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Korea & the World(7) Alternate Energy & Global Warming

Korea & the World(7) Alternate Energy & Global Warming. 2011. 4. 26 김 병 구 bkkim9@gmail.com. This Week in Brief. “Earth Day ( 지구의 날 )” 4 월 22 일 축제 1970 년부터 지구 환경 , 자원 절약 행사 소말리아 해적 피습 상황 지속 최영함 현지급파로 위기 구출 외규장각 도서 프랑스에서 영구 반환 1866 병인양요시 프 함대 강화도에서 강탈 약탈 문화재 반환의 효시 (?).

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Korea & the World(7) Alternate Energy & Global Warming

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  1. Korea & the World(7)Alternate Energy & Global Warming 2011. 4. 26 김 병 구 bkkim9@gmail.com

  2. This Week in Brief • “Earth Day (지구의 날)” 4월 22일 축제 • 1970년부터 지구 환경, 자원 절약 행사 • 소말리아 해적 피습 상황 지속 • 최영함현지급파로 위기 구출 • 외규장각 도서 프랑스에서 영구 반환 • 1866 병인양요시프 함대 강화도에서 강탈 • 약탈 문화재 반환의 효시(?)

  3. Global Warming - Mitigations • Low carbon green growth economy • Energy efficiency, conservation efforts • Introduce carbon tax system • UN climate change initiatives • Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012 • New Protocol in Copenhagen, Dec. 2009

  4. Copenhagen Protocol • UNFCCC (Framework Convention on Climate Change) • 192 Member States (S/N Korea 포함) • COP-15 held in Copenhagen, Dec. 2009 • New legally binding protocol by 2012 • Each MS commits to GHG emission level • Major polluters expected to ratify

  5. Global Warming Summary • Mechanism: CO2 greenhouse gas from burning fossil fuels • Consequence: climate change, ecology disruptions • National strategy: low carbon, green growth • Post-Kyoto, Copenhagen Protocol • Carbon tax, credit trading • Develop alternate energy sources • Personal strategy • Energy conservation, back to nature

  6. Alternatives to Fossil Fuel Energy • Electricity • Present: coal, oil, hydro, nuclear, natural gas • Alternate: wind, solar, tidal, fusion • Transportation • Present: oil, coal • Alternate: electric, hybrid, hydrogen • Process heat, space heating • Present: coal, oil • Alternate: high efficiency, insulation

  7. Satellite View of the World at Night

  8. 86% of World Energy Produced by Fossil Fuels World Energy Production by Source (not including wood or biomass)

  9. Renewable Carbon-free Energy Alternatives • Hydro power • Potential sites already developed • Wind power • Low energy density, site limitations, expansion • Solar power • High capital cost, site limitations, expansion • Tidal power • Very high capital cost, only special sites

  10. Hydro Supplies 20% of Global Electricity Production

  11. China, Canada and Brazil Lead in Hydroelectric Generation

  12. Photo-Voltaic Panels are too Expensive for the Grid

  13. Transportation is the Greatest Challenge for CO2 Emissions Reduction Toyota Highlander Hybrid Energy-efficient Gas-Electric Hybrid

  14. 10 Personal Conservation Means (1) • Change light bulbs • From regular bulb to fluorescent light • 1bulb effect: 70 kg CO2 savings/year • Drive less • Walk, bicycle, metro subway, public trasport • Every10 km not driving: 4 kg CO2 savings • Recycle more • Home garbage separation for recycle • Half recycle: 1200 kg CO2 savings/year/house

  15. 10 Personal Conservation Means(2) • Check your tire air pressure • Proper pressure ~3% better gas milage • 1 liter fuel saving: 3 kg CO2 savings • Use less hot water • Save hot water while shower, washing • Avoid products with a lot of packaging • Resource conservation, reduce wastes • Adjust room temperatures • Summer less air-con, winter 1-2degrees lower • 1,000 kg CO2 savings/year/house

  16. 10 Personal Conservation Means(3) • Plant a tree • 1tree: 1 tonCO2 absorption/30year Turn off electric devices • Unused lights, TV, PC, DVD, stereo etc. • Be a part of the solution • www.ClimateCrisis.net

  17. Homework • What can I do as an individual to lessen the global worming and climate change?

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