nautical dawn n.
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Nautical Dawn

Nautical Dawn

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Nautical Dawn

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  1. Nautical Dawn A preamble to an ACEs introduction. Dennis Haffron

  2. At the beginning of each new day there is a time called Nautical Dawn when it is possible to see, the stars, the sea, the shore and the horizon. This is a time when it is possible to begin navigation at sea.

  3. Nautical Dawn can occur when we encounter new knowledge. We will not see everything as well as we will later in the day. However it is a time to begin.

  4. Your Choice For scientific overview I suggest you view the two following websites. One is Dr. Nadin`e Burke Harris’ Ted Talk on ACEs. The other is Dr. Marjorie Fujara’s short webinar for IEA members on the effect of ACEs on the brain called: It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Brain Science I suggest that you view the following websites for an overview prepared for the public. This brief presentation was developed in Wales. This is a half hour presentation that covers ACEs in more depth than the above. Suitable for in depth introduction to para-professionals or students. Doctors Fellitiand Anda did the original study Vincent Felliti MD on ACEs Vincent Felliti MD on ACEs Presented to Native Americans (Story telling to fight ACEs, 10 minutes into presentation) Dr. Robert Anda on ACEs Aces Connection CDC My Website

  5. Nautical Dawn A postscript to an ACEs introduction. Dennis Haffron

  6. Colleges Are Communities and a part of Communities Here is where we are.