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Archimedes and the Crown PowerPoint Presentation
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Archimedes and the Crown

Archimedes and the Crown

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Archimedes and the Crown

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  1. Archimedes and the Crown A Genius in the Tub

  2. Who is Archimedes? Archimedes was a Greek philosopher and mathematician

  3. Archimedes (287-212 B.C.) he lived more than 2,000 years ago

  4. Why do we still talk about him? • he is still known as one of the greatest physical scientists of all time.

  5. This is a story about one of his most famous discoveries. It is so famous it is called: The Archimedes Principle

  6. Archimedes lived more than 2000 years ago in a Greek city called Syracuse. There he is: Archimedes

  7. He was very good at inventing things and figuring out how things work. • Archimedes was so smart that the king of the roots crew, Tubby, needed his help many times.

  8. Once King Tubbby had a goldsmith make him a new crown.

  9. He gave the goldsmith lots of gold to make a big beautiful crown.

  10. The goldsmith made King Tubby a crown shaped like a beautiful ring of gold leaves, just like the Korean Bird Feather Crown

  11. But King Tubby told Archimedes that he was worried. He did not trust the goldsmith who lived strictly for the money.

  12. The goldsmith may want to keep some of the gold for himself and mix something else with the rest of the gold to trick the king and pocket the extra gold.

  13. King Tubby had a beautiful new gold crown, but was it really all gold? He wondered and wondered…

  14. He could find out by having the crown melted to see what it was made of, but then he would have to remake the crown.

  15. And if he paid the goldsmith again would he steal some of the gold the second time he made the crown? Who knows.

  16. The king knew that he needed someone clever like Archimedes to help him.

  17. Archimedes wanted to help King Tubby. He felt that the King should have a real gold crown since the King spreads peace across the lands!

  18. AND, if the goldsmith was a thief, a cheat, the King will lock him up in jail to reeducate him!

  19. But how could Archimedes find out if the crown was real without ruining the crown? ?????

  20. That night, Archimedes wanted to take a bath. While filling the tub, Archimedes was so busy thinking about the crown that he filled the tub with too much water.

  21. Archimedes got into the tub and water spilled all over the floor!

  22. Archimedes wondered why the water spilled out when he got into the tub. He realized that there wasn't enough room in the tub for him and all that water!

  23. So how much water will spill out if he puts something in the tub? Archimedes took his bath toys and did some experiments.

  24. The bigger something was, the more water spilled. So even if a bath toy had a unusual shape, he could tell how big it was by how much water spilled out. 7

  25. Archimedes noticed that some things that were big were very light and floated. But some things that were small were very heavy and sank.

  26. Archimedes called how heavy something is (mass) compared to how big it is (volume) the density. Different materials all have different densities.

  27. Story BreakTech Demo: Determining Density - kippdynasty - nationtime. Density at 0 4.7 and 10

  28. Little things like rocks had more density and sank. But his big toy alligator had less density and floated.

  29. Archimedes could put the crown into the tub to find the density of the crown, telling him if the crown was made of gold or something else.

  30. Now Archimedes knew how to find out if the crown was real gold. He was so excited he shouted "Eureka!", which is Greek for "I found it!"

  31. He got up and went running through the streets in a white towel shouting "Eureka! Eureka! Eureka!"

  32. Archimedes was so excited that when he got out of the bath he forgot to put on his clothes, keeping it real with his indigenous style!

  33. Archimedes ran to King Tubby and announced that he could figure out if the crown was really made of gold. King Tubby said "That's great, but first put on some clothes!"

  34. We now call his discovery The Archimedes Principle, which states that an object placed in a fluid has a buoyant force upward equal in weight to the fluid displaced (pushed out of the way) by the object.

  35. The End!

  36. Ticket to Leave • When you fart underwater what gets released? • Are the gas bubbles more dense or less dense than water? • Draw a picture and diagram of the forces at work.