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A Glimpse into the Future of Mobile Video Conferencing PowerPoint Presentation
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A Glimpse into the Future of Mobile Video Conferencing

A Glimpse into the Future of Mobile Video Conferencing

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A Glimpse into the Future of Mobile Video Conferencing

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  1. A Glimpse into the Future of Mobile Video Conferencing For those who are still yet unaware of how advanced technology is nowadays, video conferencing software already allows people to connect with each other wherever they are around the globe. This goes beyond sending messages or emails, and touches instead on real-time and face-to-face conversations. This was born from people's desperate need to keep in touch with their loved ones who had decided to pursue paths that were more than one time zone away. It used to be that this was only PC-based, but technology has boosted so far forward that PC-based software are almost a thing of the past. With the sudden boom of smart phones and tablets over the past few years, video conferencing has now gone mobile. Your device is now your portal to everything and everyone around the world. When smart phones first came out, not that many people wanted to jump into the trend. There were too many uncertainties and kinks that still needed to be ironed out. Now, years later, companies are coming up with newer, more advanced versions of their gadgets almost every year. In just one quarter, Apple sold almost 40 million units of their iPhone — a huge jump from the initial 2 years it took to sell just a quarter of that when they were first released. Android-run phones, on the other hand, sold over 150 million in the same time span. Now take into consideration the market for tablets: in the span of one year, sales went up by more than 140%. Couple this with the ease of access to the internet, considering that most places offer free Wi-Fi connection and the new gadgets being released have access to mobile data connections. This makes mobile video conferencing — both for business and personal reasons — so quick and easy. When it comes to using mobile video conferencing software for business needs, it's collaborative, time-efficient and cost-effective. Let’s say having an emergency meeting with your business partners, you'd think that it would never be a problem, but suddenly you remember that your counterpart is on a business trip halfway across the world. Back in the days, you'd have no choice but to write an email or pay ridiculously high long distance fees for a telephone call. Now, mobile video conferencing allows you to set up a meeting without having to consider distance or time. Another option could have been to fly to where your business partner is, or vice versa, because the meeting requires showing data, reports, charts and other files that won't work with a telephone call. This would cost a lot of money. EZTalks (popular mobile video conferencing software) allows you to share files and even share your screen so

  2. that you can both view the necessary information while participating in the meeting in real-time. It saves both time and money. There are many industries that will benefit from utilizing software like this. Of course, private institutions and businesses — big or small — use this to maintain contact between employer and employee, partners or colleagues. This can also be used in the healthcare industry, where knowledge sharing is very important to the growth and development of the industry. It also starts to be used in the education industry with online and virtual classes, though sometimes the equal exchange of ideas is limited. An example of software that will cover your business video conferencing needs is EZTalks, which enables you to host meetings, trainings, conferences and seminars on your mobile device in high quality. Moreover, its screen sharing feature also allows you to show attendees exactly what you're discussing during the conference and whiteboard feature lets you make notes and write suggestions given by colleagues and partners. The best part about it is all of these are accessible through your mobile device. To sum up, it's pretty essential to install mobile video conferencing software on the mobile phone or tablet whether it's for private or workplace use. As long as you know the limitations and capabilities of your gadget, you'll be able to keep in touch with whoever you need. Article Source: A Glimpse into the Future of Mobile Video Conferencing