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  2. Main Methods • Room Based Solution • Recommendation: Radvision • Main VC units and codecs located within meeting rooms • Point to point and multi-conference calls • Ability to include computers / laptops via internet • Individual desktop video conferencing systems • Point to point • Multi-conference via room systems (MCU permitting)

  3. Main Methods • Individual Based Solution • Recommendation: Vidyo • Central Portal and Router at any location • Connects all users and controls calls • Users allocated licence from Portal to connect • Individuals conference from any computer based system via internet • Includes Desk PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone • Multi-point conferencing / data sharing


  5. RADVISION Meeting Room Based Solution

  6. RADVISION SYSTEMS • Whilst other brands have a range of hardware products for each requirement making it costly to upgrade… • Radvision believe in keeping it simple • The best professional and highly rated systems from the start • High Definition products - easy to set up and simple to use • Easy to identify solutions for any requirement • Built-in software upgrades easily unlocked to upgrade equipment • Reduces need for lots of different products • Allows for easy expansion and upgrading by end users • Most cost competitive yet flexible systems available • Radvision actually hold many of the patents and produce many components used by other major brands

  7. RADVISION ROOM SYSTEMS Basic Point To Point Communications Tandberg Equivalent Lower Performance C20 = £ 5,700 XT1001 XT1001 1. Between company offices Advantages * Cost effective * Simple to operate ScopiaXT1000 * Built in MCU : Point to Point * 1080p/720p30 : 10 x PTZ Camera * Dual screen support * Data share up to 1080p WUXGA * 4mbps Call support * Excellent for any meeting room * Typical Cost: £ 5,490 2. To external offices - possibly different brands

  8. RADVISION ROOM SYSTEMS Multi-Point Communications XT1001 XT1001 For brands such as Polycom, Tandberg and Lifesize… As your business workload increases, it may be necessary to conference with more than 1 site at a time; An MCU (Multi- Conference Unit ) will be required … that means a change of equipment and possible high costs This is generally to allow for 4 site conferencing (self + 3) (The maximum for most brand small units)

  9. RADVISION ROOM SYSTEMS Multi-Point Communications XT1001 XT1001 XT1004 Upgrading to the XT1004 to allow 4-way conferencing (self + 3) … This is not the case for Radvision and the XT1000 series … is a simple software unlock. No expensive equipment purchases No hassles of changing systems over No equipment to dispose of

  10. RADVISION ROOM SYSTEMS Multi-Point Communications Tandberg Equivalent C60 = £ 24,000 XT1004 XT1001 ScopiaXT1004 * Built in MCU -4 multi-point * 1080p/720p30 : 10 x PTZ Camera * 2 x 3-way microphone pod * Dual screen support * Data share up to 1080p WUXGA * 12 Mbps call option * Typical Cost: £ 8,700 * Or upgrade from XT1000: £ 2,970

  11. RADVISION ROOM SYSTEMS Multi-Point Communications Tandberg No Equivalent XT1004 XT1001 XT1009 ScopiaXT1009 * Built in MCU -4 multi-point * 1080p/720p30 : 10 x PTZ Camera * Video 720p30 / 720p60 / 1080p * 2 x 3-way microphone pod * Dual screen support * Data share up to 1080p WUXGA * 12 Mbps call option * Typical Cost: £ 11.035 * Or Upgrade from XT1004: £ 5,555 Infact, the XT1000 series, is the only small unit MCU that will allow for up to 9-way conferencing (self + 8) Polycom No Equivalent Again, a simple software unlock to become the XT1009

  12. RADVISION PERSONAL SYSTEMS Desktop Personal Communications XT1009 XT1004 There are times when it is either inconvenient to book meeting rooms or the user is a senior director / manager who requires constant presence and use throughout the day. For these users - the best solution is the outstanding Scopia VC240

  13. RADVISION PERSONAL SYSTEMS Desktop Personal Communications • Scopia VC240 • All-in-One desktop system • 24” Samsung HD wide-screen LCD • HD camera / high fidelity speakers • Dual echo cancelling microphone • Built-in Radvision video conference engine • No extra work for your computer • Point to Point video conferencing • Multi-conference via XT1004 or XT1009 • High Quality HD Video Conferencing • Full 720p30 and H.264 dual stream data collaboration and presentation • Switch between or share PC & VC roles • 1920 x 1080 resolution screen • Use as standard PC monitor • Switch to VC use without changing PC settings • Share video and PC data on same screen

  14. RADVISION PERSONAL SYSTEMS Desktop Personal Communications Tandberg Equivalent EX90 (24” screen) C60 = £ 7,790 XT1009 XT1004 The Scopia VC240 can be easily deployed where required, be that in a work office or even home office Approx Cost: £ 1,995 each

  15. RADVISION PERSONAL SYSTEMS Desktop Personal Communications XT1009 XT1004 Flexibility is greatly improved For example in the above scenario: a. 1 x VC240 makes a point call b. 1 x VC240 makes a multi call via the XT1009 using 2 channels c. Conference Room members use the XT1009 to conference call another 4 sites

  16. RADVISION PERSONAL SYSTEMS Desktop Personal Communications XT1004 However, with the current set-up, there are still times when users have to travel to the office to use the VC system

  17. RADVISION PERSONAL SYSTEMS Anywhere / Anyone Communications Desktop Personal Communications XT1009 XT1004 Radvision have an excellent solution for this too… Scopia Desktop

  18. RADVISION PERSONAL SYSTEMS Anywhere / Anyone Communications • Scopia Desktop • Software upgrade to XT1000 series • Video network accessible to all members of your organisation (via XT1004/9) • Send web link invitation • Desktop’s built-in firewall traversal ensures connectivity regardless of partners’ firewall • Invite external business partners (suppliers / colleagues etc) to join conference • High quality video, audio and data on any computer • Sat in an office / at home / in your car • Connection via internet / even 3G dongle • Share data - even annotation, Pin protection etc • Freely distributed state-of-the-art web client • No client software fees / complex installation / licence provisioning etc

  19. RADVISION PERSONAL SYSTEMS Anywhere / Anyone Communications Desktop Desktop XT1009 XT1004 Scopia Desktop can be added as an option to both the XT1004 and XT1009 Price is approximately £ 2,070 for the XT1004 £ 3,450 for the XT1009

  20. RADVISION PERSONAL SYSTEMS Anywhere / Anyone Communications For example XT1009 - up to 8 external sites XT1009 XT1004 …of which, up to x 6 can be Desktop users The number of Desktop users is limited by the XT system…

  21. RADVISION PERSONAL SYSTEMS Typical Cost Scenarios XT1004 XT1009 XT1004 A company solution with 1 x XT1009 + Desktop 1 x VC240 System Total approx: £ 18,730 Prices inclusive installation, training 1 year warranty (tbc at time of re-quote) Whilst a multi-site solution of 1 x XT1009 + Desktop 1 x XT1004 + Desktop 2 x VC240 Would total approx: £ 31,925 Prices inclusive installation, training 1 year warranty (tbc at time of re-quote) A single office with XT1004 installed to an existing screen or projector would be approx: £ 10,255 £ 11,745 with Scopia Desktop-4 Prices inclusive installation, training 1 year warranty (tbc at time of re-quote) If that was an XT1009, the cost would be £ 13,390 including 1 year warranty £ 15,980 with Scopia Desktop-9 Prices inclusive installation, training 1 year warranty (tbc at time of re-quote)

  22. RADVISION VIDEO CONFERENCING • Radvision supply a wide range of additional products • Elite Systems • For installations requiring multi-point conferencing in excess of 8 persons per call or company wide deployments • iView Suite • For enhanced control, management and reporting • Gateways • For connection between IP and ISDN systems • For additional advice, pricing or demonstrations, please contact the Phoenix AV offices


  24. VIDYO Individual Based Solution

  25. VIDYO SYSTEMS • Based on the individual rather than the facility • New method and architecture • Delivers low latency and error resilience • Eliminates MCU • Network management eliminated • VidyoRouter delivers rate matching to optimise each user’s individual experience while adapting to available bandwidth • Every desktop can be a video conferencing endpoint • User issues eliminated • Easy client installs / small download • Easy and intuitive operation • Outlook and OCS integration • Firewall traversal (gets through most Firewalls without any changes)

  26. VIDYO SYSTEMS What if you need to contact and share information with lots of people … based in lots of offices… … suppliers / clients / contacts … … overseas offices and sites… … construction sites workers … … home and mobile workers?

  27. VIDYO SYSTEMS Sorting diary dates, meeting locations, timings… … organising travel, transport, routes, expenses… … then getting there on-time and hopefully not too stressed It can be an administrative and logistical Nightmare!!!

  28. VIDYO SYSTEMS What if they could all contact each other, from anywhere, using any PC, laptop, iPad or iPhone? No requirement for VC Rooms Easy connect with anyone Multi-conference calls Even broadcast capability It Is Possible The answer is in YES True HD Video & Audio Conferencing … including data sharing … from any internet connected PC device!

  29. VIDYO SYSTEMS VidyoRouter The basic elements for the system would be as follows VidyoRouter This in effect controls the calls and connection lines

  30. VidyoRouter • SVC Router for video and audio • HD 720p60 or 1080p30 on every VidyoLine • Up to 100 VidyoLines per VidyoRouter • Scaleable - load balanced with multiple VidyoRouters • Locate anywhere in organisation • Required for each Video Conferencing deployment • One time capital purchase • Each router has performance cap of 100 active calls • (i.e. 100 + people involved in a Point to Point or multi-point conference) • Approx Price: £ 5,400

  31. VIDYO SYSTEMS VidyoRouter

  32. VIDYO SYSTEMS VidyoPortal VidyoPortal This in effect controls the licences and guest participation

  33. VidyoPortal • Manages system wide parameters and policies • Manages users and VidyoRoom • (information, rights, association etc) • Controls and manages the licenced ports • Fully featured conference control page • Locate with main VidyoRouter • User authentication: accepts ‘Guest’ participants • Individual and public rooms; speed dials • User accounts preferences and statuses • Required for each deployment, one time capital purchase • Approx Price: £ 5,400

  34. VIDYO SYSTEMS VidyoPortal

  35. VIDYO SYSTEMS VidyoLines • VidyoLine licences only control the concurrency of • VidyoDesktop calls • Up to 100 (MCU) HD 1080p 60fps calls per router • (VidyoLine licences purchased individually) • Price per VidyoLine perpetual licence approx £ 884 A VidyoLineis a perpetual licence and enables a concurrent connection through the VidyoRouter to a conference or another user with support for up to 1080p up and down VidyoLines

  36. VIDYO SYSTEMS VidyoDesktop VidyoDesktopis a purchasable licence issued to a PC which permits the user to connect to a conference or invite another licensed guest into a personal conference VidyoDesktop

  37. VIDYO SYSTEMS VidyoDesktop • VidyoDesktop licences controlled via the VidyoPortal • Registered users may engage in conferencing at any • time (VidyoLines availability allowing) • Non registered guest can be sent a URL inviting them to join. • They would need to upload a Desktop Licence • (deducted from your store of pre-purchased licenses) • Licences purchased in packs of 25 at approx £ 112 per pk • Full H.264/SVC for Shared IP connectivity • Software-based and Downloadable from VidyoPortal • Multiple Personal Layouts (CP/VA) • Encodes up to 720p@ 30fps • Decodes up to 1440p@30fps • HD Application Presenting : Dual HD experience • Windows XP, Vista & 7; Mac OS • Firewall traversal • Works over 3G+/HSD

  38. VIDYO SYSTEMS There you have it Your basic conferencing system ready to go Any registered user can connect to any other registered user via the VidyoRouter for video and data conferencing to PC / Laptop / iPad / iPhone You could for example issue 500 VidyoDesktop licences and with a router and 100 lines have up to 100 + persons involved in a ponit to point or multi-point conference If lines usage become heavy Simply add another VidyoRouter with up to another 100 lines

  39. VIDYO SYSTEMS VidyoRoom All you need to add is a VidyoRoom System Basically a codec and HD PTZ Camera system, there are a number of options to ensure you can have the right facility to cope with any size from small to telepresence Of course, there may still be occasions when you want to have an established Video Conferencing Room to gather people together Typical pricing starts at approx £ 5,000 for a 720p30 system

  40. VIDYO SYSTEMS VidyoGateway If that is the case, then at any time you can add a VidyoGateway There may be external offices using ‘legacy’ devices (H.323 / SIP) to which you need to connect

  41. VidyoGateway • Connects legacy AVC (H.323 / SIP) endpoints to the SVC network • Also connects legacy MCU’s • Features H.264 / H.263 support - up to HD • Protocols: H.323 / SIP / G.711 / G.722 • Two models to help optimise price performance • VidyoGateway • 1 x HD 720P30 @ 1.5 Mbps / 4 x 4CIF(SD)@768Kbps • 12xCIF@384Kbps / 25 Audio Only Ports • VidyoGateway MK-II • 3 x HD 720P30 @ 1.5 Mbps / 12 x 4CIF(SD)@768Kbps • 24 x CIF@384Kbps / 50 Audio Only Ports • Pricing starts at approximately £ 3,500

  42. VIDYO SYSTEMS VidyoGateway

  43. VIDYO SYSTEMS VidyoReplay Finally, there is the optional VidyoReplay An excellent addition at any level VidyoReplayis an easy to use webcasting and recording appliance to enable large numbers of users to watch a vidyo conference concurrently via their web browser, either in real time or at any time after the conference

  44. VidyoReplay • Webcast video conferences effectively to large audiences • No client download or VidyoLine consumption to view • Webcast and record in FLV format • Every video endpoint can become a content creation manager • Standard web video file format • no proprietary player required to view recorded content • Max number of concurrent HD recording sessions= 3 • Max number of concurrent SD recording sessions = 12 • Max number of concurrent views = 300 • Max amount of stored HD content per VidyoReplay = 2500 hrs • Price approx £ 8,500

  45. VIDYO SYSTEMS VidyoReplay

  46. VIDYO SYSTEMS Typical Cost Scenarios A small company with a number of offices and over 50 staff who all need to connect with each other 1 x VidyoPortal 1 x VidyoRouter 20 x VidyoLines (20 concurrent point to point / multi-point) 100 x Desktop Licences (extra for guests) Approx: £ 22,000 Prices inclusive installation, training 1 year warranty (tbc at time of re-quote)

  47. VIDYO SYSTEMS Typical Cost Scenarios This company has several hundred staff, 8 different offices including an overseas office with a legacy system (e.g. Tandberg) so will require a VidyoGateway. They also want to be able to webcast and record conferences as well as having 2 locations with established video conferencing rooms 1 x VidyoPortal 1 x VidyoRouter 1 x VideoReplay 1 x Gateway 2 x VidyoRoom 50 x VidyoLines 500 x Desktop Licences Approx: £ 92,000 Prices inclusive installation, training 1 year warranty (tbc at time of re-quote)

  48. VIDYO SYSTEMS Typical Cost Scenarios By comparison, to equip themselves with a standard legacy video conferencing system throughout , that same company would require: • NOTE: • Not all staff could initiate a Video Conference • At this level, there is no webcast capability (extra cost) • All sites require an established Video Conference room • - this limits any concurrent use by others 8 x VC Room Systems (max 8 in any one conference) 8 x Desktop Licences 8 x VC240 (1 per site director for private use) Approx: £ 152,000 Prices inclusive installation, training 1 year warranty (tbc at time of re-quote)

  49. VIDYO SYSTEMS • Vidyo offers a fantastic new approach to video conferencing • Taking away the need to have established video conferencing rooms means: • Staff have greater freedom of movement and access to each other • Costs are reduced for companies with large numbers of sites • Vidyo allows for greater flexibility • Conference members can utilise a wide range of web-based systems • Greater numbers can participate in any single conference • Upscaling is a simple upgrade of vidyoLines or VidyoRouters • Options available for established VC rooms • Recording and web-casting features offer greater communication solutions

  50. For more information, to get a quotation, or arrange a demonstration, Please contact Phoenix AV Solutions Ltd T: 01939 200467 E: W: