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Best Mobility Stretching Exercises for Better Flexibility PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Mobility Stretching Exercises for Better Flexibility

Best Mobility Stretching Exercises for Better Flexibility

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Best Mobility Stretching Exercises for Better Flexibility

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  1. Best Mobility Stretching Exercises for Better Flexibility

  2. Mobility stretches are all about flexibility an important part of your overall fitness strategy that should never be overlooked or bypassed. Static stretches that last for 30 seconds or more are usually best done after exercise and the latter part of cooling down, whereas dynamic stretches are best performed before a workout to boost athletic performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. Daily stretching helps to increase your mobility and increase a person’s range of functional motion for everyday life.

  3. Static stretching is when a person gradually stretches a muscle and holds that stretch it activates sensory receptors called Golgi Tendon Organs that are located at the ends of the muscle. This causes the muscle to relax affecting static flexibility, the reason you should not do it before a workout. Dynamic stretching affects your dynamic flexibility or primes the muscles getting them ready for action. All types of stretches stimulate neuromuscular pathways that help relax muscles.

  4. The Cat Cow • This flow between two opposite poses stretches your hips, core and back as well as chest and neck • Start down on all fours with your back straight and flat. Your knees below your hips and hands under your shoulders • When you exhale, arch up your back toward the sky and tuck in your tail bone as you bring your chin to your chest • On the inhale arch your back down to the ground so your belly falls and point your tail bone and chin to the sky • Alternate between these two poses following your breath for 10m breaths

  5. Shoulder Roll • This simple shoulder roll releases the tension in the shoulders and helps increase mobility • Stand straight looking straight ahead with your feet hip width apart • Slowly roll your shoulders in a circle motion upwards, forwards, back and downwards for 30 seconds and reverse the rotation

  6. Walking Lunge • This stretch challenges your stability as it engages your core, gluts and legs while stretching your hip flexors getting them ready for cardio or strength training • Stand straight with your arms at your sides and feet hip width apart • While keeping your shoulders back, your chest up and core braced, take a step forward using your right foot. Lower your body until you have your right thigh parallel to the mat and both of your knees are at 90 degrees • Move your left foot forward until you return to the starting position

  7. Hip Circle • This helps loosen the hips back and core • With your feet about hip width apart Stand straight. Slightly bend your knees and have your hands on your hips • Rotate your hips first in a clockwise direction, then the other way

  8. Forward Stretch • Releases tension in hamstrings spine, neck and back • Stand straight with your back straight, then bend forward to touch our toes and stand, repeat ten times.

  9. Mobility stretching exercises are designed to help you become more flexible both for everyday life and before exercises. These five simple exercises will help with the mobility of joints and muscles in your neck, shoulders, spine and core, hamstrings, gluts and hip flexors and can be done daily.