energy balance challenge n.
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  1. ENERGY BALANCE CHALLENGE Have you got the balance right? Click on the energy blobs or pictures on each screen to play the game and find out! Click here!

  2. Rules of the game This activity is based on adventure game books, where you decide what to do. You will be taken through a typical school morning with various activities. A graph showing your theoretical energy levels based on what you eat and do during the morning will grow as you progress. Look at the card next to the computer to find out what the different parts of the graph mean. The first time you go through the activity, make your choices based on what you usually eat on a typical school day. If there is time, go through the activity a second time making different decisions to see what happens. Click here to start!

  3. Wake up! The alarm goes off. It’s 7am and you wake up ready to start the day. What are you going to eat for breakfast? (click on the picture next to your choice) A high fibre cereal like porridge, Weetabix or Shreddies Nothing Your favourite sweetened cereal, like Frosties, Coco Pops or Honey Cheerios

  4. Click here to start again Test Finished! Finally the test is finished. How well you did will depend partly on what you had for breakfast this morning: (click on the picture of your choice) No breakfast A high fibre cereal breakfast A high sugar breakfast

  5. You have finished!Click on the relevant picture if you need some advice or want to try again. Want to have another go? Need some healthy snacking advice? Want some advice on eating a healthy breakfast?