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Integrated Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

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Integrated Solutions

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  1. Integrated Solutions MAKINGBUILDINGSBETTER Welcome… Customer Name Name Trane Office Name Name Trane Global Control Systems

  2. Agenda • Open Systems • The foundation of integrated solutions • Integrating Products • Trane integration strategy • Building Solutions • Making Buildings Better • Trane Solutions Center • Solutions in action

  3. Open Systems Definition and benefits Foundation for solutions

  4. Open Systems Open systems provide… • Open interoperability between vendor devices • Open, standard communications • Open integration with legacy systems • Open, flexible infrastructure • Open data collection frommultiple sources • Open control from a standardinterface

  5. Open Systems are… BACnet oBIX ZigBee Modbus LonTalk Solutions for today… ...Options for tomorrow

  6. Open Systems Benefits • Owners • Flexibility • Positive impact on life-cycle costs • More sustainable facilities • Engineers • Ability to specify “best in class” • Advantages of pre-engineered functionality • Differentiation • Contractors • Increased ability to meet specifications • Time, cost and effort savings

  7. Top Five Benefits of Open and Proprietary Systems Top Five Limitations of Open and Proprietary Systems The Case for Open Systems • Cost of service on proprietary systems is35% higher • It’s difficult to obtain competitive bids for proprietary systems • Needs change; open systems adapt economically Top 3 Reasons ProjectsContinue to MoveToward Open Systems Source: Frost & Sullivan Strategic Analysis of the North American Web Accessible Control Systems Market; # A689-19, 2004

  8. Integrating Products Open systems advantage Trane integration strategy

  9. HVAC Market - Protocols Source: North American HVAC Controls Markets A558-19; Frost & Sullivan; 2003

  10. Trane LON, BACnet (Ethernet, IP), Modbus Equipment by Protocol

  11. Integration Tactics Use proprietary inside and open at the gate • Benefits • Manufacturers typically choose to publish their proprietary standard for OEM use to allow integration of OEM devices • Drawbacks • Growth in projects is in open systems • Not actually an open system • Proprietary manufacturer has control of the system • Negative implications • Unclear where responsibility lies if the manufacture changes the protocol • Locked in if changes are necessary

  12. Integration Tactics Use BACnet or LonWorks “top to bottom” (“native”) • Benefits • Only one protocol to support / manage • Easy to support changes and legacy issues internally • Drawbacks • There are about 130 vendors using BACnet • There are about 1,000 vendors using LonWorks • There are many vendors using Modbus • There are a growing number of vendors using IP-based protocols • Negative implications • What if best-in-class products or service providers are using another open, standard protocol

  13. Why integrate? Trane Integration Strategy To give customers the benefits of an open system... • Use open, Standard protocols (OSPs) • Leverage our knowledge in HVAC • Leverage the knowledge of others experts (lighting,fire, security, etc.) to provide the best control ofproducts and systems to be integrated • Provide open platforms to facilitate equipment and system integration • Provide premier customer service and field support

  14. The Case for Integration • Save Energy Top Reasons OwnersIntegrate Products and Systems • Increase comfort • Operate efficiently • Improve safety

  15. Building Solutions Building Intelligent Buildings Advantaged Building Solutions

  16. Owner Enterprise Management Solutions (i.e., Energy Management) Building Solutions Integrated Solutions (i.e., Fire, Security, Access, Lighting) Customers Products Integrated Comfort Systems Contractor BAS Services BAS Controls HVAC Equipment Hardware Intelligent Buildings

  17. Building System Controls Factory Mounted and Commissioned Controls • STAR (scheduling, trending, alarming, reporting) • Centralized facility operations • Pre-engineered applications • Chiller Plant Control VAV Air System Control • Factory installed & pre-tested operation • Lowest cost / consistent product setup/less risk and faster startup • Faster and easier access to information for operation and optimization of building systems • Unmatched knowledge resulting in superior control algorithms built into the control systems Local Sales & Service Support • Single-source comfort system supplier • Local expertise and training • Technical support • Equipment service/maintenance Integrated Solutions Knowledge Based Software Solutions • Open, standard protocols • Leveraged knowledge in HVAC • Integration with best-in-class • Software designed to supplement normal building operations  Energy ServicesTenant Services • Lower installation costs • Better emergency preparedness • Greater comfort • More efficient operations • Reduced risk, coordinated equipment and automation startup • Consistent business partner, trusted advisor, design consultation, problem solver • Lower energy costs due to better energy management • Improved tenant customer satisfaction and additional revenue Custom Designed Unit Control Modules • Diagnostics, reports, programmable, configurable • Reduced maintenance costs • Broad offering of controller types Building Intelligent Buildings

  18. Tracer Summit Web Access Video Surveillance Workstation HVAC Controls Open System Platform Lights CMMS Fire Security Blinds Power Monitoring HVAC Equipment Integrated Building Solutions

  19. Providing Business Advantages MAKINGBUILDINGSBETTER • Better Buildings Are Comfortable • Better Buildings Are Energy Efficient • Better Buildings Are Safe • Better Buildings Are Economical • Better Buildings Are Serviceable • Better Buildings Are Sustainable

  20. Advantaged Solutions interoperability The ability for integrated systems to exchange and make use of shared information

  21. Advantaged Solutions interoperation The response by integrated systems to events in any one system Pull Station Alarm Activation

  22. Advantaged Solutions improvement Better prepared for emergency situations Pull Station Alarm Activation

  23. Enterprise Management Illustration Enterprise Intelligence Solution: 14 Buildings Fort Wayne, IN Prime Technology Contractor: Trane In partnership with GE Security / ESCO & Eagle Technologies National Genealogical Repository $84M Library Expansion Project Design, Construct & Renovate Main Library & 13 Branch Buildings Renovate 240Ksf Existing Space Expand Main Facility 180Ksf

  24. Enterprise Management Multiple Facilities

  25. Enterprise Management Open Protocols

  26. Enterprise Management Integration Drivers

  27. Enterprise Management Integrated Solutions

  28. Integrated Access Control Example: • Schlage: Palm Reader • GE Security; Facility Commander • SymNav: Video Surveillance • Coordinated building response • Access • Lighting • HVAC • Other

  29. Integrated Solutions Live! • Trane Solutions Center Tour • Demonstrating • Traneistheindustryexpertin systems knowledge andIntegrated Comfort Solutions • Tranedeliversbusinessadvantagethrough integrated complementarybuilding systems • Traneisavalueaddedpartnerin the ongoing operation ofbuilding systems

  30. Questions? ? ? ?

  31. Integrated Solutions MAKINGBUILDINGSBETTER Trane Global Control Systems Thank You for BeingWith Us Today!

  32. Lynxspring Products • JENEsys™ Product Suite • JENEsys™ • ProBuilder Software

  33. Standard Protocols BACnet  LonWorks Modbus  Modem oBIX  OPC SNMP  Zigbee Existing 3rd Legacy Drivers Andover 256, Infinity  JCI N2 American Automatrix  CSI INET Invensys Network 8000  Titus Niagara™/ Fox JENEsys™ Communications Options 1st RJ45 Ethernet Connection (TCP/IP or Any Browser Interface) 2nd RJ45 Ethernet Connection (BACnet IP/BACnet Ethernet, TCP/IP) Earth Ground Communication Module (LON, Modem, Zigbee) RS485 Connection (BACnet MS/TP, Modbus)

  34. Adding an Integration Platform Tracer Summit Tracer ES Industry Specific IT Standards TCP/IP (HTTP/XML) BACnet/IP Tracer SC JENEsysIntegration Platform Tracer BCU BACnet Siemens JCI LonTalk Comm 3 Honeywell Modbus Comm 4 Lighting Security LonTalk Other

  35. Adding Tracer CompetitiveWorkstation Software RS-485, RS-232 Legacy Network Trane Chiller Plant BACnet MSTP Network

  36. Adding Tracer Tracer Summit JENEsysIntegration Platform BACnet/IP RS-485, RS-232 Legacy Network Trane Chiller Plant BACnet MSTP Network

  37. Gather Information

  38. Legacy Integration Projects Andover CSI Tracer Summit Honeywell JCI