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  1. SCULPTURE The Top Ten Most Asked Questions!

  2. Question #10: Does it matter if I am tardy to class?

  3. YES!!! I hate giving instructions more than once – it makes me cranky.

  4. Question #9: Do we have to sit in assigned seats?

  5. No, you can kneel, crouch, hunker down, sprawl or relax in your assigned seat.

  6. Question #8: Can we go on donut runs during class?

  7. YES!!! Of course you will get a zeroon all assignments that day, be marked as a sluffand have to serve 1 hour of detention, and be plagued with guilt for the rest of your life … HOW COULD YOU EVEN THINKSKIPPING SCULPTURE CLASS???

  8. Question #7: Can I listen to music while I work?

  9. Yes! I will sing for you anytime you want!

  10. Question #6: Are we going to sculpt naked people in this class?

  11. NO!!!

  12. Question #5: Is this an easy class?

  13. YES!!! Compared to some things.

  14. Question #4: Is this a fun class?

  15. DUH! Who wouldn’t enjoy CREATING ART???

  16. Question #3: Do you have to be able to sculpt to take this class?

  17. If you already knew how to Sculpt you wouldn’t need to take a class now, would ya?

  18. Question #2: Are you a nice teacher?

  19. Oh, heck yes!

  20. AND, The top “most asked” question is… What do we do in this class?

  21. Let me Tell you some of the things I have planned . . .

  22. We will start by learning to work with ceramic clay.

  23. We will create some cool stuff with ceramic clay. • One thing I would like to try is a class “totem”. Each student creates a square that represents who they are.

  24. We will learn to create a variety of textures with ceramic clay.

  25. Then we will learn to sculpt facial features and create an awesome “Green man”

  26. We will learn to sculpt facial expressions and make a fun mug.

  27. And we will learn to create accurate details by sculpting a hand..

  28. We will also work on sculpting figures in action with a polymer clay.

  29. We will also experiment with some different materials.

  30. Paper is fun to work with.

  31. Can you guess what this was created with?

  32. Wire and Pantyhose can be interesting to work with.

  33. We will also be doing a “personal choice” project. • This is where you get to really do your own thing.

  34. What do I hope you learn from this class? • Commitment: Dedication to seeing a task through to the end, a willingness to work through difficulties. • Persistence: Consistent endeavors, repeated efforts in difficult circumstances, never giving up. • Vision: Seeing the possibilities, visualizing the process, envisioning the results, imagination. • Passion: Dedication to a cause, enthusiasm, emotional commitment. • Excellence: Unsatisfied with the ordinary, always striving for better, dedication to self-improvement. • Focus: Concentration, channeling thoughts and efforts, blocking distractions.