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BIOL 2401

BIOL 2401. Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology LAB Fall, 2012 Mrs. Willie Grant, Instructor wgrant4@alamo.edu (210) 648-8968. Attendance.

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BIOL 2401

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  1. BIOL 2401 Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology LAB Fall, 2012 Mrs. Willie Grant, Instructor wgrant4@alamo.edu (210) 648-8968

  2. Attendance Attendance in lab classes is important. Students can only miss a total of four (4) classes—lectures and labs in any combinations. Students who exceed this number will be dropped. The first week of class (Saturday) is important. Students who do not attend the first week of class will be dropped. Students should come to each lecture and lab to ensure success in this class.

  3. Lab Notes We use Lab Notes for the lab. If you bought your textbook at the bookstore, they came bundled with the textbook. If you need Lab Notes, they are available online. http://legacy.alamo.edu/spc/acad/natsci/Documents/2401labnotesfall09.pdf You should bring your Lab Notes and textbook to lab each week.

  4. Lab Classroom and Model Maintenance At the beginning and end of each lab class, the lab tables should be empty. Please put away the models in their correct places in the cabinets. Use the wooden sticks for pointing.

  5. Testing There will be four (4) Lab Exams this semester. The test is divided into stations. There may be between 50 and 75 questions. The event is timed (two minutes per station). There are NO BONUS points allowed for the lab class and grades will not be curved. Each student will be allowed one (1) make-up exam for the entire semester. If you miss a lab exam, you must get an approval form from the instructor to take the make-up exam. Make-up exams will be given according to a schedule set by the proctor in Room 206. The exam must be taken before the next scheduled lab exam. After you complete the exam, you may leave. There will be no further lab class for that day.

  6. Lab Test Schedule EXAM 1 (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) September 22, 2012 EXAM 2 (Skeletal System) October 13, 2012 EXAM 3 (Muscular System) November 3, 2012 EXAM 4 (Nervous System Special Senses) December8, 2012 This schedule is subject not to change. The lab portion of your grade is thirty (30) percent. Students should try NOT to miss any of the lab exams.

  7. Lab Study Aids The Byrd Sanctuary (Tutoring Center) offers: TUTORS: Individuals who can provide students with additional study time. DVDs: Students may purchase a DVD for $15.00 in the Burser’s Office and pick up their DVD in the Byrd Sanctuary. MODELS: The models used in the lab classes are available in the tutoring center. Students should observe the hours set by the tutoring center.

  8. Reminders No food or drink allowed in classes. No visitors allowed in the laboratory. No cell phones in class. Absolutely no cell phones during lab exams. NO pictures should be taken with cell phones or cameras.

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