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R&B Is Our Life PowerPoint Presentation
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R&B Is Our Life

R&B Is Our Life

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R&B Is Our Life

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  1. R&B Is Our Life By : AJ Acevedo

  2. Usher is a great R&B pop singer , song writer and actor. He rose to fame in the 1990’s.In this time he released multi platinum “My Way”. • His success continued with the release of his album “confessions” in 2004 which sold 10 million copies in just the U.S. • Usher was born oct. 1978 In Dallas Texas, He lived most his life in Chattanooga where he was in a church choir when he was 9.And at this time his grandmother saw his ability to sing. • After him joining a group and such his parents moved to Atlanta, Georgia. • He was dating a former TLC Rozanda “Chilli” Thamos in 2001 who previously had a child with Dallas Austin and also had a son on the side their relationship lasted for 2 years. But later broke up , She stated he cheated he said he didn’t cheat that it just wasn’t working out. • Now and days he is still living it up in the music bizz he just got done with a great hit love in this club and many others and he is still to this day creating more good songs. Usher

  3. Luther Vandross Jr. was born in 1951 in lower east side Manhattan New York. • When he was 8 his father died of diabetes, At the 13 he and his family moved to the bronx. Which at that time he heard Dionne Warwick sing “ Any one who had heart” which turned him on to music forever. • He started a group called Listen My Brother in high school. And managed to even play at the Apollo Theater once. During the late sixties he appeared in his first episode sesame street. • After a year in Western Michigan University Luther dropped out to pursue his career of singing. He sang many backing voices for many big names artist including Diana Ross, Roberta flack, Chaka khan and others. • He was in many groups then went on his own and sang with many people which most those songs went #1 in the charts and the albums some times double platinum. 1980’s were this guys year he had some good records that hit Platinum and #1 songs. A great song by him was “Dance with my father” . But On July 1 2005 Luther Vandross died he had problems before with a stroke in 2004 and all so yeah he had difficulties but his music lives onj. Luther Vandross

  4. A female R&B singer with great music. She is largely responsible for a lot of singers trying to do all the riffs and runs although she was the only one who could do it with success. • She was the first artist ever to have 7 consecutive #1 singles. • One great song that we are all fimiliar with is” I will always love you”. • But she had a lot of drama in her life which didn’t go right in her path but is still great. • Born August 9 1963. Whitney Houston

  5. An R&B/soul Group that was founded in Philadelphia Pa in 1988. But really they were noticed in high school in 1986 at the Philadelphia high school for creative and performance arts. Members were Nathan Moris, MichealMcCary, Shawn Stockman, & Wayna Morris on motown records in the 1990s. • Nelson left the group before their first recording to pursue a solo career what an idiot. Based on the sales Boys 2 men is the most successful R&B male vocal group of all time. They recorded 5 #1 hits between 1992 and 1997 & had sold more than 60 million records. • 3 of their # 1 hits “I’ll make love to you “ , One sweet day” and “End of the road” set and broke records for the longest period of time a single remained #1 on the billboard hot 100. • Even though the song “On bended knees” didn’t break records it was very popular and reached #1 which made Boys 2 men the second artists behind the Beatles to replace themselves at the number 1 spot of the bill board hot 100. • In 2000 They went into Universal Records. In 2003 MichealMcCary left the group due to chronic back problems. Even Though 3 was left they continued to travel and do what they due in the 1995 Grammy’s they received 4 Grammy Awards. Boys 2 men was named Billboards most successful group and 4th over all artist of 1990s. Boys 2 Men