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Person Search

Person Search

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Person Search

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  1. Person Search

  2. You want to do a search in order to locate a person. There’s somebody you know but you just have their home address or phone number. So ask yourself this: “How do I locate this specific person?” • There are many ways to do a person search to locate a person with the Internet technology we have these days. As a matter of fact, it makes it very easy to locate someone. If you can go online, just a few types on the keyboard and you have the information you want.

  3. But the truth is that even with this technology, we find it hard to get the results we want. It’s not the technology, but the resources available that we aren’t using. • Write what information down on a piece of paper. Why? So you’ll get an idea of where to start your search to locate a person. Through writing things down, it may aid you recall things that you may have forgotten.

  4. Write down your goals for the search and what you’ve accomplished. This is done to keep yourself organized. You wouldn’t want to do the same searches over and over again because you forgot doing it before or can’t remember what the results were. You’d want to keep track of what you’ve done.

  5. Search the white pages. Doing a person search in the white pages is one of the important steps you could do when you wish to locate a person. There are several white pages that you can find on the internet where you may do a person search right on your computer. A lot of these white pages contain up-to-date and comprehensive databases.

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