG welding Safety Care and feeding of a MIG welder Identifying types of steel Hands on Welding Bring an extra car

  15. Making Raw Sauerkraut(and other fermented vegetables) We’ll cover: the health benefits and nutrient dense qualities various methods of preparing the vegetables, hands on additional ingredients to enhance the flavors the fermentation process and the use of canning jars and crocks what to expect during fermentation & troubleshooting problems Everyone will take home a jar of raw sauerkraut!

  16. … but there is important work to be done • Informational/Marketing materials • Board Election • Membership, Fundraising, Marketing, Space Acquisition committees • Fundraising • Audience response : general jutting of jaws and rolling up of sleeves.

  17. Informational Materials • We need these materials to hoodwink communicate to donors, businesses, landlords, and new members what the maker culture in general is about, and what the Curious Forge in particular wants to achieve • Logo / Tagline • Video • Brochure • Website

  18. New Board Elections • Expanded 7 member Board • Positions TBD • Qualifications for position • Passion for maker culture

  19. Committees Fundraising Creation and coordination of events, volunteers, venues, and event leaders and other community events and organizations to raise funds to lower costs to members and allow acquisition of materials and tools to realize members goals Membership Creation of a membership structure to be inclusive of as full a diversity of socio-economic, age, skills, and passions as possible and fairness to everyone. Marketing Effectively communicate our culture and passions to members, donors, community, and potential landlords Space Acquisition Work with treasurer, membership and community to acquire a space for our group Audience Response : jumping up and raising of hands, line cutting and fights breaking out at sign up table

  20. Contests! chal·lenge noun 1.acallor summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength,etc. 2. something that by itsnature or character serves as a call to battle, contest, specialeffort, etc.: Space exploration offers a challenge to humankind. 3. a call to fight, as a battle, a duel, etc. Tag Line Contest Logo Contest And Prizes • Audience response : thumping of chests, waving of firearms, indiscrete gestures to other contestants

  21. Tagline Brainstorming(If not initialed these are from other maker spaces.) I make stuff, do you? A community space for people who make things. We make stuff, so can you! Join the do-ocracy! (dmr) Be a Maker! Get thingamajiggy with it! (dmr) We do what we must…because we can! Talk nerdy to me. Dreams wrought here. (dmr) If it ain’t broken, we can fix that! Industrial Sanctuary Knowledge, community, technology. (lme ) What projects do you have that remain unborn? (lme) Conceive, collaborate, create! (lme ) Get nerdy with it!

  22. Logo Contest • Whimsical • Relevant • Easily produced in various media • Captures Maker culture • Captures “Curious Forge” theme • Cool

  23. Fundraisers • We need your ideas / body • Dj/live band dance • Annual Memberships • Workshops • Movie night / bake sale • Sponsorships • Project / auction • ( customized laser guided BBQ grill )

  24. The Shake down • Rent, Insurance, Utilities, Marketing, Infrastructure • Annual Memberships • Monthly memberships • Fundraisers • Workshops • Sponsorships • Audience response : stuffing dollar bills in speakers g-string, throwing checkbooks, Guido knee caps somebody trying to leave

  25. What Can YOU Do to make this happen • Become a member • Volunteer for a committee in your area of passion or expertise • Volunteer to be a part of our Board • Sign up for a workshop • Sign up to lead a workshop • Volunteer to time • Communicate to other potential makers • Feed us your ideas on everything • Audience response : chorus of hallelujahs, people talking in tongues, Pinocchio becomes a real boy, video stream of congress holding hands and singing coomb-by-ya