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Red Dawn

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Red Dawn

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  1. Red Dawn Rickie Williamson

  2. Setting of the movie… the older brother jet Ackerson( Chris hems worth) come home from the marines they are at a football games and they lose then it moves to a bar. Then they all go home the power go out and they wake up to the whole house shaking and they woke u to being invaded by North Korea. He has to take care of him and his brother matt Eckert (josh peck) and his friend being killed and captured.

  3. The speech •

  4. Ordinary world • Jet ordinary world was being in the U.S.M.C • And he come home after 6 years of being over seas and being at home and just hanging around.

  5. Call of adventure • Jets town get invaded and attached by north Korea.

  6. Meeting the mentor • Jet meet some other marines later in the movie needing their help to find a box phone close circuit because the town power was out.

  7. Crossing the threshold. • Jet gets killed and they keep fighting to save their town. His brother matt acker keep fighting.

  8. Tests, allies, Enemies • The test was when they were invaded and they got out of town. • The allies are people in town and the marines that were there.

  9. Approach the inmate cave • Jet and his comrades are in a cave and he outside talking to another person and he here the bombs coming and it kills three people in the group.

  10. The ordeal • They overcame the fight the ambushes and all the bombs thrown at them but they are still trying to fight for there home.

  11. Reward • The reward is when they get more people and fight beside them for there town and to get there homes back so they can go back to there life's.

  12. Road back • They start to get people start to join and fight and they grow into a huge fighting force that is going to take on the people in there town and try to take it back by any means.

  13. Resurrection • Matt loses his best friend and he has to push forward and he put all his anger into fight the north Korea.

  14. Return with elixir • The military help the wolverines fight north Korea. They get more people to help them with the weapons and cars and people they start getting a lot of people helping them.

  15. The End.