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GHB. Presented by: Matt Lorup , Keith Arline , & Chris Dendler. Overview. Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) Party Drug pleasure enhancer that depresses the central nervous system and induces intoxication. 

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  1. GHB Presented by: Matt Lorup, Keith Arline, & Chris Dendler

  2. Overview • Gamma hydroxybutyrate(GHB) • Party Drug • pleasure enhancer that depresses the central nervous system and induces intoxication.  • Central nervous system (CNS) depressant that was approved by the (FDA) in 2002 for use in the treatment of sleep disorder. • GHB is produced naturally by the body in small amounts but its physiological function is unclear. • In the United States, GHB is produced in laboratories with no guarantee of quality or purity, making its effects less predictable and more difficult to diagnose.

  3. Street Names • * Cherry Meth* Liquid X * Fantasy* Organic quaalude* Salty water * Georgia Home Boy* Scoop* Great Hormones at Bedtime* Sleep-500* Grievous Bodily Harm* Soap* Liquid E* Somatomaz* Liquid Ecstasy* Vita-G

  4. Appearance

  5. Method of Use: • GHB is available as an odorless, colorless drug that may be combined with alcohol and given to unsuspecting victims prior to sexual assaults. • It is taken orally 

  6. Advantages • Stimulate protein synthesis, aiding in fat reduction and muscle building • Helps in treating pain and improving sleep in patients with fibromyalgia • Improves rapid eye movement sleep to decrease symptoms of narcolepsy

  7. Disadvantages • There are many serious side effects such as headaches, hallucinations, dizziness, confusion, nausea, numbing of legs, memory loss, heart problems, coma, and death • GHB can cause addiction leading to withdrawal symptoms serious enough to hospitalize after long-term use • It can cause seizures in people with epilepsy

  8. Cost and Short-Term effects • The average cost is between $5-$10 per dose which is roughly 1-5 grams • <1 gram can act as a relaxant • 1-2 grams causes strong feelings of relaxation and slowing of heart rate and breathing • 2-4 grams makes affects motor and speech control and a coma like sleep.

  9. Long Term effects • Not many long term effects are known other than dependence and larger doses • Higher dose can lead to coma or death • Difficulty thinking, hallucinations, slurred speech, headaches, and amnesia occur with continued use

  10. Dependence • Withdrawal symptoms can occur within 12 hours of the last dose, and can last for up to 15 days • Symptoms include confusion and agitation, anxiety, paranoia, muscle cramps, hallucinations, and fast heart beat

  11. How Does the Drug Work? • It is used as a pleasure enhancer that depresses the central nervous system and induces intoxication. • Used as a sedative to reduce the effects of stimulants (cocaine, methamphetamine, ephedrine) or hallucinogens (LSD, mescaline) and to prevent physical withdrawal symptoms. • Side effects associated with GHB may include nausea, vomiting, delusions, depression, hallucinations, seizures, loss of consciousness, slowed heart rate,

  12. Abuse& Addiction • Can be addictive (Mostly to prescribed users) • Mental dependence • Date rape • Mostly abused by teens and young adults

  13. The facts: • More than 5,800 overdoses were recorded last year with more than 66 deaths • 12thgraders had the highest numbers of GHB use last year with 1.2% • In 2008, over 30 million Americans 12 and older used some form of GHB for non-medical reasons

  14. Treatments: • There is no antidote for GHB • May induce vomiting in very serious conditions • Drug abuse treatment centers

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