starwood leadership forum nyc 20 june 2000 n.
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Starwood Leadership Forum NYC 20 June 2000 PowerPoint Presentation
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Starwood Leadership Forum NYC 20 June 2000

Starwood Leadership Forum NYC 20 June 2000

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Starwood Leadership Forum NYC 20 June 2000

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  1. StarwoodLeadership Forum NYC20 June 2000

  2. Tom Peters Seminar2000Brand Everything:Distinct or Extinct!

  3. Brand It!Now, More Than Ever!“The increasing difficulty in differentiating between products and the speed with which competitors take up innovations will assist in the rise and rise of the brand.”Gillian Law and Nick Grant, Management [New Zealand]

  4. Brand Leadership!“A key – perhaps the key – to leadership isthe effective communication of a story.”Howard GardnerLeading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership

  5. “Corporate Religion is a completely new way of thinking about companies. Today, the product is still the main communication highway in the company. When companies make the shift to selling solutions, brands and attitudes … communicating the company’s attitudes and values becomes the decisive parameter for success. It demands that you find out who you are as a company.”Jesper Kunde, Corporate Religion

  6. Part I: Brand InsidePart II: Brand OutsidePart III: Brand Leadership

  7. No Wiggle Room!“Incrementalism is innovation’s worst enemy.” Nicholas Negroponte

  8. Just Say No …“I don’t intend to be known as the ‘King of the Tinkerers.’ ”CEO, large financial services company (New York, 5-99)

  9. “Change the rules before somebody else does.”Ralph Seferian, VP, Oracle

  10. The [New] Ge

  11. New Game!L.A.D.T.I.R.S.**Life-and-death-total-industry-reinvention-struggles

  12. Reinventing The Hospitality Industry!Starwood Goes for It!

  13. Brand InsideBrand Org: Lean, Linked & Electronic

  14. And Now the Equivalent …White Collar Revolution!

  15. Robert Reich on Sara Lee“The most profitable businesses in the future will act as knowledge brokers, linking insights into what’s available with insights into the customer’s individual needs and preferences.”

  16. “We want to be the air traffic controllers of electrons.”Bob Nardelli, GE Power Systems

  17. Good StartStarwood Preferred GuestSTARS/Starwood Technology and Revenue Systems

  18. Brand InsideBrand Talent: The Great War for Talent

  19. Issue Y2KThe Great War for Talent!

  20. “When land was the scarce resource, nations battled over it. The same is happening now for talented people.”Stan Davis & Christopher Meyer, futureWEALTH

  21. John Chambers “Gets it”!!

  22. There is no “talent shortage” … if…you are a GPTW**Great Place To Work

  23. Part I: Brand InsidePart II: Brand OutsidePart III: Brand Leadership

  24. Brand OutsideThe Commodity Trap

  25. Quality Not Enough!“While everything may be better, it is also increasingly the same.”Paul Goldberger on retail, “The Sameness of Things,” The New York Times

  26. “The ‘surplus society’ has a surplus of similar companies, employing similar people, with similar educational backgrounds, coming up with similar ideas, producing similar things, with similar prices and similar quality.”Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale,Funky Business

  27. “When we did it ‘right’ it was still pretty ordinary.”Barry Gibbons on “Nightmare No. 1”

  28. The Character-less HotelIndistinguishable Rooms!/Indistinguishable Staff!

  29. Brand OutsideStrategy 1:Lead the Customer!

  30. “Wealth in this new regime flows directly from innovation, not optimization. That is, wealth is not gained by perfecting the known, but by imperfectly seizing the unknown.”Kevin Kelly, New Rules for the New Economy

  31. Amen!“The Age of the NeverSatisfied Customer”Regis McKenna

  32. Singapore Air: $18.5K/seat for entertainment systemsPeninsula NY: $17K/room on personal technologyWestin (Heavenly Bed) vs. Ritz Carlton (300 count Italian sheets) vs. Four Seasons (mattress madness)

  33. GE’s New Six Sigma ApproachOld view: Out of service 9 days. 4 days are transport, which is client responsibility.New view: ALL 9 DAYS ARE OUR RESPONSIBILITY! Why? 9 days = Client’s World.Source: Steve Kerr, VP, GE

  34. Fact:You are responsible, in my mind, for …THETURNKEYTRAVELEXPERIENCE… and I don’t discriminate among who provides what.

  35. Hotel in Las VegasMY STAY HAS BEEN LOUSY!YOUR PROBLEM: A GROTESQUE START. To wit: 1 hour, 7 minutes in an airport cab line @ 10:30 P.M. (1:30 A.M. EDT)

  36. Brand OutsideStrategy 2:UseE-Commerce toRe-inventthe Business!

  37. ???????$35,000,000.

  38. Dell’s Web sales … daily

  39. Tomorrow Today: Cisco!90% of $14.4B(Cisco Connection ONLINE)Save $500M(service and tech support)C.Sat e >> C.Sat HCustomer Engineer Chat Rooms/CollaborativeDesign ($1B “free” consulting)

  40. Lessons from Earth’s Richest HumanEverything [In & Out] via Internet$1B in ’99-’00[on a cost base of $6B]$1B in ’00-’01

  41. Welcome toD.I.Y. Nation!“Changes in business processes will emphasize self service. Your costs as a business go down and perceived service goes up because customers are conducting it themselves.” Ray Lane, Oracle

  42. Anne Busquet/ American ExpressNot: “Age of the Internet”Is: “Age of Customer Control”

  43. “Where does the Internet rank in priority? It’s No. 1, 2, 3, and 4.”Jack Welch

  44. There are 2 Kinds of …Defense*vs.Offense***Fend off upstarts.**Reinvent our marketspace!

  45. Web Strategy: GE Power Systems“Launch and Learn”(4 sites in 30 days)

  46. “It’s better to be first with less than last with more. Success on the Web isn’t just about time to market, it’s also about‘time to learning.’ ”Jeff Levy, eHatchery

  47. Jargon Bath!Bureaucracy free …Systemically integrated …Internet intense …Knowledge based …Time and location free …“Instantly” responsive …Customer centric …Mass customization enabled.

  48. Translation …Bureaucracy free = Flat org, no B.S.Systemically integrated = Whole supply chain tightly wired/ friction freeInternet intense = Do it all via the WebKnowledge based = Open accessTime and location free = Whenever, wherever“Instantly” responsive = Speed demonsCustomer centric = Customer calls the shotsMass customization enabled = Every product and service rapidly tailored to client requirements

  49. Brand OutsideStrategy 3:Women Rule!

  50. ?????????Home Furnishings … 94%Vacations … 92%Houses … 91%Bank Account … 89%Health Care … 75%Etc.