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  1. Sudan Rahaf Al Saadi

  2. The Conflict In the past few years there has been a lot of conflict going on in Sudan, specifically Darfur, it has left many of the Darfuri people displaced. The conflict has been going on between Darfuri groups. It has been stated that the U.S has been the only country interfering and recognizing what is happening as “genocide”; genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.

  3. The Media Coverage of Events in Sudan The international media coverage of Sudan in the past years has largely focused on the conflict in Darfur, this is because of the genocide happening their and because of the conflict between the country’s groups. The Media Coverage of events is very little, because journalists, photographers, etc. usually can’t get everything, because of the government not wanting the world to know about the conflict. However, the country with the most media coverage would probably be the U.S because it’s the only country to recognize what’s happening their as genocide, meaning that the Sudanese government would’ve permitted them to cover the events in Sudan, assuming that they are trying to help.

  4. The Effectiveness of the International Response The international response towards the Sudanese genocide and conflict is not really successful, because as an example the U.S (the only country to intervene) has tried several times to solve the conflict and bring it to an end, it has had many conferences, but it didn’t seem to change anything. Which is why there’s still a possibility that Sudan would split the land, due to the ongoing conflict.

  5. Future Predictions for the Darfuri People If the same conflict continues, I predict that the population of “Lost Boys” will increase, hunger will kill many of Sudan’s population, resulting a decrease in Sudan’s population. Also, the U.S will not make any differences, so Sudan will split and that’s the only way the conflict and genocide will end. Yet, looking at it from another perspective, the government could end the conflict after finding out how much of their country’s people are dying and are being displaced, and so the Sudanese (Darfuri) people would live in peace and would get humanitarian aid by the U.S, which was fighting for the Darfuri peoples’ rights since the beginning.

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