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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

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Video Conferencing

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  1. Video Conferencing The new era in teaching via the net

  2. Video Conferencing • Video conferencing is very useful and is now used in the education department in NSW. • Teaching through V.C. is useful in… • Long distant education where travelling can be extensive and exhausting… • When times with face to face is not possible… • When specialist teachers are not available in the area, e.g. music or art.

  3. Skype as a communications tool • Skype works the same way as any other communication applications such as msn messenger, yahoo, icq or any other applications that requires a camera and internet. • Although the NSW government has more sophisticated camera equipment which enables the teacher to angle or move the classroom’s camera around so that he/she can focus on where the student is answering a question skype can be more successful for small or one to one tuition, e.g. violin or piano lessons.

  4. Positive issues with video conferencing The positive points video conferencing has been…. • Able to teach without leaving your work or home. • Enable note writing to send to the student/s • Able to change times to suit both student and teacher

  5. Negative issues with video conferencing The negative points in video conferencing has been... • Slow internet on both student’s and teacher’s end. • Sound quality can be distorted or delayed which can prevent piano accompaniment being played by the teacher (this can be overcome by another person. i.e. Piano accompanist being at the student’s end) • Tuning the instrument (keyboard instruments are ok) • Correcting posture through passive movement • Video instability can be caused through low bandwidth

  6. Operating procedures Skype communication works just like a telephone but uses video as well as sound.

  7. Video Conferencing for the future • NSW leading the way in video conferencing in ALL schools by 2011. • Hoping Victoria will follow this idea in all their schools. • Subjects that were impossible to be taught due to insufficient teachers in rural areas and certain subjects that were not seen as important will be able to be taught through video conferencing. • Travelling to remote locations will now be as quick as a click on a mouse or switching on a camera.

  8. How to get skype • Skype video conferencing is free and can be downloaded from • It is very easy to install and is free to communicate from pc to pc. • To call to a normal phone will cost 2.7 cents a minute.