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Michael Jackson biography

Michael Jackson biography. By: Aracely Leos, Lidia Hernandez, Lupita Matamoros. Michael Jackson was born in 1958 in Gary, Indiana. He had nine brothers

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Michael Jackson biography

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  1. Michael Jackson biography By: Aracely Leos, Lidia Hernandez, Lupita Matamoros

  2. Michael Jackson was born in 1958 in Gary, Indiana. He had nine brothers When he turn five he join the band of his brothers and it was called Jackson five. It was discovered that he could imitate the dance steps of James Brown and had a distinct singing voice. Childhood

  3. Michael Jackson in the 70’s • Jackson did a solo for the movie, Ben, and it became a number-one hit. • But the next few years for the Jackson 5 were stagnant and by 1975 the group left Motown, changed the group name to the Jackson's, and signed to Epic.

  4. Michael Jackson in the 80’s • In 1982 Quincy Jones produced another Jackson album, Thriller, which became the biggest hit in history with sales reaching 53 million copies and spawned many hit singles • In May 1982, during the televised 25th anniversary of Motown, Michael Jackson performed his version of the "moonwalk" dance which quickly became his signature along side his one white-sequined glove • By 1983 Michael Jackson was the hottest pop star around. He was hired as a spokesman by Pepsi and did a sequence of elaborate commercials

  5. The accident • During 1984 he went on tour with his brothers to promote the Jackson album, Victory. During the tour he suffered an accident on stage that resulted in third degree burns. Plastic surgery was required to help restore his appearance.

  6. The rumors • Tabloid rumors became rampant as Jackson's fame grew. It was rumored that Jackson had paid top dollar for the bones of John Merrick, the Elephant Man; that to maintain his high-pitched voice he was taking hormone treatments; and to keep his youthful appearance he slept in a hyperbaric chamber. • When rumors came out that he bleached his skin to make him look whiter and altered his nose for the album "Thriller" some felt Jackson was denying his ancestral past. • Jackson later said he suffered from vitiligo, a skin disorder which effects the skin's pigmentation, causing large white blotches to appear.

  7. New look • In 1987 the album "Bad" was released and along with came a significantly different looking Michael Jackson. • Soon to turn 30, Michael appeared to have gone through dramatic facial surgeries, changing not just his facial features, but his jaw line and skin color which by now was almost a pale white. • His nose seemed to vanish into the paleness of his skin, and his eyes looked almost one-dimensional, and void of the normal surrounding skin.

  8. His Autobiography • In 1988 Michael wrote his first autobiography and disclosed episodes during his childhood and in his relationship with his unyielding father that was abusive in nature. By the end of the 1980s, Michael was crowned, "Artist of the Decade," for his 'Thriller' and 'Bad' albums.

  9. His death • Michael Jackson died of a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic and the Los Angeles coroner has ruled his death a homicide, according to court papers filed in Texas. • He died at the age of 50 • And he died at the afternoon June 25,2009.

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