federal government n.
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Federal government

Federal government

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Federal government

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  1. Federal government Concept of highway to federal funding

  2. Federal people and the highway • The Government • People with relationships to services provided on a base for example. • Army example • Coast Guard Example • The translation of highway analogy for government • Expense • Revenue

  3. Army assume non-combat active duty • Army Service People have the same needs • The response is the same with minor differences • That tells us we can focus in the person in which stage of enlisted service.

  4. Coast Guard assume active duty • Coast Guard Service People have the same needs as the army. • The response is the same with minor differences • That tells us we can focus in the person in which stage of enlisted service.

  5. Colors and Make or Model Grouping

  6. Branch=Color Make and Model=Non-deployed • The branch of the military may be the vehicles color • Marines – Black hummers • Navy-Blue hummers • Army-Grey hummers • Coast Guard – Orange hummers

  7. Military Budget Allocation Types Non-Combat relationship of people to Hummer • Most people will assume we need four lanes • One for each branch of the military • We will acquire the design patterns for all 4 branches to reside in any lane based on the circumstances. Each branch of the military isn’t going to require its own lane. Colors of the Care Make and Model will do this for us in this branch of an expense for military and revenue for the person who has a relationship to the branch or color hummer

  8. Combat Active duty Deployed • Same theory as previous pages; • “War Time” • Your people are driving higher military grade hummers. • People are not the vehicle they have a relationship with two vehicles One during combat One during non-combat scenario

  9. Three lanes Traveling South or North

  10. Prescribed use of 3 lanes Think of the lanes as a way to manage dimensions not shared • Managing war time (Combat)- the Slow lane • Recruit-known maturity and camps Middle Lanes • Non-combat-all other services medical Housing and similar for self and Family. Fast Lanes

  11. Vehicles for drivers by branch of armed forces and deployed or on base • Highways Traveling South might be considered an expense when the funds move from federal to the branch of the military. The payment when received by the branch is the branches revenue. Federal Expense Traveling South Expense Traveling South Continue Funding Application For Program International Combat Domestic +Civilian

  12. Any military driver in which lane • Highway lanes in North direction • Budgets are committed or recipient informed of no plan or reduction in plan. Federal Revenue Traveling North Revenue Traveling North Report on Outcomes Report on Outcomes

  13. Vehicles and The drivers Known stages of military Combat Budget + other Lanes Plus loss of life Plus disabled Plus tangibles Slow lane Middle lane New recruits 1st year Boot camps Work programs Non base service person Injured Military run rate Ongoing commitment for service-work Off duty, family on base & veterans + all services Fast lane

  14. The end Part II highway analogy series