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EASA/JAA interface meetings PowerPoint Presentation
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EASA/JAA interface meetings

EASA/JAA interface meetings

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EASA/JAA interface meetings

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  1. EASA/JAA interface meetings • Since the last EASA/JAA Directors meeting, 7 interface meetings involving Ops have taken place • Regulatory processes: 2 meetings • JOEB processes: 3 meetings • Standardisation processes: 1 meeting • Accident analysis: 1 meeting

  2. JOEB processes/certification • JOEB: 3 interface meetings held • Outcome: Concept paper on the transfer of JOEB responsibilities to EASA was accepted by JAAC at JAAC 05/1 • Follow-up and final step: EASA/JAA met and revised the JOEB and JSET terms of reference, and also the JOEB implementation procedures • All documents have been sent to the JAAC for endorsement at the next JAAC (05/2)

  3. JOEB processes/certification. Certification/Ops interface issues • Helicopters: flight in limited icing conditions • In order to complement Operations material with EASA special conditions, a JAR-OPS 3 amendment has been prepared which will be presented, with the help of an EASA expert, to OST 05/2 • Fixed wing: at the request of EASA, Ops Div is providing support for an EASA-ETOPS application

  4. Rulemaking processes • 3 interface meetings held • JAR OPS has, in some respects, interfaces with products, thereby necessitating continuous dialogue between ops and products • EASA now has representation at OST • JAA Ops Division will address deletion of Subpart M from JAR-OPS 1 and also consider how to reflect and harmonise the requirements of IR-M within JAR-OPS, to satisfy the needs of both EU and non-EU JAA members. This matter will be presented by Ops Director, with EASA support, at OST 05/2

  5. Rulemaking processes (cont.) • At the initiative of Yves Morier, multi-disciplinary NPAs will be issued, in particular in the field of CNS/ATM; a single EASA NPA is fully supported by Ops. OST will be informed • EASA agreed that some elements of JAR-OPS NPA 29 (single engine IFR) are related to some aircraft equipment or continued airworthiness issues, and which, consequently, will be taken out of JAR-OPS NPA 29 • Non-commercial aviation JARs( Ops 0/2/4) work , if pursued, needs careful consideration of all principles, including consistency with principles expanded in EASA Opinion #3 • JAA has been involved in a MANPADS meeting and will shortly provide EASA with the requested work

  6. Standardisation processes • 1 interface meeting held • Visit synchronisation in regard to Subpart M/IR-M/Ops has been achieved • New issue: We have received a request from an NAA all visit findings should be made transparent to all Member States. This question needs to be addressed in a consistent manner across all involved disciplines within EASA/JAA • JAR OPS/JIP standardisation material (questionnaires/check lists) have been forwarded to EASA (Peter Sorensen) • Follow-on meeting is envisaged in September

  7. Safety processes • JAA has been invited to an EASA process meeting which addresses recommendations made by AIBs • The way in which JAA intends to support Ops related matters is under agenda item #13 of today’s meeting • Ops Div has progressed the 2004 analysis on diversions/emergencies involving fire/smoke in cockpit/cabin. Also, the study involving JAA AOC holders loss of control “deep treatment” is nearing completion, and this work may need consideration by EASA • An interface meeting is therefore proposed for the future