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Careers in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

TOURISM PROFESSIONALS: A breakthrough in the careers and trends of the hospitality and tourism industry. Careers in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Ronaldo “Ronnie” Tiotuico Regional Director Department of Tourism – Region III Website: www.visitmyphilippines.com

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Careers in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

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  1. TOURISM PROFESSIONALS: A breakthrough in the careers and trends of the hospitality and tourism industry Careers in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Ronaldo “Ronnie” Tiotuico Regional Director Department of Tourism – Region III Website: www.visitmyphilippines.com Email: tourismregion3@gmail.com support@visitmyphilippines.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/ronnie.tiotuico

  2. Objective: • Understand the noodle principle • Tourism Industry : To learn its meaning and how it is important • The components of the tourism industry • Hospitality Industry : To learn its meaning and how it is important • Career : To understand its meaning • What are the jobs available to the Tourism Professionals?

  3. A Bowl of Noodles

  4. A Bowl of Noodles

  5. Tourism – Myths and Realities

  6. Industry Components

  7. Tourism, Hospitality and Events Sectors in the Tourism, Hospitality and Events industry. Travel Agencies Sport & Recreation Tour operator services Entertainment Tourism, Hospitality and Events Transportation & Transfer Accommodation Restaurants Take away food services Attraction Cafes Events Source: Service Skills Australia, Tourism, Hospitality and Events Skills Council: Environmental Scan 2011/edited by Jacqueline Jewel Bernardo

  8. Tourism Industry

  9. Definition by UNWTO ( United Nations World Tourism Organization) • Tourism defined as “ the activities of persons traveling to and staying in place outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purpose”

  10. Hospitality Industry

  11. Hospitality Industry • The industry segment pertaining to guest and entertainment, such as hotels, restaurant, attractions • The hospitality industry is not only about providing foods or accommodation.

  12. Career : Meaning

  13. CAREER: ( Merriam Webster Dictionary) • a field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life<Washington's career as a soldier> • a profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling <a career in medicine> <a careerdiplomat>

  14. Industry : Upclose

  15. Advantages • • Abundance of jobs • • Meeting people • • Pleasant workplace • • Travel a lot

  16. Challenges • • Hours of work • • Relocation • • Stress

  17. Jobs/Opportunities


  19. Career Options • – Chef-Head Cook • – Food and Beverage Manager • Baker/Pastry Chef • • Fast Food Manager • • Food and Beverage Manager • • Food Service Specialist • • Maitre’d • • Restaurant Assistant Manager • • Sous Chef • • Specialty Cook • • Banquet Setup Server • • Chef/Cook Assistant • • Fast Food Assistant Manager • • Food Preparation Worker • • Host • • Pastry Cook • • Prep Cook • • Restaurant Server • • Short-order Cook

  20. Career Options • Catering/Banquet Manager • • Corporate Executive Chef • • Food and Beverage • Administration • • Food and Beverage Controller • • Food and Beverage Director • • Operations Administrator • • Vice-President Operations • Caterer • • Catering and Banquet Director • • Culinary Arts Instructor • • Executive Chef • • Food and Beverage Director • • Food and Beverage Manager • • Independent Chef/Owner • • Kitchen Manager • • Restaurant/Food Service Owner • • Restaurant Manager

  21. Cruise Ship Restaurants Hotels Resorts Where ? International Domestic

  22. 00,000.00 to 000,000.00 PHP Salary ? $


  24. Career Options: • • Office Aide/Receptionist • • Recreation Attendant • • Recreation Worker • • Special Events Assistant • • Sports Complex Attendant • • Tour Guide • Activities Assistant • • Athletic Trainer Assistant • • Fitness Worker • • Gift Shop Salesperson • • Guest Services Worker • • Health Club Attendant • • Intramural Referee • • Lifeguard

  25. Activity Specialist • Aerobic Instructor • Club Assistant Manger • Event Planner/Assistant Director • Facility/Maintenance Supervisor • Fitness Trainer • Recreation Leader • Referee/Sports Official • Supervisor/Manager Trainee

  26. Athletic Trainer • Competitive Sports Athlete • Museum Guide • Museum Technician Manager • Recreation Supervisor • Recreation/Amusements Activity • Director • Sportscaster

  27. Chief Operating Officer • • Competitive Sports Coach • • Corporate Special Events Director • • Curator-Museum/Cultural • • Director of Athletics • • General Manager • • Parks and Gardens Director • • Post-Secondary Fitness Teacher • • Professional Sports Scout

  28. Amusement and Recreation • Attendants • Animal Trainers • Athletes and Sports Competitors • Farm and Home Management Advisors • Gaming Cage Workers • Gaming Dealers • Motion Picture Projectionists • Recreation Workers • Set and Exhibit Designers

  29. Casino Cruise Ship Museums Theme Parks Where ? Resorts Spa Domestic International

  30. Salary ? 00,000.00 to 000,000.00 $ PHP

  31. Airline Industry

  32. Exciting and attractive to the adventurous, whether in the air or on the ground servicing the carriers between flights. • Salary levels are relatively high in the airlines.

  33. Flight attendant • Stewardess, Hostess or steward • Young female or male • Unmarried/(married ) • Attractive • Average tall in height • Weight should be proportional to his or her height • Excellent English language skills

  34. Duties and Responsibilities • Performs several services conducive to the safety and comfort of airline passengers during flight, greets passengers, verifies tickets, records, destinations and assigns seats, explains use of safety belts, oxygen masks, and life jackets, and serves previously prepared meals and beverages.

  35. Benefit • Availability of free or reduced travel rate

  36. Ticket Agents, Reservation Agents, Clerks

  37. Reservation Agents and Clerks • The link between telephone inquiries and the computer terminal. • Agents answers questions on flight schedules and seat availability and make reservations • Their work brings them in telephone contact with the general public, travel agents, as well as their own company’s ticket agents.

  38. Ticket Agents • Work at airport tickets counters and in the central city ticket offices • Their duties includes answering questions about fares and schedules, handling out time tables and literatures, checking with the reservation agent on seat availability, and selling tickets. • They check baggage, add excess weight charges if necessary, and issue boarding passess. • Direct contact with the public

  39. Airline Food Service

  40. This is a behind-the-scene position but an essential one in the airline industry. • They provide quality meals to attract potential travelers • Airline have its own food service division or arrange for a private catering service to prepare in-flight meals. • The prerequisite for a position in an airline food service is educational training in food service or practical experience in the hotel or restaurant field.

  41. Flight Dispatcher

  42. The flight dispatcher gives permission for aircraft of specific airlines to take off. • Evaluates all factors of the flight including the airplane’s status, the crew, weather information, and other details. • They keep the crew informed of any delays at the airport caused by weather or crowded airspace conditions.

  43. Operations, Station Ramp Agents

  44. They supervision and loading of baggage and cargo • Cargo weight must be evenly distributed by these agents with the corresponding list of members and passengers recorded. • They coordinate the transfer baggage for connecting flights while taking on new luggage at stop-over airports • Responsible for announcing arrivals and departures

  45. Sales Manager District Sales Manager

  46. Oversee ticket and reservations offices • Supervise sales representatives • Promote traffic on their airlines • Maintain contact with local travel agents and tour operators to keep them informed on the latest airline promotions. • Sales manager maintain a profit for the airline on the basis of volume in these cases.

  47. Flight Reservation Manager

  48. Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, flight reservation activities for certified commercial or transport companies, • Reviews flight reservation reports • Conducts comparative studies with other airline reservations • To develop method and procedures designed to improve operating efficiency • Increase reservation for company flights

  49. Interprets and implements, through supervisory personnel, company policies and procedures regarding customer relations and contact with the public. • Analyzes economic statistics as applied to air transportation and other factors such as weather conditions, special fare rates, and package deals to estimate volume of flight reservations • Directs investigation of customer complaints regarding reservation service • Prepares correspondence designated to improve customer relations

  50. Airline Lounge Receptionist

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