ghb gamma hydroxybutyric acid n.
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GHB (Gamma- Hydroxybutyric Acid) PowerPoint Presentation
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GHB (Gamma- Hydroxybutyric Acid)

GHB (Gamma- Hydroxybutyric Acid)

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GHB (Gamma- Hydroxybutyric Acid)

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  1. GHB(Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid) Carly Gartrell

  2. What is GHB? • GHB is a naturally occurring acid found in the central nervous system • GHB is used to depress the central nervous system when taken in small doses • It is a sodium salt known as sodium oxybate (Xyrem)

  3. GHB is also known as • Liquid Ecstasy • Georgia Home Boy • G • Grievous Bodily Harm • Juice • Mils • Fantasy

  4. What does GHB look like? • GHB is originally made in a powder form, it can be a tablet, capsule, powder or made into a liquid

  5. Effects on the brain • GHB is a metabolite of the inhibitory neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). It exists naturally in the brain, but at much lower concentrations than those found when GHB is abused. • GHB acts on at least two sites in the brain: the GABAB receptor and a specific GHB binding site.

  6. Ways to ingest ghb • Most often GHB is ingested orally in either liquid or powder form • GHB can be ingested in tasteless forms most often added to liquid such as alcohol • GHB can also be ground up and snorted

  7. Can ghb be detected in a drink? • Currently there is a way to test your drink to see if it is positive for GHB. There are paper strips that you can dip into a liquid and they will change color if the drink is positive for GHB. However this method currently takes 10 minutes to produce results • In Singapore a group of scientists at the Department of Chemistry at National University of Singapore are testing new ways to test liquids for GHB. They have found a way to get a result immediately. Currently they only have a way to test liquid when poured into a test tube and mixed with a fluorescent compound which will turn to another color if positive for GHB. • These scientists are currently working on a way to get this product into a dropper formula to be used for testing by putting drops into your drink and having it change colors if positive. They are still working on a way to change the color of darker colored liquids like cola.

  8. l Recreational Uses for GHB • GHB is known as a club drug • In the club scene it is often used as a “date rape” drug • Users use this drug to have the intoxicated feeling that you get from alcohol or ecstasy • Body builders often use this to aid in muscle growth

  9. Medical uses of GHb • GHB has been used to treat anxiety • Narcolepsy • Cataplexy • Excessive daytime sleepiness • GHB has been known to help with “slow wave sleep”

  10. Who uses GHB • GHB is most common in college age adults • You can find this drug easily in the club scene • A study has shown that more single people use GHB than married people. In this study it was found that most of the single people interviewed were also homosexual. • Rapists find this drug easy to drug their victims without having them remember what happened the next day

  11. Short term effects of GHB • Euphoric feelings • Increased Libido • Drowsiness • Dizziness and headache • Tremors • Decreased body temperature and blood pressure • Nausea • Diarrhea • Memory lapses

  12. Long term Effects of GHB • Depression • Mood swings • Dependence • Impaired memory and judgment • Slurred speech • Vision problems • Death

  13. Signs of overdose • Unconsciousness • Hallucinations • Coma • Death

  14. Withdrawal effects • Seizures • Anxiety • Trouble sleeping • Restlessness • Withdrawal from GHB can even result in death

  15. Treatment options • Very little is known about ways to treat GHB addiction. Because the drug leaves the body so quickly it has been difficult for scientists and doctors to come up with a way to treat GHB addiction although it is known to be highly addictive scientists are not sure why.

  16. Legal status and penalties for possession • Legal Status • In the United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and most of Europe GHB is considered to be illegal • GHB is a schedule 1 drug and it is a felony to posses • GHB is in the same class as heroin and marijuana • Penalties for possession • President Clinton signed the bill to make GHB a schedule 1 drug in 2000 with the exception of the FDA approving medical use in 2002. Before the bill was signed it was only regulated on a state level. • Possessing GHB is a felony and can carry up to a 20 year prison sentence

  17. Interesting Facts • GHB is odorless • It has a salt like taste but is tasteless when added to liquid • Mixing it with alcohol can be a deadly combination • People can be slipped GHB without ever knowing and just feel drunk • GHB can cause blackouts and have an amnesia effect • Only small doses are required to feel the effects • GHB is metabolized very quickly. It has a shelf life of only around 12 hours • Emergency rooms do not have a way to test a person for GHB currently unless it was ingested fairly recently when the person arrives and then they are able to test the urine and blood. • GHB disappears from the blood very quickly therefore a urine test is more likely to show GHB in the system

  18. Ways to get help in Utah • Salt Lake • Salt Lake County Behavioral Health Services • 2001 South State StreetSuite S2300Salt Lake City,UT UTPhone:(801) 468-2009

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