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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

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Video Conferencing

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  1. Video Conferencing Stewart Duncan Technical Manager

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  3. What is Video Conferencing? • There are two types of video conferencing taking place in London. • Click to Meet • H323 VC

  4. Click to Meet • Click to Meet has been available to London schools since October 2003 • It is a centrally paid for resource available to all London teachers • Getting started is easy. You will need the following: • Web cam (Logitech Fusion) • Fairly decent PC • Broadband connection

  5. How do I access this system? • Click to meet can be accessed from your browser: • The client will be installed automatically (you may require admin rights to the PC you are using)

  6. Key features… • Easy to use Web front end • Integrated collaboration tools • Supports Multi-Point VC (many participants) • Teacher control using the podium • Data sharing • Can be used from home • Can traverse firewalls using port 80 and 443

  7. Examples…

  8. What is H323 Video Conferencing? • H323 Video Conferencing endpoints are dedicates pieces of VC hardware, for example an Aethra X3

  9. What is the advantage of H323? • Although Click to Meet offers all of the functionality you will probably require, sometimes higher quality audio and video is required. • A H323 Endpoint will generally offer video speeds of up to 1920Kbps • They will come with high quality echo cancelling microphones • They offer a PTZ camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)

  10. How do H323 endpoints work? • LGfL has designed a London wide VPN to carry H323 video conferencing traffic. This service is called LVCNet. • LVCNet endpoints each have a dedicated number. This is called an e.164 number. • LVCNet schools can call each other directly, but for security reason can not call or be called from outside of the network LGfL Network School A School B Not a London school

  11. Can you still do a Multi-Mpoint VC with a H323 endpoint? • Subscribers to LVCNet are automatically signed up to the Janet Video Conferencing Service. (JVCS) • JVCS offers users the ability to use a web front end to book and control their video conferences • You can select multiple endpoints in the one VC. These can be made up of IP or ISDN JVCS

  12. Support for Video Conferencing • Support for video conferencing can be found at: Support for LVCNet can be obtained from Synetrix on: 08700 636465 option 1 ( Click to Meet support is available from Atomwide on: 08700 636465 option 3 (

  13. How much does it all cost? • Click to Meet is a free service to all London schools. A logitech Fusion camera costs around £50 • LVCNet costs £150 setup and £100 per annum. This includes telephone support for your endpoint • A H323 endpoint can cost from £2000 up to £10,000. • Details of the LGfL VC Endpoint details can be found at

  14. What can you do with VC? LGfL have been working with major content providers and have put together a chart of VC educational content providers. It can be found at

  15. Click to Meet Summary • Click to Meet is available to all London teachers • It can be accessed via • All you need is a PC, Web Cam and Broadband connection • Support is available from Atomwide on: 08700 636465 option 3 or • Click to Meet is H323 compatible

  16. H323 Summary • H323 Endpoints are supported in London by LVCNet • LVCNet is a premium service which gives you very high quality VC • H323 Endpoints are available through LGfL • All London schools are entitled to use JVCS for free • Support is available from Synetrix on: 08700 636465 option 1 or • Further details can be found at

  17. Summary • If you use a email account you are already protected • If you use the Synetrix EMH platform you will have this functionality switched on • You can access your admin web front-end using your Talk2Synetrix user details ( • Support is available for ECC by telephone on 08700 636465 option 1 or by email

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