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A Glimpse Into The Future PowerPoint Presentation
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A Glimpse Into The Future

A Glimpse Into The Future

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A Glimpse Into The Future

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  1. A Glimpse Into The Future Bibiana Garcia

  2. My Slide Titles • Baby Monitor • Electric Car • X-box Next Generation • Sky Farming • iPod Shuffle 2020 • Smart Cloths;)

  3. Baby Monitor This is a bracelet that works, like a watch, an alarm clock and a baby monitor. One is for the baby and one is for a parent. This bracelet plays music for the baby and also lets the parent know when the baby has a fever and things like that.

  4. Electric Car This is an electric car made to have wireless charging. Self parking is also included. And car companies are trying to work on putting lasers in the front of the cars so it will read the road ahead of you at least 20 meters.

  5. X-Box Next Generation Honestly this picture talks for itself. Some might say the development of video games is getting ridiculous some might say its getting better? But either way its crazy and with little information out about the council I would personally like to see how it works.

  6. Sky Farming Sky farming also known as vertical farming is using a green house affect to grow fruit, vegetables, fish, and live-sock in places known as farm scrapers.People think that we need this farming method because of the growing population and the amount of food that’s being needed. With the rate were going to need farm land as big as brazil!.

  7. IPod shuffle 2020 This is the next IPod Shuffle. It’s a portable music player that is connected to your computer so every time its turned on it automatically downloads/updates your music. It fits right on your ear and it can be paused & turned into a microphone with just one touch. So you can be able to hear what in your surrounding without taking out your ear piece.

  8. Smart Cloths There is smart cloths being made that wont let you be cold when its cold out side and it wont let you be too hot when the sun is doing its job. These cloths change its temperature according to your temp and the degrees outside. There is some with lights that give your cloths a little more creativity. And some other cloths even track how your feeling and if your sick they have the ability to contact a doctor for you.

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