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The Outsiders- Chapter 9 and 10 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Outsiders- Chapter 9 and 10

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The Outsiders- Chapter 9 and 10 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Outsiders- Chapter 9 and 10
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  1. The Outsiders-Chapter 9 and 10

  2. QUIZ TIME! Using your clickers! Chose the option that you think is correct and click send when you are done.

  3. Chapter 9 and 10 Recap • What was the major event the greasers were waiting for in Chapter 9? • The rumble between the greasers and the Socs • The news report on Johnny and Ponyboy’ s rescue at the church • Sodapop and Sandy’s baby news • None of the above

  4. 2. In chapter 9, what does Ponyboy say is the major difference between the greasers and the Socs? • Greasers look hoody and the Socs looked descent • Socs drove mustangs and greasers walked • Greasers were more violent than Socs • The greasers were talkative than the Socs

  5. 3. Before Johnny died, he told Ponyboy to : • “Keep fightin’” • “Stay greaser true” • “Stay gold.” • Take care of Cherry

  6. 4. What do you think Johnny’s last words to Ponyboy meant? a. Keep fighting against the Socs by staying true to being a greaser b. To keep his youthful innocence and not to get caught up in these useless fights c. Remain a true friend to his fellow greasers d. None of the above.

  7. 5. In chapter 10, how did Ponyboy react to Johnny’s death? • Ponyboy joined the Socs’ gang. • Ponyboy quit school • Ponyboy robbed two grocery stores • Ponyboy was in denial, he refused to believe that Johnny was dead.

  8. 6. How did Dally act differently to Johnny’s death than Ponyboy? • Dally confronts the Socs and asks them to create a truce between the two gangs • Johnny was the only thing Dally loved. Dally held up a store with an unloaded gun and dies due to police gun fire. • Dally held a memorial service for Johnny • None of the above

  9. A story’s theme….. • is always directly stated in the story  • summarizes the plot  • is the same as the story’s subject  • offers some insight or idea about life

  10. Theme The Search for Meaning

  11. What is a Theme? Theme: Life lesson, meaning, moral, emotion that drives the story action or message about life or human nature that is shared in a story. In other words… Theme is what the story teaches readers or shows them about life.

  12. Themes A theme is something people outside of a book have to deal with in real life. You don’t have to agree with the theme to identify it. Examples Money can’t buy happiness. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Be true to yourself.

  13. IdentifyingThemes Themesare indirect. Themesare implied. Themes are bigger than the story. Big World of the Theme. Applies to the “Real” World. Small World of the Story

  14. Themes –Chapter 9 & 10 1. Class Conflict- Socs vs. Greasers 2. Appearances 3. Coming of Age 4. Pretending-Escaping Reality

  15. Themes in The OutsidersChapter 9 and 10 On chart paper, you and group members will: • Be given a passage and a theme from the book • Find a direct quote • Write a sentence explaining how this quote relates to the theme. • Make a prediction to the meaning • Explain how the small story world connects to the big world theme