how can physiotherapy help with low back pain n.
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How Can Physiotherapy Help With Low Back Pain? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Can Physiotherapy Help With Low Back Pain?

How Can Physiotherapy Help With Low Back Pain?

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How Can Physiotherapy Help With Low Back Pain?

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  1. How Can Physiotherapy Help With Low Back Pain?

  2. There are always a number of different factors that can contribute to a person experiencing back pain, although in many instances the exact cause can be hard to determine. But the correct treatment can be found by you Physio on the Gold Coast.

  3. How can your physiotherapist help you? • Your Physio is trained to identify the factors that are contributing to your specific back problem. They will design a treatment plan with a full pain management program that’s tailored to suit your specific needs. While doing so, they will also check for any underlying health conditions that could be contributing to your back pain.

  4. Your Physio can help you with: • Assessing the right treatment for your back pain • Giving you advice on the things you can do to minimize your back pain • Mobilisation and manipulation as appropriate for your case • Specific exercises designed to help your recovery • Designing a full pain management plan • Providing information on how you can manage any future back problems • Advice on when to and the best ways of returning to sports, work and general types of activities • Workstation and environmental assessments, ergonomic analysis and helpful and practical advice on specific work tasks • Referring you, when necessary, to other appropriate health providers such as specialists or GPs

  5. Keeping you active • In most cases of minor back pain, the sooner a person gets back to being fully or at least partially active the better. Usually, the days where bed rest, sometimes for weeks was recommended are long gone. Today’s approach of active and selective movement designed to work on specific areas has been scientifically proven and backed by research and practical experience. This approach clearly demonstrates in most instances that when a person stays active it helps reduce pain and shortens recovery time. Your physio on the Gold Coast will be able to advise you on appropriate exercises and other measures that are right for you.

  6. Your Physiotherapy will be able to make a huge difference to your back pain; they are experts when it comes to helping you with pain management and injury treatment. Most importantly a Physio knows how to get you to regain full and proper function and pain free mobility. They are also very helpful in assisting with preventative strategies.

  7. Many people now regularly visit their Physio for preventative advice and to help with preventing injuries that can happen at any time, especially for those spending large amounts of time behind a desk or sitting where their backs do not get a normal range of movement on a day to day basis.

  8. Your local Physiotherapist is fully trained and experienced to help you overcome all types of injury especially lower back pain. They will access your condition and create a tailored made program, designed especially for your unique condition that will give you maximum relief and the fastest recovery time.