positively contagious the flu is not the only n.
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Positively Contagious

Positively Contagious

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Positively Contagious

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  1. Positively Contagious The Flu is not the only thing you catch at work. Turns out you are just as likely to catch someone's bad mood and negative attitude. Yes, the latest research demonstrates what we’ve all known to be true, emotions are contagious. Researchers call them emotional contagions and they impact our work environments, productivity, teamwork, service and performance in significant and profound ways. As we know all too well, one negative employee can pollute an entire team and create a toxic work environment. One negative leader can make work miserable for his/her team. An employee in a bad mood can scare away countless customers. Complaining can act like a cancer and spread throughout the entire organization and eventually destroy your vision and goals. And pervasive negative attitudes can sabotage the morale and performance of teams with great talent and potential. That’s the bad news... but there’s also good news. Positive emotions are just as contagious as negative emotions. One positive leader can rally a group of willing people to accomplish amazing things. One Chief Energy Officer who sits at the welcome desk can positively infect every person who walks in your business/school/workplace. One positive team member can slowly but surely improve the mood and morale of her team. And pervasive positive attitudes and emotions at work can fuel the productivity and performance of your organization. Emotional contagions are the reason why when I speak to businesses, schools and sports teams I say that everyone in the organization contributes to the culture of it. You are not just a creation of your culture but rather you are creating it every day through your thoughts, beliefs and actions. What you think matters. How you feel matters. And the energy you share with others, whether it’s positive or negative, really matters. You can be a germ and attack your organization's immune system or you can act like a dose of Vitamin C and strengthen it. So the next time you head into work with a bad mood you might want to stop before you walk in the door and consider what your leader would say if you had the Flu. She would tell you to stay home until you are healthy and not contagious. And in that moment, as you stand at the door you have choice: You can go home so you don’t infect anyone with your bad mood, or you can choose to get healthy right there, change your attitude, and decide to be positively contagious. -Jon Gordon


  3. Contagious: What you think matters. How you feel matters. And the energy you share with others, whether it’s positive or negative, is contagious. –Jon Gordon

  4. Season Schedule Important Dates January 9th- Moms on the Bus-Cambridge January 12th Cancer Night-St. Francis January 13th and 14th We host youth tournament (We need help) January 19th VS Big Lake-Youth Night February 3rd VS Chanhassen-CLASH February 5th VS North Branch-Stallions Night February 10th VS Elk River-Parents Night February 15th VS Monti-Senior night November 13th First day of practice November 22nd Pictures November 25th (STMA) Scrimmages December 3rd Breakdown at Hopkins VS Eastview December 15th& 16th Sioux Falls, SD at December 21st At Moorhead December 28th and 29th host JV and varsity holiday tournament (we need help)

  5. February 3, 2018 Community Clash @ STMA High School & STMA Middle School West STMA HIGH SCHOOL 11:00am Champlin Park vs Buffalo (Girls) 12:30pm Champlin Park vs Wayzata (Boys) 2:15pm Mpls. North vs Totino-Grace (Boys) 3:45pm St. Cloud Cathedral vs Annandale (Girls) 5:30pm St. Cloud Cathedral vs Annandale (Boys) 7:00pm Chanhassen vs STMA (Girls) 8:30pm Chanhassen vs STMA (Boys) MIDDLE SCHOOL WEST 11:00am Alexandria vs Henry Sibley (Girls) 12:30pm St. Cloud Tech vs Monticello (Boys) 2:15pm St. Cloud Tech vs Monticello (Boys) 3:45pm Waconia vs Big Lake (Girls) 5:30pm Waconia vs Big Lake (Boys) 7:00pm Zimmerman vs Rogers (Girls) 8:30pm Zimmerman vs Rogers (Boys)

  6. Impacting The Outcome Of the Game

  7. WHAT DO I NEED TO PLAY THIS YEAR • Pay fees thru HS – you can do it on-line • Updated Physical • Signed Player parent contract • Leave school have must return with doctor note

  8. PRACTICE POLICY • All players are expected to be on time, dressed, and ready to go at the start of practice at 3:35. If you miss practice it may affect your playing time. • If you know you are going to be absent (leave school early, funeral, doctor appointment, etc.) YOU must let one of the coaches know before practice by phone or email. • It is a school policy that you must be in school by 10:00am to be able to participate that day.

  9. EXPECTATIONS • Be on time • Be accountable • Work even harder today, to be better than you were the day before • Learn to work with a group of people and tolerate all of our differences- Be a team! • Be Confident, Yet Humble • Be Respectful • Be Grateful • Accept your role on the team (not everyone will start, score, play, etc.- Can you accept your role for the betterment of our team?) • Be Positively Contagious

  10. PRACTICE POLICY CONTINUED • If you have two unexcused absences from practice you may be asked to leave the team. • Missing practice to do homework or make-up a quiz, test, etc.. is unexcused! You need to manage your time and plan accordingly. • Missing practice because of illness could result in missing game time. • We do have some morning practices to stay out of AC--Varsity/JV Players expected to be at both

  11. ACADEMICS • We expect all of our players to perform at a high level in the classroom. • We will not ask any teacher for extra privileges or exceptions for you during the season. • We will be leaders in the classroom. • The top priority for players is to get a good education. Basketball can be a part of the learning process, but only when grades and behavior in school are satisfied.

  12. ON AND OFF THE COURT BEHAVIOR • Our players will take their position as role models very seriously. • Knights basketball players will be expected to conduct themselves in a classy manner on and off the court. • We expect that our players will never use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. Players who are partaking in such illegal activities are demonstrating a selfish attitude and a lack of commitment to their teammates. • The MSHSL and school’s policy will be enforced. • In addition to the school’s policy, a player may be subject to additional consequences determined by the coaching staff. Note: this policy is not limited to the duration of the basketball season, but rather the entire calendar year.

  13. Team Rosters • Cuts will be made prior to the first game so you will receive a full activity refund. Reasons for possible cut: • Excessive players • Ability level • Negative influence on team. Roles • If you cannot accept your role on the team, you may be excused from the team. • Fight for each other's success and our team’s success. • Everyone on the team is equal in importance to each other. • Not easy and long season- can you accept?

  14. GAME POLICY: • Players are expected to watch the games they are not playing in. • Varsity be at the start of JV and 9th grade games • JV and 9th grade stay for the varsity game • Leaving a basketball game to go to a practice for another sport is not acceptable. It is basketball season!

  15. Selecting Teams AND Playing Time: • Coaches’ decision • Coaches’ decision is final. • Playing time is not guaranteed at any level.

  16. GAME POLICY CONTINUED • Per school district policy, all 9th – 12th grade players must travel to and from games, away from STMA, in transportation provided by the school. The only exceptions are • Injury or illness to a participant which would require alternate transportation. • Written arrangements made 24 hours in advance between the participant’s parent/guardian(s) and activities director or principal, if the activities director is unavailable, for the student to ride with an adult (not high school student) other than the student’s parent/guardian. Or • Verbal and written communication between parent/guardian and the coach at the game for the student to ride with his/her own parent/guardian.

  17. Time Commitment • Please avoid planning vacations during the basketball season. • We do recognize that family emergencies come up and no player will be faulted for absences related to such a situation. All we ask is that you respect that others are counting on you, and your presence at practice and games is of great importance to your teammates and our program. Other Sports and Activities during the Basketball Season: • If you are on the STMA Girls Basketball team and participating in another sport’s off season program you must abide by the following guidelines: • Varsity Players: No practices or games the day or night before a basketball game. After January 31st you will not be permitted to participate in any other sport. We need your full commitment to our program. • 9th Grade and JV Players: No practices or games the day or night before a basketball game. • Missing practice to attend another sport or activity is considered unexcused and will affect playing time. Two unexcused absences may result in dismissal from team.

  18. PARENT-COACH COMMUNICATION: • Parent-coach communication should not take place before or after the games; this is a very hectic time for parents who get emotionally caught up in the game, and coaches have several responsibilities to take care of before and after the game. • At no time will any coach respond to an email that is directed at x’s and o’s or playing time. If there is a problem, email is not the way to communicate! • With concerns, please come to me! Phone calls, meeting in person are best.

  19. SOCIAL NETWORKING: • Social networking that is negative, bragging, putting down, or showing slander towards a teammate, coach, or opponent may result in punishment of sitting out of games or being kicked off the team. We are ok with positive comments! • Tweeting, facebook, instagram, snapchat and any other sources of social networking!

  20. RESPECT: • We, as coaches, respect all players and in return expect your respect. You may not agree with our decisions but you need to respect them. • We will not tolerate players disrespecting coaches, teammates or opponents. • Look your coach in the eye when we are talking to you. Walking away or rolling your eyes is a sign of disrespect. • If behavior like this becomes a problem you will be asked to leave the team • Body language tells a lot •

  21. Day after game: • It is expected that all players are in school the day after a game. If you are not in school by the start of the next day you will not be able to practice or play in the game that day. • Only excuses will be funeral, doctor appointment, etc. Please try avoiding scheduling morning appointments after games. If you do have an appointment, you will be required to bring a note back from the doctor to verify. Dress Code: • We are STMA GBB! Wear it to all events we participate in, unless otherwise noted. • Dress appropriately! • Follow team expectations on game days (i.e. game day shirts, travel suits, dress up). • You are representing yourself, your family, your school, and STMA GBB.

  22. Team: on the floor and off the floor

  23. What is going to keep us from getting to our destination?

  24. Destination: March 13th

  25. TRAVEL SUITS • *Travel suits cost $125 • *The $125 will be waived if a parent/adult works 8 hours at fall league this year • *All players are highly encouraged to have a travel suit as we wear them often and like to present ourselves as a united team

  26. Fall League • Players have picked teams and will coach themselves • Players will be given schedules for 5 weeks (Unable to work switch or find someone to work) • Parents we hope to have signup genius by tomorrow night (Picking shift do them in a row) • Schedule of play will be on Breakdown website by tomorrow

  27. SHOES, PRACTICE GEAR AND GAME DAY SHIRTS • Any White Shoes • ONLINE SHOE ORDER • • Order 10/4 to 10/16 • Same gold sleeveless • Game Day Shirts • We will have an online apparel store coming soon!

  28. ADS FOR PROGRAM Thursday October 19th or Friday October 20th

  29. PASTA FEEDS • Thursday Dec. 14 • Thursday January 11 • Thursday January 18 • Thursday January 25 • Friday February 2 • Friday February 9 • Thursday February 22

  30. Sioux Falls, South Dakota ????????? Players rooms paid for Parent there will be a block of rooms

  31. THANK YOU! Elastic Clause • Recognize that the above list of policies and procedures is not comprehensive. As coaches, we reserve the right to add or adapt policies as we deem necessary. All district and administrative policies and decisions will supersede the policies listed above. • Now that we have dispensed with the policy and formality, let me again thank you for being a part of STMA Knights Girls basketball. We look forward to an exciting, productive, and rewarding season! GO KNIGHTS!!!

  32. FOLLOW THE KNIGHTS • Twitter--@stmagbb • Facebook-- STMA Girls Basketball • Website: