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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

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Video Conferencing

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  1. Video Conferencing Polycom Units

  2. Video Conferencing • Video conferencing allows you to communicate with locations around the world with full video, high-quality audio and the ability to display content from a computer. • With integrated video, voice, and data capabilities, video conferencing lets you connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere. Teach a class, participate in a meeting, or talk one-on-one with a colleague or interview a job candidate with full video and audio. Enhanced features let you play DVD or VHS tapes, show a PowerPoint or other application directly from your laptop, or use a document camera to share information.

  3. Video Conferencing is ideal for: • Meeting with People Statewide • They can travel to Albuquerque or Las Cruces and meet with each other. • Subject Matter Training • Specialists can speak from a location in Las Cruces to a room full of people in Albuquerque. • Classes • Teach every session to students at remote locations, or invite a guest speaker to join your local class for one day.

  4. CAHE Video Conferencing • The College of Agriculture & Home Economics has six videoconferencing units across the state. • The Bernalillo County Extension office and all district director's offices (Clovis, Santa Fe, Lordsburg) are equipped with Polycom units. • In addition, two units are located in Gerald Thomas Hall; a permanent unit in GT297 and a mobile unit, available for use in GTH rooms with an internet connection. • Special software on the GTH units allow multi-point conferences with a maximum of four sites.

  5. Additional Sites The university has additional video conferencing available across the main campus, at all branch campuses and at the distance learning facility in Albuquerque. Nationwide, video conferencing is available at most universities and community colleges, in many high schools, and at business service centers.

  6. Scheduling a Video Conference • To check the availability of videoconferencing units, visit our online calendar at • To schedule a videoconference, contact the CAHE Technology Help Desk at (505) 646-3305 or by email at

  7. Video Conferencing Calendar When you view the calendar online, you can see whether or not the day is available. If you currently have a video conference scheduled, you can check to make sure that all the information is correct.

  8. Next Powerful Half-Hour Full • June 13th, 2007 • CAHE Help Desk Web Site • Take a tour of our Web page and see what is new with us.