a glimpse into the future n.
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A Glimpse Into the Future

A Glimpse Into the Future

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A Glimpse Into the Future

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  1. A Glimpse Into the Future By Jessica Li

  2. Four Stages of Technological Developments ∆ Stage 1 Stage 2 computer solar panel Stage 3Stage 4 touch screen hologram

  3. Which one is the most important? ∆ computer ∆ solar panel ∆ touch screen ∆ hologram

  4. Jarvis

  5. Jarvis ∆ user-friendly interface

  6. Hologram

  7. Hologram

  8. Prospective Uses

  9. Futuristic Device 1: Solar Panel

  10. Futuristic Device2: Wind Turbines

  11. Text

  12. Paragraph ∆ Little did they know that these appliances and electronic devices would someday come into being. Ω Little did they know ---- 否定字放句首要倒裝 Little, No, Never, Seldom,Scarcely, Only Ex 1.Never has I been to the South Pole. Ex 2.Seldom do people find that what they have lost is more than what they have earned.

  13. Paragraph I Ex 3.Only through efforts can you attain your ultimate goal. Ex 4. Scarcely did Georgia contact with her previous colleagues due to the heavy workload. Ωelectrical appliances 家電用品 electronic devices 電子產品 Ωcome into being = exist Ex. It is still a big issue for genealogists when humankind came into being.

  14. Paragraph I ∆ Today, however, thanks to the huge amount of progress made(=which is made)as a result of (=by ) technological development, we are allowed (=are able to) a glimpse into the near future.

  15. Paragraph II ∆ Computers have come a long way(=have made great progress) since the latter half of the 20th century and have had a greatinfluenceon(= a far-reaching effect on) us. Ωthe latter 後者/後面的 V.S. the former 前者 Ex.Since the former CEO passed away, the latter one has worked even harder to maintain the same profit revenues. Ω later (adj) 較晚的

  16. Paragraph II ∆ Jarvis, the mainframe in Tony Strark’s home laboratory, is equipped with a user interface to ----. Ω be equipped with N 具有—設備/能力 Ex1.Laboratories in the Academia Sinica (中研院) are equipped with the latest devices. Ex2.To stand out in the competitive market, you must be equipped with English and computer literacy.

  17. Paragraph II ∆ Now, we are reaping the benefits of the touch screen, thougha mouse and keyboard is still usedto input most instructions(=commands) to a computer. Yet(=However), with the steady progress in computer technology, we don’t need to type in commands to operate our computers, nor do we need to ----.

  18. Paragraph II ∆ we will simply speak to or gesture at a computer and then receive immediate responses from it--- Ex.We gestured at the waiter and ordered a chocolate cake as dessert.

  19. Paragraph III ∆ The hologram is another cutting-edge (=the latest) special effect (特效) in sci-fi movies that always blows us away (=surprises us). Ex.When Fan-Yi Shu danced impressively on the stage of New York, all of the audience were blown away, as if an electrical shock hit them.

  20. Paragraph III ∆ Jake Sully sat in his wheelchair, observing the “Home Tree of Pandora” presented(PP) by this technology. ∆ Currently(= At present), we can --- ∆ Those who take driving lessons will practice driving surrounded by images of heavy traffic from a projector, and they will learn how to deal with turns and corners in virtual reality.

  21. Paragraph III Ω同時發生的二個動作 V+ Ving (主動) V+PP(被動) Ex.The driver is taking the lesson surrounded by the three-dimensional images. Ex.The girl gripped at her mother’s sleeve crying for losing her candy bar.

  22. Paragraph III Ω virtual reality Ex.許多年輕人因為過度沉迷於虛擬世界而無法發展正常的人際關係。 Many young people are so addicted to virtual reality that they can’t develop normal interpersonal relationships. ∆ the classroom will be turned into (= be transformed into/ be converted into) a museum whenever teachers ----

  23. Paragraph IV ∆ All in all(=Generally speaking), futuristic devices prepare us for a better tomorrow. Nevertheless(=Nonetheless), the fact (that energy resources are running out) is a worrisome problem. Ω prepare sb for N 幫---人準備好--- Ex. College education can prepare students for their careers.

  24. Paragraph IV Ω worrisome + 事物 x worrying/ worried Ex.Declining birth rate is a worrisome problem, leading to the shortage of manpower. ∆It is vital that we (should) conserve energy resources and meanwhile explore alternative ones (=alternative resources 替代能源)that arenotharmful to(=won’t do harm to ) ---.

  25. Paragraph IV Ex.由於油價高漲,科學家努力尋找替代能源。 With soaring oil prices, scientists are trying every means to find alternative energy resources. ∆ miniature power plant = solar panel ∆ the sun’s rays can be converted to/ into --- ∆Only when the sun is not shining ---will we have to ---.

  26. Paragraph IV ∆ In fact, the idea of miniature power plants has been developed and put into action(=put into practice) --- Ex.If you don’t put your idea into practice, it will just be a castle in the air. ∆ If it is carried out(= is put into action) worldwide, we will become self-sufficient in (在---方面自給自足) energy.

  27. Paragraph IV Ex.The farmer, who used to be a supervisor in an electronic company, got tired of the hustle and bustle (城市喧囂) of urban life and resigned from the position to live a self-sufficient life in the countryside. ∆ we can sell surplus (=excessive) electricity

  28. Paragraph V ∆ In the dynamic(=changing) world (where) we live, the only constant thing (=the thing that never changes) is change. ∆ people will come up with(=put forward) bright ideas(=brilliant ideas) ∆even better than the ones mentioned(PP) above

  29. Vocabulary

  30. ∆1. glimpse (n) a short experience/ a quick look * a glimpse into N * catch a glimpse of N ---- textbook 1-1. (V)--- textbook ∆ 2. appliance (N) * electrical appliance ∆ 3. electronic(a) * electronic devices

  31. 3-1. electronics (N)---textbook ∆ 4. progress (N)= advance/ improvement * makesignificance/ remarkable progress in + N 4-1. progressive (a) = steady * aprogressivedevelopmentover time ∆ 5. equip (V) 裝備/使具有能力 * be equipped with N --- textbook

  32. * equip sb with N = prepare sb with N --- textbook Those who are equipped with fluent English stand more chance to get a descent job. 5-1. equipment (N) * a piece of equipment Comparison: device, tool, equipment, facility, and gadget

  33. * equipment: all the special tools, machines, clothes that you need for an activity If you plan to go mountain climbing, be sure to get all the equipment prepared. * device: a piece of equipment * tool: something such as a hammer that you hold in your hand and use to do a particular job saw, mallet, hammer, chisel, screwdriver

  34. mallet saw screwdriver chisel

  35. * gadget: a small, useful and cleverly- designed machine or tool The chef used a cleverly-designed gadget to sharpen knives.

  36. * facility: rooms, equipment, or services that are provided for a particular purpose a five-star hotel with fantastic facilities

  37. ∆ 6. verbally (adv) * be verbally warned by sb 6-1. verbal (a) * a verbal agreement --- textbook ∆ 7. reap (V) * reap the rewards You will reap what you sow based on how much effort you have put into.

  38. ∆8.input (V) (N) --- textbook 8-1. output (V) (N)products/ printed information Industrial output declined by 4% last year. ∆ 9. instruction (N) commands --- textbook 9-1. instructions (N) directions --- textbook

  39. 9-2. instruct (V) --- textbook 9-3. instructor (N) coach/ teacher ∆ 10. steady (a) constant * a steady increase in N Despite the economical recession, China shows a steady increase in their GDP (gross domestic product) every year.

  40. With the increasing emission of greenhouse gases, global warming is worsening at a steady pace. 10-1. steady (a) fixed --- textbook ∆11. operate (V) control and use a machine * operate a vehicle = drive a car/ ride a bike 11-1. operation (N) surgery The patient, who just underwent a heart operation, needs intensive medical attention.

  41. 11-2. operation (N) 運轉 * be in operation The pamphlet has listed all the details of the operation of the machine. 11-3. operation (N) action The operation of arresting the suspect of Boston-bombing ended successfully.

  42. ∆ 13. highlight (V) 反白/標出/挑染 *highlight + N+ in color The followers of Punk Subculture highlight their hair strands either red or green to show their resistance against social convention. 13-1. highlight (V) attract attention * highlight the widening gap

  43. 13-1. highlight (N) the most impressive part (good or bad) The highlight of the trip was visiting the Giza Pyramids. Being caught in traffic jam for more than 1 hour was the highlight of the day.

  44. ∆ 14. dimension (N) --- textbook 14-1. dimensional (a) * 3-dimensional graphics

  45. ∆ 15. projector (N) 15-1. project (V) 投影/ the way you speak The way you project your voice will bore your audience because your intonation lacks variations.

  46. 15-2. projection (N) an estimate/ a projected image Sales have exceeded our projections. (超出預期) 15-3. projection (N) sth that sticks out from the surface The projection on his knees indicates an infection.

  47. ∆ 19. convert (V) * convert into = transform into = turn into ---- textbook ∆ 21. generate (V) produce 21-1. generation (N) The lack of communication is the culprit for widening generation gap.

  48. ∆ 22. surplus (a)(N) = excess Solar panels can generate and store power in batteries for later use while surplus power is fed back into the power grid at a profit.

  49. ∆ 23. dynamic (a) changing/ energetic --- textbook 23-1. dynamics (N) the way in which people or things behave and react to each other 動態/互動 The dynamics of political change is unpredictable because it is subject to global issues.

  50. Group dynamics can be inspired through some teamwork activities. 23-2. dynamics (N) 力學 * fluid dynamics 流體力學 Fluid dynamics Group dynamics