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Mongolia tour

Mongolia tour

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Mongolia tour

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  1. Nomadic Tours Asia +976-99074493

  2. Mongolia is an independent, landlocked republic in East Asia sharing borders with Russia to the north and China to the south. All over the world it is the second largest landlocked country which is unspoiled, exotic and unfenced expanse of 610 thousand square miles. Apart from all these there is nothing more to ask for.

  3. Mongolia is commonly referred to as the country of the eternal blue sky and it is a place which you cannot afford to miss. It is a place which is equipped with dormant volcanoes, vast steppes, snow-capped mountains, the serene Gobi Desert, prehistoric paleontological sites, mesmerizing lakes and rivers, and breathtaking caves.

  4. You can have the opportunity of Horse riding Mongolia, camel riding along with beautiful terrains of Mongolia varying from deserts to green pasture if you visit the place. On the back of a horse you can also try the famous Mongolian wildlife safari. They also provide you run for horse trekking and mountain trekking that to in all abilities.

  5. Mongolia is home to one of the last remaining pastoral folks in the world as it consists of over 56 million camels, cattle, horses, sheep and goats, and a larger proportion of humans scattered all over the country,.

  6. The nomads of Mongolians are known for their hospitality. Visitors during theirNomadic tours can sleep in a herder's germ (a portable tent) that to without any concern ride their horses, and help them tend to their sheep.

  7. CONTACT US +976-99074493