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Integrated Information Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrated Information Solutions

Integrated Information Solutions

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Integrated Information Solutions

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  1. Integrated Information Solutions Weblogging and news feed aggregation for knowledge management 24 October 2002

  2. KM in the current economy • Individuals are breaking away from traditional KM to do KM on a Budget. • A Lucent customer is taking this approach • Low cost tools are available to help with 2 core concerns of KM. • Knowledge creation (publishing) • Knowledge sharing (XML feed aggregators) • Tools • Weblogs • News aggregators

  3. Some definitions • Weblog • A web site (usu. of personal/non-commercial origin) that is frequently updated with information and links to resources within a particular subject. The published information is presented much like a journal on the web in reverse chronological order. • News feed • A data file listing recent entries from a weblog. • A data file listing recent news headlines from a commercial source. • Feed formats are in XML format (specifically RSS or RDF). • News aggregator • An application that retrieves and displays news feeds from multiple sources. • Client application -- runs on PC for individual use. • Server application – runs on a web server for group use.

  4. Weblog example Authoring Published site

  5. News feed XML Copy URL for news feed RSS-formatted XML file!(5n!)apple!)))&format=rss View of news feed in RSS XML format

  6. Using the XML in an aggregator Add the URL for the feed to your aggregator. This example uses Radio Userland. The InfoView feed appears in the Radio Userland news aggregator.

  7. Blogging from the news aggregator In news aggregator view, user sees a story they want to blog Users can select feeds appearing in their news aggregator to publish the link on their public site and write commentary for their readers. Selecting the POST button copies that story’s URL and title to a new blog entry in the editing view.

  8. View of story published on public site

  9. Alternatives for monitoring news • News aggregation also works without having to publish a weblog. • Desktop applications • Feedreader (PC, desktop app) • NetNewswire (Mac OS X, desktop app) • Amphetadesk (PC, personal webserver based app) • Radio Userland (PC, personal webserver based app) • Server applications • Drupal (PHP/MySQL based server app)

  10. Reading news feeds using a standalone application Feedreader is a free, easy to use news aggregator for the PC

  11. News aggregators for the web Drupal, an open source content management system, has a PHP/MySQL based application for aggregating news feeds and displaying on a web site (usu. commmunity weblogs).

  12. Summary • Weblogging is a low-cost KM alternative for knowledge creation (publishing) • Knowledge sharing is supported by weblogging and feed publishing • News feed aggregation is another technology for monitoring public news

  13. Further reading • History of weblogging • Rebecca Blood. “weblogs: a history and perspective”. Rebecca’s pocket. Essay discussing the emergence of weblogs. • Media coverage of weblogs. A listing of articles related to weblogging appearing in the news media. • KM and weblogging • John Foley. "Are You Blogging Yet?" InfoWorld. Discusses the value of using weblogs in the enterprise. • David Weinberger. “The 99 cent KM solution”. KM World. • John Robb. “A simple approach to KM”. K-Logs discussion group. • K-Logs discussion group. Email discussion group that discussions klogging for KM. • A Klog Apart. Phil Wolff's klog about klogging.

  14. Applications • Applications • "BlogComp". A comparison of blog tool features. • Radio Userland. • Feedreader. • MovableType. • Drupal. • Blogger. • News aggregators • Jon Udell. "Personal RSS Aggregators". Byte. • Aaron Swartz. "RSS Readers". List of RSS reading applications. • Syndication discussion group. Discussion of XML news, announcement, syndication, resource discovery formats. • Aggregators discussion group. Discussion focussed on XML aggregator applications. • News sources • News is free. • Syndic8.

  15. The end!