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  1. JNF NSW “Interact” Business Forum • Goals: • To establish the JNF NSW Business Forum as the premier business networking group for the Sydney Jewish community • To promote and encourage the objectives of the JNF in NSW, Australia and internationally – adopt a project in Israel • To promote the development and growth of Business Forum members and through that to raise funds for JNF – grow the JNF as our members’ businesses grow! JNF NSW(A Division of JNF AUSTRALIA INC.)

  2. JNF NSW “Interact” Business Forum • Structure: • The structure of the JNF NSW Business Forum will build on the success of the current JNF NSW Corporate Forum. The JNF NSW Business Forum will leverage three pillars: • Education – Business Breakfast: • Usually held every six weeks and will be themed around topical events and circumstances. Attendance is open to all. Business Forum members may bring a guest free of charge to one breakfast a year. Members attend breakfasts at no charge. • Networking – Special Interest Groups: • 4 focused networking groups, of 15 to 20 attendees each, at different CBD venues, with expert guest speakers – Investment, IT & Technology, Entrepreneurial Business and Community & Social. Groups run every 2 months with 2 meetings in each month. Attendance limited to Business Forum members only. All meetings hosted by a Business Forum host and attended by a Business Forum Ambassador. Blue Box donation of not less than $10 at the door. • Facilitated Introductions – ‘Interact’: • At least 5 targeted, facilitated, personal introductions of you / your business to other Business Forum or wider business community members. Each introduction will be made and facilitated by a JNF NSW Business Forum Ambassador. Available to Business Forum members only. Successful introductions to result in donation to JNF NSW project based on value of introduction.

  3. JNF NSW “Interact” Business Forum Membership: Membership will remain at the current cost of $1 135, of which $750 is a tax-deductible donation. Networking meetings require a nominal blue box donation of at least $10. Members attend breakfasts at no charge, may invite one guest to attend free of charge to one breakfast per annum. Members are given access to dedicated JNF NSW Business Forum website with log-in details. Website will include database and contact information. In addition, there will be dedicated FB, LinkedIn and Twitter groups for each component of the Business Forum. Members will be allocated to an Ambassador. JNF NSW Business Forum team: Committee: Stephen Madeisky, Paul Stephenson, Alan Greenstein, Melanie Becker, Jodi Gelbart, Stuart Romm, Naomi Gold, Ygal Shapir Community Manager: Melanie Becker Member Liaison: Naomi Gold Ambassadors: Stuart Romm, Alan Slade, Ze’ev Bashan, Gary Vidor, Alex Abulafia, David Royal, Carolyn Ziegler, Geoff Selby Network Hosts: Technology – SM, Investments – AG, Entr Business – PS, C&S - JG

  4. JNF NSW “Interact” Business Forum • Event dates: • Next Business Forum breakfast: 29 March (TBC) – Cricket World Cup! • Networking groups: 7 Mar – IT & Tech • 21 Mar - Investment • 4 Apr – Entr Bus • 11 Apr – C&S • 2 May – IT & Tech • 16 May - Investment • 6 June – Entr Bus • 20 June – C&S • What you need to do: • Take the flyer with you – all information is set out there! • Email ‘’ to become a member and receive email updates on all Business Forum activities • Register your attendance at the Special Interest Networking groups – once you are accepted as a member • Tell your friends and colleagues • Watch your business grow!