michael jackson musical genius vs megalomaniac entertainer n.
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Michael Jaxon

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  1. Michael JacksonMusical genius vs. Megalomaniac entertainer

  2. Outline • 1. Introduction • 2. Childhood • A. Early childhood years in Gary/Indiana • B. Jackson Five • C. Breaking up with Jackson Five and the start of his solo career

  3. Outline • 3. A legend is born • A. Breakthrough („Thriller“) • B. Becoming the „King of Pop“ • 4. Personal life • A. Relationships • A.1. Jacksons‘ marriages and children • B. Charity • B.1. USA for Africa • B.2.Various donations (Neverland Ranch)

  4. Outline • 5. Downfall of the „King of Pop“ • A. Rumours (Interview with O. Winfrey/1993) • B. child abuse case • 6. Conclusion

  5. 1. Introduction Michael Joseph Jackson Gary/Indiana (USA) 29.08.1958 one of nine children

  6. Father: Joseph Jackson worked in a steel mill enthusiastic about music → hobby musician strict rules: forced his children to play music locked them up at home beat them up with his belt Mother: Katherine Jackson in contrast to Joseph: sensitive different point of view concerning religious education → Jehovah‘s Witnesses → door-to-door evangelism Overall he never had a typical childhood 2. ChildhoodA. Early years in Gary/Indiana

  7. 2. ChildhoodB. Jackson Five • 1962: „The Jackson Brothers“ • 1964: Michael started playing congas and tambourine • 1966: „The Jackson Five“ • 1967: Michael became lead singer only aged eight • In the same year the Jackson 5 got their first record contract (Steeltown label) • Berry Gordy (head of Motown records) bought them out of their contract → family moved to Los Angeles → were launched into the public spotlight by Diana Ross (became a longtime friend) in 1969 • 14 albums, including smash hits like „ABC“ and „I want you back“

  8. 2. ChildhoodC. Breaking up with Jackson Five and the start of his solo career • Jackson Five signed a contract with another label → they were not allowed to use the name „Jackson Five“ anylonger • from now on: „The Jacksons“ → performed until 1980 • Michael and Marlon left the band → success immediately declined („The Jacksons“ only existed until 1990) • 1979: album „Off the wall“ → global success

  9. 3. A legend is bornA. Breakthrough • 1982: „Thriller“ was one of a kind, being the best-selling record of all times → first black artist being shown on a regular basis on MTV • the production of music clips was revolutionized by movielike videos such as „Thriller“, „Billie Jean“ and „Beat it“ • 1987: „Bad“ → second-best-selling album in music history • „Bad World Tour“: his second world tour • first artist who managed to have five number-one hits off one album

  10. 3. A legend is bornB. Becoming the „King of Pop“ • 1991: „Dangerous“ , including smash hit „Black or White“ → several celebrities acting in his music clips • 1992: „Dangerous“ world tour (huge success all over the world) • 1993: honoured as „living legend“ at the Grammy Award show and won several WMA‘s • 1995: „HIStory Past, Present and Future Book I“ → promotion of this album cost a fortune → music video „Scream“ was/is the most expensive clip of all times (8 million $ budget)

  11. 3. A legend is bornB. Becoming the „King of Pop“ • 1996/1997: „HIStory“ world tour → the biggest and most expensive show of all times • 2001: musical comeback: „You rock my world“ → worldwide hit single • September 2001: celebrating his 30 years stage anniversary • 2002: - was inducted into the famous „ Rock & Roll Hall of Fame“ - appeared at the American Music Awards → received the „Artist Of The Century“ Award - received the „Bambi“ for his life´s work

  12. 4. Personal lifeA. Relationships – Jacksons‘ marriages and children • was seen with a lot of famous and attractive women, such as Brooke Shields, Sheryl Crow and Madonna • 1994: marriage between Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley → was criticized and after two years as a couple they split up • 11/1996: married Deborah J. Rowe → son, named Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. („Prince“) and a daughter, Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson [divorced in 1999] • 2002: „Prince Michael II“ was born (surrogate mother) • many discussions about his children → people could not believe that Michael is the biological father of Prince and Paris

  13. 4. Personal lifeB. Charity – USA for Africa • 2000: Guiness Book of World Records → most charities supported by a popstar • e.g. in 1992: set up the Heal the World Foundation → focuses on children‘s rights around the world • often used his music for charities • „We are the World“ (1985) → wrote this song for „USA for Africa“ • → raised about 50 million $ for famine relief • USA: United Support of Artist • raised money to fight AIDS, cancer, famine and poverty • supported child help

  14. 4. Personal lifeB. Charity – Various donations (Neverland Ranch) • acquired the ranch in 1988 • most famous home • value approximately 120 million $ • 11 km² • divided into 2 parts: → amusement park and zoo • named after the fictional island in „Peter Pan“ • entertained children at Neverland • has also special rooms for sick and terminally ill children to stay over • children are allowed to do whatever they want

  15. 5. Downfall of the „King of Pop“A. Rumours • MJ ashamed of his black skin?? • Actually in 1994, MJ was diagnosed by dermatolgist Dr.Arnold Klein with vitiligo → Actually MJ’s grandfather also had suffered from vitiligo, a skin disorder • Why is MJ having an umbrella and always wearing long-sleeved shirts in public? → his dermatologist told him to avoid any exposure to the sun

  16. 5. Downfall of the „King of Pop“A. Rumours • MJ obsessed with plastic operations?? → he claims to have had three operations: a) in 1979 to repair a broken nose resulting from a dancing accident in the same year b) the second one in 1982 to correct imperfections of the first surgery c) the surgical creation of a cleft in his chin • he justified these operations by stating “to help me breathe better and to hit higher notes” • but MJ also did his nose operations, on account of feeling “ugly” with it, and being made fun of by his family for having such a big nose

  17. 5. Downfall of the „King of Pop“A. Rumours • Why is MJ always surrounded by children?? → he states that he always loved and appreciated children’s innocence, which in his opinion he lost too soon • Let us therefore look at his lyrics from his song “Childhood”: “It’s been my fate to compensate for the childhood I’ve never known” • Now let us take a short look at the most-watched television interview of all times in 1993, where MJ talks to Oprah Winfrey about every single rumor about him

  18. 5. Downfall of the „King of Pop“B. Child abuse case • turning point in 1993 • suddenly had to cancel his “Dangerous World Tour”, when allegations of child molestation had appeared against MJ in 1993 • 13-year-old Jordan Chandler pressed charges against MJ and accused him of sexually molestating him • Michael avoided having to go to court by paying 23 million US-Dollar to the accuser • this was heavily criticized and people wanted to use that as a proof for Michael’s guilt

  19. 5. Downfall of the „King of Pop“B. Child abuse case • but in November 2005 Jackson’s lawyer T. Mesereau reports to Harvard Law School students: • the defence would have had a witness that would have confirmed that Jordan Chandler told him that he actually was not molestated and that he was extremely angry with his parents, on account of them forcing him to press charges against MJ • a proof: Chandler put an end to his relationship with his parents and stopped talking to them for eleven years

  20. 5. Downfall of the „King of Pop“B. Child abuse case • in 2005 MJ was again facing allegations of child molestation by Gavin Arviso • but on June 13, 2005 MJ was cleared of being inoccent of all ten charges made against him • after the trial CNN reported that two jurors thought that MJ abused children sexually in the past, but this time there was not enough evidence to prove it

  21. 6. Conclusion • He used his influence like no other artist to help the poor and showed his enormous generosity through various donations • MJ managed to break down the barriers of racism and revolutionized pop music in a very unique way • Nevertheless it is hard to judge over his personal life because it is and always will remain mysterious • The „King of Pop“ is one of a kind and his fame is not comparable to any other artist in terms of extreme obsessity and adorance of an artist whether caused by himself or by the brutal and immoral media coverage → you should always keep this in mind when you judge any of his seemingly „obscure“ and „megalomaniac“ actions and behaviour

  22. Conclusion Ask yourself if it is more important for all of you to take a closer look at only his private life e.g. playing with his chimp „Bubbles“ and the various number of surgeries he has undergone or to HONOUR and CHERISH his achievements which everyone of us knows or at least has heard of…

  23. 7. Facts and curious stuff • In 1992, Michael was crowned 'King Sani' in a West African village in Gabon, Ivory Coast • He has won 13 Grammy Awards • To help keep his voice clear, Michael would normally put 2 Ricola drops in a cup of hot water and drink this • 1984: Michael received two stars on Hollywood's Walk of Fame • the "Official Michael Jackson 1985 Calendar" was a huge seller but did not contain an acknowledgment of any holidays, because Jehovah's Witnesses, Jackson's religion at the time, do not celebrate holidays • When touring, Michael loses about 10 pounds of water weight during his performances • Jackson told an interviewer his famous moonwalk performance was a last-minute production and that he learned his trademark move from three street kids

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