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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒

第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒. 不同的形状代表着不同性格的人。你是什么形状的人呢?. What Shape Are You?.

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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒

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  1. 第3版 Mini-world 万花筒

  2. 不同的形状代表着不同性格的人。你是什么形状的人呢?不同的形状代表着不同性格的人。你是什么形状的人呢? What Shape Are You? A good team has many shapes. The triangle is the leader. The rectangle keeps asking, the squiggle has good ideas, the square does the work and the circle helps all the shapes get along with each other. So what shape are you? Triangle: You say what you think quickly. You make a decision quickly, too.

  3. Rectangle: You like learning by asking. You want to change from day to day. Squiggle: You are creative. You always think of new ways to do things. Square: You work hard. You work in an orderly way and finish on time. Circle: You are a people person. You talk with people and try to understand them.

  4. 这可是一款真实世界的取色笔哦! Colour Picker Pen This pen can scan any colour and then let you use the colour for drawing. If you want to draw a leaf, touch the leaf with the pen. Now the colour is yours to use!

  5. Word Bank 超纲词汇 team /ti:m/ n. 队,小组 leader /'li:d=/ n.领导者,首领 squiggle /'skwIGl/ n.扭曲(不规则) 的线条 change /t5eInd3/ v.改变 creative /krI'eItIv/ adj.有创造力的 finish /'fInI5/ v.完成(工作) scan /sk7n/ v.扫描

  6. get along with each other 彼此和睦相处 make a decision 做决定 from day to day 一天天,每天 in an orderly way 井然有序地 on time 按时 people person 善交际的人

  7. 第4-5版 Super Classroom 超级课堂

  8. 说到中秋节,就不得不提《嫦娥奔月》的故事。说到中秋节,就不得不提《嫦娥奔月》的故事。 The Story of the Mid-Autumn Festival

  9. Long long ago, there were ten suns in the sky. Each took its turn to shine. But one day, all ten suns came out together. It was so hot! An immortal from heaven, Hou Yi (后羿), saw it. He shot down nine of the suns, and saved the earth. But the Jade Emperor (玉帝) wasn’t happy about that. He kept Hou Yi and his wife Chang’e (嫦娥) away from heaven. To be immortal again, Hou Yi asked the Queen Mother of the West (西王母) for help. The goddess gave him some pills and said, “These pills can let you and your wife live forever. But each of you can take only half the pills.”

  10. So Hou Yi hid the pills at home. When he was out, Chang’e found them. She was so happy, and took all the pills. Quickly, she began to fly. Since she couldn’t go to heaven, she flew to the moon. On the 15th night of the 8th lunar month, you may see a lady in the moon. Do you know who she is? 动词原形与过去式对照表: are—were, take—took,come—came,is—was, see—saw, shoot—shot,save—saved,keep—kept, ask—asked, give—gave,say—said, hide—hid, find—found,begin—began,can—could, fly—flew

  11. 艾伦对“月饼节”不太了解,这不,他正在问玲玲呢……艾伦对“月饼节”不太了解,这不,他正在问玲玲呢…… Talking about the Moon Cake Festival

  12. L: Lingling A: Allen L: The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Sunday, 30 September. A: Yes. So what’s the meaning behind this holiday? L: Well, it is in honour of Chang’e. But today, the full moon just means family reunions. A: Oh! It is a full circle just like a round dinner table.

  13. L: Yes. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family and friends to come together and enjoy the beautiful moon. A: Let me guess ... you get together to eat, too? L: Of course! On the Mid-Autumn Festival, we eat moon cakes. A: So the Mid-Autumn Festival is called the Moon Cake Festival, too!

  14. 海上生明月,天涯共此时。 On the Mid-Autumn Festival 考考你: 请根据文章 Talking about the Moon Cake Festival的内容,将下列图片对应的单词或词组填写完整。

  15. hang e m _ _ _ c _ _ _ oon ake Moon Goddess—C _ _ _ _ ’_

  16. mily f _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ull moon fa _ _ _ _ re _ _ _ _ _ union

  17. Culture The Mid-Autumn Festival 每年的农历八月十五是我国的传统节日中秋节。这一天的月亮满圆,象征团圆,所以又被称为团圆节。中秋节是吃月饼、赏月的好时机,而吃月饼正表示“团圆”之意。 许多关于中秋节的故事都跟月亮仙子嫦娥有关。古时,人们认为月亮上住着嫦娥,所以月亮才会发光。女孩子会在中秋拜月,愿“貌似嫦娥,面如皓月”。据说在那天晚上,小孩子都能看到月亮上的嫦娥哦!

  18. 周周练 请根据文章 The Story of the Mid-Autumn Festival,回答问题。 1. In the story, how many suns were there in the sky? ___________________________________________ 2. Why did Hou Yi ask the Queen Mother of the West for help? ___________________________________________ 3. What did Chang’e do after she found the pills? ___________________________________________ There were ten suns in the sky. Because he wanted to be immortal again. She took all the pills.

  19. Word Bank 超纲词汇 immortal /I'm6:tl/ n.神adj.不死的 heaven /'hev=n/ n. 天国,天堂 shoot /5u:t/ v. 射(箭),射死 wife /waIf/ n. 妻子 goddess /'G^dIs/ n. 女神 pill /pIl/ n. 药丸 forever /f='ev=/ adv.永远

  20. only /'=UnlI/ adv.仅仅,只 since /sIns/ conj.因为,既然 meaning /'mi:nI9/ n.意思,含义 just /d32st/ adv. 只不过,只是 long long ago 很久以前 take one’s turn 依次,轮流 keep ... away from ... 使……远离…… lunar month 农历,阴历

  21. in honour of sb./sth. 为了表示对某人/某事物的崇敬,为了纪念某人/某事物 full moon 满月 family reunion 家人团聚 moon cake 月饼

  22. 第6版 Playground 英语操练场

  23. 稍后将为您播报本市24小时天气预报。 Talking about Weather (II) overcast thunder lightning

  24. hail foggy stormy Let’s take a look at the weather in Shanghai for the next 24 hours. It’s going to be overcast in the morning, with the temperature from 18 to 22 degrees. But in the afternoon, it’s going to be a little windy and getting colder. The temperature will be from 14 to 18 degrees. There will be heavy rain in some areas of the city in the evening. So please keep warm and take your umbrella when you go out.

  25. Sing a Little Song Sing a little song, When you are happy. The birds all do, When their hearts are glad. They show it. Why shouldn’t you? Sing a little song, When you are happy. Be glad today!

  26. So far, so good. 这句习语不可拆开来解释为“很远,很棒”的意思。在这里, “so far”表示“到目前为止”, “so good”表示“满意,好的”,合起来即为“到目前为止一切都好”的意思,至于未来是好是坏就难说了。常用于问候的场景中。 Alan: How’s your new job? Mark: So far, so good.

  27. Word Bank 超纲词汇 overcast /;=Uv='k1:st/ adj. 阴天的 thunder /'02nd=/ n. 雷,雷声 lightning /'laItnI9/ n.闪电 hail /heIl/ n.冰雹 temperature /'temprIt5=/n.温度,气温 area /'e=rI=/ n. 地区,区域 umbrella /2m'brel=/ n.伞,雨伞

  28. heavy rain 暴雨 keep warm 保暖

  29. 第7版 Story Zone 故事地带

  30. 酷爱踢足球的小兔子拉尔夫一气之下闯了祸……酷爱踢足球的小兔子拉尔夫一气之下闯了祸…… Bad, Bad Bunny Trouble (I) Ralph was a bunny who loved football very much. Today was his sister Liza’s birthday party, so he couldn’t play football. Ralph was not happy. He was the last one to join the party.

  31. When Ralph’s mother was ready to cut the birthday cake, Ralph pointed to the coffee cake and said, “I want a piece of coffee cake.” “No, you can’t have coffee cake,” said his mother. “It’s for the grown-ups. The birthday cake is for the children.” Ralph was so angry to hear that. He couldn’t control himself. “If I can’t have it, then nobody can!” he said, and he spat on the cake! Well, now Ralph was in bad, bad trouble.

  32. Word Bank 超纲词汇 bunny /'b2nI/ n. 小兔子 trouble /'tr2bl/ n. 困境,麻烦 last /l1:st/ adj. 最后的 control /k=n'tr=Ul/ v.控制,克制 himself /hIm'self/ pron.(反身代词)他自己 nobody /'n=Ub^dI/pron.无人,没有人 spit /spIt/ v. 吐口水,spat是spit的过去式 grown-up 成年人

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