what is bounce rate and how to improve user n.
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What is Bounce Rate and How to Improve User Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Bounce Rate and How to Improve User Experience

What is Bounce Rate and How to Improve User Experience

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What is Bounce Rate and How to Improve User Experience

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  1. What is Bounce Rate and How to Improve User Experience As a business owner or blogger, you have only a single aim is attract the visitors to your site, it is useless when the visitors shut the page and not navigating from one page to another. So, it is necessary to keep the visitors as long as possible and read all the fabulous content available on the website. Do you know bounce rate in Google Analytics? Let’s take a look at Bounce rate, what is it? Bounce rate is means the person left your page from the entrance page without going to another pages. A low bounce rate indicates that your website has good design and content and a high level of audience engagement. It means, visitors land on the website and also clicking on the other posts or pages. Factors of causing high bounce rate: 1.When someone comes from Pinterest to your website to just know the link is valid. Then, they pin that image and marked as bookmark to read later, but at the same time they visit other post. 2.Poor content in which nobody stay and just close the website. 3.Not available of engagement factors like Pdf, videos and blogs that attract the visitors. 4.Sometimes, your visitor just want the phone number of the website then they just open your website, see your number and pick up the phone – another bounce

  2. Tips to improve user experience 1.Mobile-Friendly Website: If your website is facing difficulty to open in tablet or phone, it leads to increase the bounce rate. A responsive theme offers the best user experience to every visitor. 2.Design update: Visitors love the fresh look of the website. So, update the web design regularly. 3.Improve page Speed: Choose a website host that offers faster speed and moreover, you can optimize the images and use external style sheet to improve your website speed. 4.Add links in your post: Interlinking helps to keep readers engage on your site for longer time. You can put the links on varieties of keywords. If you are discussing on a particular topic like web design Toronto, then you need to give varieties of links on this particular post such as you can follow my tutorial or various techniques to develop wonderful website design etc. 5.Simple Content and Easy Navigation: Simple and catching content with great navigation will attract lots of visitors. You can use structured headlines, bulleted list, short paragraph and large fonts.