rhyme n.
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  1. RHYME

  2. RHYME corresponding end sounds

  3. TYPES of RHYME PERFECT: cat – hat chair – bare marry – very

  4. TYPES of RHYME SLANT: hat – cap chair – mirror marry - beet

  5. RHYME SCHEME the arrangement of rhyme in a poem labeled with letters

  6. RHYME SCHEME (example) Roses are red, A Violets are blue, B Sugar is sweet, C And so are you. B

  7. (try it…) Jingle bells ____ Batman smells ____ Robin laid an egg ____ The batmobile ____ has lost its wheel ____ And joker got away! ____

  8. METER

  9. The rhythm established in a poem METER

  10. METER is dependent on… - Number of syllables in each line - How the syllables are accented

  11. To Determine Meter: - Count the IAMBS (pair of stressed and unstressed syllables)

  12. The dog went walking down the road and barked

  13. The dog went walking down the road and barked

  14. 1 The dog 2 went walk 3 ing down 4 the road5 and barked

  15. 2 iambs: dimeter 3 iambs: trimeter 4 iambs: tetrameter 5 iambs: pentameter


  17. Using poetry to create a vivid mental picture for the reader Making the reader feel like he/she is “there”

  18. HOW TO WRITE POETIC IMAGERY Describe the scene using all FIVE SENSES (next slide)

  19. Sight • Smell • Taste • Touch • Hearing


  21. TONE (Just like a short story’s MOOD) - The effect the attitude of the poet has on the reader - The voice of the poem

  22. Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;     Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. - Yeats, "The Second Coming"

  23. You'll love me yet--and I can tarry. - Browning, "Pippa Passes"

  24. I'll sing you a poem of a silly young king - Silverstein, “Peanut Butter Sandwich"

  25. BALLAD • A story-poem meant to be sung • Playful, easy-going tone

  26. Listen to… • “Bonny Barbara” lyrics on p.565 (folk ballad)

  27. TONE?

  28. LYRICAL POEM • An emotional poem meant to be sung • Tone ranges from different emotions

  29. Listen to… • “Brick” (Lyrical Poem)

  30. 6 am day after christmasI throw some clothes on inThe darkThe smell of coldCar seat is freezingThe world is sleeping andI am numb

  31. Up the stairs to her apartmentShe is balled up on the couchHer mom and dad went downTo charlotteThey’re not home to find usOut

  32. And we driveNow that I have founds someoneIm feeling more aloneThan I ever have before

  33. ChorusShes a brick and I’m drowning slowlyOff the coast and I’m headed NowhereShes a brick and I’m drowning slowly

  34. They call her name at 7:30I pace around the parking lotThen I walk down to buy herFlowersAnd sell some gifts that I got

  35. Can’t you seeIts not me youre dying forNow shes feeling more aloneThan she ever has before

  36. ChorusShes a brick and I’m drowning slowlyOff the coast and I’m headed NowhereShes a brick and I’m drowning slowly

  37. As weeks went byIt showed that she was not fineThey told me son its timeTo tell the truthAnd she broke down and I brokeDown

  38. cause I was tired of lyingDriving back to her apartmentFor the moment were aloneShe’s aloneAnd I’m aloneNow I know it

  39. TONE?


  41. ONOMATOPOEIA imitation of sound in words (hiss, boom, crackle)

  42. Tlot-tlot, tlot-tlot, in the distance? Were they deaf that they did not hear? - Alfred Noyes, "The Highwayman"

  43. Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is - Alka Seltzer

  44. ACROSTIC POEM a poem or series of lines, where the letters spell another word

  45. winterisland in Japanleaves are gonedrifting snowhungry horsesonly hope is to get foodraging blizzardsteam from the horseseasier to keep warm under the snowwhen morning comesicicles on treesno foodthey travelexcited to find the searacing along the beach with full tummies!

  46. Rays of sunshine have banished the thundeR Arched array of colors create a visual enigmA In the clearing crystal blue sky, Mother Nature’s graffitI Now graces us with its smile upside-dowN Beaming onto water droplets they bounce and reverB Our eyes delight in its presence we look up tO We wish all storms resolved with this vieW