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Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

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Breaking Dawn

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  1. Breaking Dawn

  2. Stephenie Meyer • Stephenie Meyer was born in Connecticut in 1973. • She attended Brigham Young University and majored in English. • Stephenie lives in Arizona with her husband and three sons; Gabe, Seth, and Eli. • She came up with the idea of Twilight in 2002, when she woke up from a dream and couldn’t get the seemingly real characters out of her head. • Stephenie’s books include: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and the less familiar book The Host.

  3. Protagonist Characters • Bella • Edward • The Cullen Family • Covens helping the Cullen family stand up against the Volturi • Jacob in second half

  4. Antagonist Characters • The Volturi • Jacob in first half • Renesmee in first half • Irina (vampire who told Volturi about Renesmee.)

  5. Favorite Character • My favorite character is Jacob Black. He always wants the best for Bella even though everything she has put him through. I just think he is a genuinely good person/wolf. And I have always been on Team Jacob 

  6. Least Favorite Character • My least favorite character is Caius. He is part of the Volturi. He doesn’t care if the Cullens broke the law or not, he just wants to destroy all of them for no good reason at all. He is a very mean and cruel vampire and I don’t like him!

  7. Exposition • The Exposition in Breaking Dawn is when Bella and Edward get married and they go on their honeymoon. And then when Bella comes back pregnant with a half vampire baby.

  8. Rising Action • The rising action in Breaking Dawn is when Bella is pregnant with Renesmee and they don’t know if she is going to survive or if the baby is going to kill her. And also when she delivers Renesmee and they have to change her into a vampire in order for her to survive.

  9. Climax • The ultimate climax in this book is when the Volturi come to fight the Cullens. At that point you have no idea if they will all be destroyed or if all their preparations pay off and they will somehow survive.

  10. Falling action • The falling action is when the Volturi listen to what the Cullens have to say, and after much deliberation they decide to leave in peace and not harm anyone.

  11. Resolution • The resolution is when the Volturi leave and everyone is so relieved. Bella, Edward, and Renesmee get to live happily ever after.

  12. Setting • Time Period: The time period is present day. It is important because it makes the book more modern because it is like it is taking place today. • Place: It takes place in Forks, Washington. That is important to know that because there are specific reasons why the Cullens live in Forks.

  13. Themes • Forever Love: Bella and Edward love for eachother is eternal. The question in all four books is will they be together forever? This book finally answers that question. • Fighting For Family: The Cullen family supports Bella as a family member and is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to protect her and Renesmee. It is ulimately shown in this book. • Mothers Love for Child: Bella is willing to do anything for her daughter Renesmee. She is willing to die for her and give her to Jacob because she knows that will be best for her.

  14. Rating • On a scale of 1-10 I would give this book a 10. I loved it. It kept me turning the pages wanting to know what happens next. All 800 pages. It had many exciting parts. Also a lot of things I didn’t expect. It had the ending that everyone was hoping for. It left you so happy at the end. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

  15. Social Issue: • Mothers life over Fetus? • At many points in this book it came down to the question: Should Bella or the baby live? Many people have different views about this. In the book Bella decides to let the baby live even though it was risking her life. After she delivers the baby she is changed, and becomes one of the most beautiful and strongest vampires in existence. Was the author trying to say the fetus’s life should come before the mothers? This is the social issue I will be researching for this book.