using ms publisher to develop a movie proposal english 10 1 ms tobin room 432 n.
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Using MS Publisher to develop a movie proposal! English 10-1 Ms. Tobin, Room 432 PowerPoint Presentation
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Using MS Publisher to develop a movie proposal! English 10-1 Ms. Tobin, Room 432

Using MS Publisher to develop a movie proposal! English 10-1 Ms. Tobin, Room 432

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Using MS Publisher to develop a movie proposal! English 10-1 Ms. Tobin, Room 432

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  1. Othello Using MS Publisher to develop a movie proposal!English 10-1Ms. Tobin, Room 432

  2. What is a Movie Proposal? • In this assignment, you will be writing a movie proposal for a new version of “Othello.” As producer of this yet-to-be-made film, you will need to make decisions regarding casting, location, director, and even script treatments. • This project will be scored on a 120-point rubric, as shown later in this presentation.

  3. Following Along… • Look for the yellow arrows, , to help you! • Also look for RED text – these are my instructions to you, and not part of the screen captures from Publisher. • The sample project shown is a movie proposal for “Romeo and Juliet,” but with exactly the same criteria as your “Othello” assignment.

  4. Using MS Publisher To start your project, log-in to the network as you normally would, and then go to the Start Menu, click on Microsoft Office, and then Microsoft Publisher.

  5. Getting Started The opening screen in Publisher will look like this. Click on Publications for Print and then Brochures to begin. (See the yellow arrow? Click there.)

  6. Pick your brochure style Scroll as you would in Word or on a website, from here. When you find a brochure style you like, click on it.

  7. And let’s begin! Check your brochure settings.. You want a 3-panel, no customer address, no form brochure. To Zoom in on your first panel, adjust the zoom above and scroll with the bars at the side and below.

  8. Your Brochure Cover Make sure your Name, the Class, my Name, and the Room appear on the cover of your brochure. Title your proposal. Obviously, “Othello” should appear in there somewhere. To insert a picture from Clip Art, go to Insert, Picture, Clip Art, and choose. To delete any item, click on it so that the “handles” appear (little circles) and hit delete. If you want to add a picture other than Clip Art, you can simply copy and paste it into your document (see next slide for picture editing instructions.)

  9. Editing Pictures When you click on a picture you copy / pasted, the Picture Toolbar (see arrow 1) will appear. The most useful feature on the Toolbar is the Crop tool. Clicking on this changes your handles to lines, moving them in crops your photo. To resize your photo, always use the Circle handle from one of the corners WHILE holding Shift down. 2 1

  10. Inside the Brochure Navigate to the inside of your brochure by clicking on the 2 at the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

  11. What goes in here? In the second and third column, first explain your casting choices for Othello, Desdemona and Iago. Then, include pictures of the 3 actors to play those parts, and a list of your other casting choices for the remaining parts. In the first column, describe the setting and time period for your version of Othello. Include a rationale for both, and an example of how you will use “visual metaphor” in your film. Also include one pic of the location.

  12. The remainder of the Outer Cover Navigate back to the outside of your brochure by clicking on the 1 at the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

  13. The remaining panels • Insert a detailed paragraph outlining your plans for the soundtrack – pick two songs and explain their inclusion. Beneath that, list AT LEAST 10 songs you also plan to include. • Place a pic of what your album cover might look like. You can use clip-art, personal photos, etc. • Lastly, two pics of proposed costuming choices, and two paragraphs explaining the look you are going for. 1 2 3

  14. Don’t Forget! To see what your Brochure will look like BEFORE you print it, go to View, and then Boundaries and Grids. Or hold down Ctrl and Shift and tap on the letter O to make them appear and disappear. They WILL NOT print, so you needn’t worry about that. GO FROM THIS… TO…(see next page)

  15. Don’t Forget! (cont.) TO THIS! Don’t forget to navigate between the inside and outside of your brochure BEFORE you print to make sure it all looks like it should. And then there’s spell-checking… (see next slide)

  16. Don’t Forget! (cont.) This is English Class. Don’t be a lazy - use the spell-check feature! Go to Tools, Spelling, and then Spelling again. Or just hit F7. The spell-checker is the same as you’d find in MSWord. IF IT ASKS YOU – do you want to check your whole document? The answer is Yes. It will check front and back cover without you have to switch between. Very useful feature.

  17. Last steps, and grading rubric Save your Publisher brochure to a flash-drive or CD and bring to class Monday. We will go to the Media Center and print them all out on the big color printer - FOR FREE!

  18. My Final Sample Product – outside

  19. My Final Sample Product – inside

  20. One more thing… Why are we doing this assignment? As I am sure you have probably figured out, the rationale behind this assignment is simple: if you don’t know the story of Othello inside and out, it’s awfully hard to decide what actors out there should play your roles, what songs to feature, and where (and why) to set your story. So slap on your creative cap, and have some fun with it! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. And of course, this proves once again that the glory of Shakespeare is the timelessness of the tales he tells! Huzzah! Go forth and Publish! The End.