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S w e d e n

S w e d e n. S v e r i g e. History and People.

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S w e d e n

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  1. Sweden Sverige

  2. History and People The Vikings had a large part in Sweden’s early history. Sweden was part of Norway and Denmark until 1523. King Gustav Vasa had turned Sweden from Roman Catholic to Protestant. During the 1600’s, most of the land around the Baltic Sea was controlled by Sweden! Sweden became help its economy. Most of Sweden’s almost nine million people mostly live in the southern lowlands. Stockholm is the largest and capital city. Most people in Sweden are Swedes and speak Swedish.

  3. Government and Economy Sweden is a wealthy, industrial country. The propsperity comes from its abundant amount of natural resources. Sweden has powerful northern rivers that can produce hydroelectricity. Iron ore in the Arctic help with manufacturures who make things like cars, machinery, and ships. Also, Sweden has many for furniture, wood pulp for paper, and cabins. Apparently, only 8% of Sweden can be farmed, but Swedish farmers have developed very efficient ways to grow crops. The farms supply almost a high percentage of food for Sweden. Sweden is a parliamentarydemocracy meaning that the political power is held by an elected parliament.

  4. LandandClimate Why wasn’t I born in america?? The climate in Sweden is mostly cold. A third of Sweden is subarctic, a half humid continental, and one sixth is marine west coast. Most of the population of Sweden lives in the south because of the warm climate, also the north has most of the high elevations. The country has about 100,000, mostly carved by glaciers. The North Atlantic Current is the only things that provide the far south with its warm climate. The current doesn’t provide it farther north because of the Kjolen Mountains. The Kjolen Mountains are on the east side of Sweden.

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