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SAP CRM Functional Training PowerPoint Presentation
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SAP CRM Functional Training

SAP CRM Functional Training

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SAP CRM Functional Training

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  1. SAP CRM Let’s Get Started!

  2. SAP CRM and its Importance SAP CRM is an important software that helps organizations stay connected to their customers and know their needs and requirements. This way organizations can achieve customer satisfaction by providing them the desired products and services. The knowledge of CRM helps the sales force to secure customers, and develop and maintain beneficial relationship with them. It also provides features for sales forecasting and analytics.

  3. Sub-modules of SAP CRM The following are the sub-modules that support key functions of the Customer Relationship Management: • SAP Hybris • SAP CRM Sales • SAM CRM Marketing • SAP CRM Service • SAP CRM Analytics • SAP CRM Web Channel • SAP CRM Interaction Center IC

  4. Importance of SAP CRM training The SAP CRM trainingprovides the skills to the learners that helps them in understanding their customers in a better manner. With the appropriate knowledge of SAP CRM software, you will be able to interact with your customers anywhere, anytime without any problem. Thus, the professionals who are trained in SAP CRM, can expand their future scopes and can open up their paths for better job and salary hike.

  5. Benefits of SAP CRM training This training can help the learner in the following ways: • The training provides a detailed understanding of ERP, SAP, and CRM • The learner will be able to define the Organizational Model (OM) and understand its concepts • The training explains hierarchies and teaches how to assign attributes to the employees • The learner will develop the skills required to manage the data flow in business transactions

  6. Who can opt for the SAP CRM training? The following are the best target audience for the CRM training: • Relationship managers • CRM executives • CRM heads • Loyalty managers

  7. Thank You!