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Chapter 2 Careers in Hospitality

Chapter 2 Careers in Hospitality. After Reading and Studying This Chapter, You Should Be Able to:. Identify some of the possible career paths available in the hospitality industry Establish career goals Assess your own strengths and weaknesses

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Chapter 2 Careers in Hospitality

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  1. Chapter 2Careers in Hospitality

  2. After Reading and Studying This Chapter, You Should Be Able to: • Identify some of the possible career paths available in the hospitality industry • Establish career goals • Assess your own strengths and weaknesses • Describe some of the potential careers in the hospitality and tourism industry • Discuss aspects of professionalism • Write a resume • Prepare for an interview

  3. What Is a Career Path? • Career progression available in each segment • Progression varies • Cross-training is critical • Advancement must be timely to match employee development • Career goals

  4. Is the Hospitality Industry Right for You? • Based on quality of service • Personal qualities needed: • Honesty • Willingness to work hard • Team player • Willingness to work long hours • Ability to deal with stress • Good decision-making skills • Good communication skills • Dedicated to exceptional service • Desire to exceed guest expectations

  5. What Do Recruiters Look for? • Service orientation • Solid work experience • Involvement in on-campus and professional organizations • Positive outlook • Good GPA • Initiative

  6. Self-assessment • Personal SWOT analysis: • Pinpoint strengths to maximize • Pinpoint weaknesses to minimize • Pinpoint opportunities to use to your advantage • Pinpoint threats to neutralize • www.queendom.com

  7. Professionalism and Etiquette • Companies’ expectations vary but must be met • Dress/attire • Etiquette is how we behave and make others feel comfortable • First impressions are critical • Table manners • Treat others with dignity and respect

  8. Professional Organizations and Associations • Visit the following organizations’ websites for more information: • The International Council on Hospitality Education • National Restaurant Association • American Hotel and Lodging Association • International Special Events Society • Professional Convention Management Association • National Society of Minorities in Hospitality • Hotel Sales and Marketing International

  9. Ethics • Set of moral principles and values that people use to make decisions about right and wrong • Basic common values: • Integrity • Respect for human life • Self-control • Honesty • Courage • Golden rule • Reasonable person standard

  10. Social Responsibility of Business • Issues include: • Truth in menu • Nutrition and obesity • Atkins diet • Recycling • Ronald McDonald House

  11. Careers in Travel and Tourism • Air • Sea • Rail • Auto • Attractions

  12. Careers in Restaurants • Restaurant industry employs over 12 million people • Management positions: • Owner • President/vice president • General manager • Restaurant manager • Bar manager • Kitchen manager

  13. Figure 2-1Example of a Career Path in Travel and Tourism

  14. Careers in Managed Services • $25 billion industry • Provider/client relationship • Foodservice operation is a support service, not the primary operation • Batch cooking is the norm • Managers have expanded responsibilities

  15. Careers in Lodging • 3.5 million hotel rooms in North America • Management positions: • Management trainee • General manager • Rooms manager • Director of marketing and sales • Director of human resources • Director of finance • For more information about careers in lodging, visit www.careers.hyatt.com

  16. Careers in Club Management • Club Managers of America Association • Customer is paying for a membership that includes a variety of services, from golf to fine dining • Availability of a career path is contingent on the employee and the opportunities • Positions: • General manager • Banquet manager • Kitchen manager • Bar manager

  17. Careers in Conventions and Expositions • Convention planners • Convention managers • Responsibilities include: • Staffing • Sales • Registration • Marketing • Other

  18. Careers in Meeting Planning, Event Management, and Catering • Meeting planning: • Event planner • Meeting manager • Conference coordinator • Convention planning • Event management: • Weddings • Parties • Corporate events • Bar mitzvahs • Catering • Entrepreneurial

  19. Figure 2-10A Career Path as a Catering Manager

  20. Careers in Recreation and Leisure • Organizing recreational activities: • Aerobics • Arts and crafts • Little League baseball • Tennis • Various camps • State and local PRT

  21. Careers in Amusement and Theme Parks • 350,000 workers employed • Designers and artists • Inspectors and repairers • Scientists • Human resource personnel • Public relations personnel • Food and beverage personnel

  22. Figure 2-11A Career Path in Recreation, Leisure, and Amusement and Theme Parks

  23. Careers in Gaming • 11 states have commercial casino gambling • 29 states authorize Native American casino-style gambling • Positions include: • Dealer • Slot attendant • Marketing director • Casino surveillance • General manager

  24. Careers in Allied Areas • Suppliers: • Food and beverage • Furniture • Furnishing and equipment

  25. Figure 2-13Career Path in Allied Areas

  26. Internships, Mentoring, and Shadowing • Internships and co-ops: • Supervised practical training • Mentoring: • Someone assigned to show you the ropes • Shadowing: • Gain familiarity with a particular job or jobs

  27. Resumes • Good resume is a must • Should include: • Heading with contact information • Career objective • Career experience • Accomplishments • Education • References • Cover letter • Academic record • Extracurricular activities

  28. How to Interview • Match yourself to the job • Match knowledge, skills, and abilities to posted position • Prepare • Do your homework on company

  29. How to Interview (cont.) • Be ready to ask questions • Dress for the job you want • Arrive early • Be polite • Send a thank-you note

  30. Trends • On-campus recruiting • Cutting cost on training • 50-hour workweek to minimize burnout • Professionalism • Ethical standards

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