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Getting Started with Facebook

Getting Started with Facebook. Without Sharing Pictures Of What You Had For Lunch. Today ’ s Agenda. Why use Facebook? How to properly structure your Facebook Campaign Setting up our accounts Where do you get content from? How do you effectively monitor your Facebook account?.

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Getting Started with Facebook

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  1. Getting Started with Facebook • Without Sharing Pictures Of What You Had For Lunch.

  2. Today’s Agenda • Why use Facebook? • How to properly structure your Facebook Campaign • Setting up our accounts • Where do you get content from? • How do you effectively monitor your Facebook account?

  3. Our Customers Are Social

  4. Why is Facebook Important • Generate New Leads • Network with Referral Partners for stronger relationships and more Referrals • Close more of your existing prospects • Generate more client referrals • Establish more repeat business • Creating stronger long term relationships

  5. Big Business Has Caught On To Social Marketing • 66% of companies on the Fortune 500 are now on Facebook. 8% growth last year

  6. Your Customers Are Using Social Media

  7. In A Really Big Way

  8. What Does This Mean? • Over Half of Your Customers Can Refer Your Business To Their Friends Using Facebook! • Each Referral You Get Is Directly Delivered to an Average of 190 People that Know, Like and Trust the SOURCE of the Referral What Does This Look Like? • You do 1 deal a week = 4 deals a month • In 1 Year you have access to 48 Testimonials • Lets say only 50% refer you on Facebook • What is your “Social Referral Base?”

  9. One Of The Massive Benefits Of Social Media • 24 Testimonials • 150 friends per Testimonial • 3,600 Online Referrals for your business.

  10. Our Market Has Shifted From Push To Pull

  11. The Massive Tipping Point • Our culture, for the first time ever in human history, can access local personal reviews from people they know, at the exact time they are making their purchase.

  12. In Today’s Digital World We Need To Be Selling Socially! • Creating a Strong Community around your brand • Educating and Engaging your prospects and customers • Fostering Learning and Answering Questions • Bonding with your audience turning leads into prospect and then fans • Your strong connection and accessibility helps you close more Leads into Loans

  13. How Do You Structure Your Account? • Personal Facebook Page - For your friends. • Facebook Business Page - For your Customers • Lead Generation Business Pages - For your Leads, Prospects and Referral Sources

  14. Personal Facebook Page

  15. Business Facebook Page

  16. Lead Generation Facebook Page

  17. The Mortgage Mountain

  18. The New Sales Funnel • Our Customers are 2 to 3 months away from closing! How do we keep them close and make sure they don’t shop rates or look for help elsewhere?

  19. The Mortgage Mountain

  20. Let’s Get Started! • Building your Facebook Presence

  21. Facebook Personal Account • Getting started www.facebook.com

  22. Getting Started • DO NOT Find Your Friends

  23. Profile Information • Create Your Profile Information • Share what you are comfortable with. Leave the rest.

  24. Create or Upload Your Profile Photo

  25. Verify Your Account • Check Your Email and Click the Link

  26. Set The Ever Important Privacy Settings

  27. Privacy Settings

  28. Managing Your Personal Database • It’s Brainstorming Time! • Real Friends and Family These remain your Friends on Facebook • Acquaintances Acquaintances • Custom Lists • Colleagues • Wish List • Lenders and BDM’s • Employees • Referral Partners - Realtors, Lawyers, Appraisers, Financial Planners, • Coaches and Trainers

  29. Creating Your Custom Lists

  30. Creating Your Custom List

  31. Custom Lists • Name Your List and Describe Your Members

  32. Custom Lists • Now Rinse and Repeat For Each List That You Are Going To Target

  33. Now You Can Give The Right Message To The Right Market At The Right Time!

  34. Posting Links

  35. Posting Links

  36. What Is The Like? • When you “Like” Something That Company / Persons updates will now show up in your news feed.

  37. Let’s Start To “Like” Some Pages

  38. Finding Shareable Content

  39. How To Share With Your Followers • Anytime you see interesting content on Facebook you can Share it.

  40. Time To Start Building Your Profile • Facebook Cover Image

  41. Facebook Image Sizes Profile Photo Size

  42. Facebook Images • Use your own photos • Powerpoint Slides • www.99designs.com • www.fiverr.com • www.tenerr.com

  43. Your Personal Profile Is Now Complete! • Adding your database

  44. What do I post? • Photos • Interesting • Funny • Infographics

  45. What Do I Post? • Fill in the blanks and questions

  46. What Do I Post? • Questions

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