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W.W.W Reflection PowerPoint Presentation
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W.W.W Reflection

W.W.W Reflection

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W.W.W Reflection

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  1. W.W.W Reflection Done By: Mariam Al-Khalifa Class: 6D

  2. Sunday (1st day) • In the first day we were playing team building games we worked together and we played girls vs. boys. It was really fun we played the hoola hoop game, crocodile river, square mind and more. Most of the games were in the MPH. My favorite game was the hoola hoop game we had to hold hands in a circle and we had to get the hoola hoop in and out of us (through us). We ate noodles and chicken Alf redo I really enjoyed it. • If I would do the same day again I would spend my day playing because in some of the games I didn’t play. I would also try to think well because in that day I was really tired and I didn’t have the chance to think well. • In that day I was open-minded because I listened to other people’s ideas on how to win the games. Because I didn’t sleep that day it helped me listen to other people’s ideas and increase my knowledge.

  3. Monday (2nd day) • In the second day we did the world project it was very hard! We worked as a team and we cooperated well together even though the project was hard. Some of the activities took place in the Olympic pool, MPH and C1-30 and some like the reports we did in our classes. The favorite part of the day was when we ran I did double my laps that I wrote in the slip I ran 20 laps around the MPH. The activities that I did were running, cycling and reports. That day in the lunch break I sat in class working I brought my own lunch, I brought cheese popcorn and defiantly the whole class ate it and nothing was left for me. • If I could go back to that day I would do 4 activities including swimming. I will also tell the planners to choose close countries so all our miles couldn't run out for nothing, because that was very challenging and I like loosed 2 entire kilos just because of that day. We were going up and down and we didn’t stay for a second. • In that day I was a risk-taker because I did a lot of activities and I also did the double amount of laps that I wrote in that slip and I also wrote 2 reports more than the class.

  4. Tuesday (3rd day) • In the third day we started another new project which was just explaining a natural disaster that happened during 2010-2011. My group was Darby, Darwin , Yousif and Amna but sadly Darwin and Amna were absent so we were only three and that made it even more challenging. Before we started that project we had an example of a teacher that experienced a really tsunami In Sri Lanka and that gave us more information on what to do. I was a researcher and a graphic artist I went to the library with Yousif to get some facts about the Earthquake in Japan. We also went to George town to eat lunch there and scavenger hunt. I ate there a tuna sandwich and a soft drink. My favorite part of the day was when we went to George Town. • If we would do the same thing in that day I would try to search some more information about the Earthquake and find some extra information and also trying to make our presentation creative. • In that day I was a thinker because when I was doing the storyboard I wrote my ideas for how our presentation will be and what will be included in the presentation.

  5. Wednesday (4th day) • In the fourth day we went to the Qatar Science and Technology park (Q.S.T.P) we also went to George town to make flags and eat lunch there. Most of all I enjoyed the field trip to Q.S.T.P because there we played with robotics made a robotic surgery and lots of cool stuff. He showed us a PowerPoint and videos that explain robots. At last we all had a chance to play with the robotics and watch a 3D video I was cool! We also went to George town and there we made some flags that represent us. I ate there a turkey sandwich and some coke, we waited a long time there for the buses to come we arrived school at 2:30 and we were supposed to finish at 2:00 so we were 30 minutes late! We also had to solve a problem, well that was in school our problem was called “Safe Harbor”. We had to give orders to our sailor to go to the harbor blindfolded and we cant touch the hazards and tornadoes. • If we would do all those activities again I would play with robotics more and try to hold on myself when the robots are doing surgeries to patients cause it was just disgusting! • In that day I was mostly a communicator because I was making the commands to finish the surgery and that’s another way for us to do a surgery rather than being there and making it.

  6. Thursday (5th day) • Finally we have reached the last day of W.W.W we played a lot and had so much fun. In the beginning we finished our capital contest later we played some football in the MPH and after Yousif one of our classmates brought his PS3 and we started playing Call of duty Black ops. Also Café Ceramique came so we made some tiles, sand art and face painting. Soon we had some lunch they brought pizza from “Papa Johns, juices and ice cream as a dessert. The most thing that I enjoyed is playing Black ops. • If we would repeat this day I would stay hours playing Black ops all day long. • In that day I was a principled because people were fighting on who plays first so I made it fair and every person played evenly.