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Unit 4

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Unit 4

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  1. Unit 4 新职业英语 职业综合英语 2 ENGLISH FOR CAREERS Unit 4 Money

  2. Contents 1 Warming-up 5 Writing < Back Next > Home Reading A 2 6 Mini-project Reading B 7 7 8 7 3 Language Lab Entertainment Language Lab Language Lab 4 Listening & Speaking

  3. Warm-1 < Back Next > Home Warming-up Task 1 Match the following currencies with their names. Notes United States Dollar Pound Sterling Japanese Yen Canadian Dollar Korean Won European Dollar

  4. Notes < Back Pound Sterling 英镑 European Dollar 欧元 Canadian Dollar 加拿大元 United States Dollar 美元 Japanese Yen 日元 Korean Won 韩国元 根据中国银行2009 年12 月31 日外汇牌价 1 英镑 ≈ 10.97 人民币元 1 美元 ≈ 6.83 人民币元 100 日元 ≈ 7.38 人民币元 1 加拿大元 ≈ 6.48 人民币元 1 欧元 ≈ 9.79 人民币元 100 韩国元 ≈ 0.57 人民币元

  5. Warm-2 < Back Next > Home < Back Warming-up Task 2 Complete the table with appropriate currency codes and symbols. GBP £ EUR € ¥ JPY ¥ CNY/RMB HK$ HKD

  6. Notes < Back Notes currency code: 货币代码 currency symbol: 货币符号

  7. Reading A < Back Next > Home Reading A Text Task 1 Task 2 Business Know-how

  8. Text A-1 < Back Next > Home Reading A 翻译 声音 The PONZI Scheme A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that appears to be actually paying high returns by paying the supposed returns out of victim's own capital. It is named after Carlo Ponzi who ran a huge Ponzi scheme in the US in the 1920’s.

  9. Text A-2 A typical Ponzi scheme promises investors a high rate of returns in a short time. The money that is collected from investors is used to pay the returns. This means the fraud can run for some time, because investors appear to be making the promised returns. Early participants can profit, as they can with a pyramid scheme. However as the scheme needs more and more “investors” to keep joining, it is inevitable that it will eventually run out of people who are willing to join. The result is that the fraudster makes a large profit, people who join early also make profits, and those who join later lose their “investments”. < Back Next > Home Reading A 翻译 声音

  10. Text A-3 The easiest way to explain this is with an example. Suppose the scheme promises a return of 10% a month. The fraudster simply takes investors’ money and returns a tenth of it at the end of every month. The fact that investors appear to be getting the returns they were promised will encourage more people to put their money in the scheme, and even encourage the original wave of victims to reinvest. After ten months the fraudster will have returned all the money invested by the very first investors (assuming they did not reinvest), but will have most of the money invested by later investors. At this point the fraudster simply takes the money and disappear. < Back Next > Home Reading A 翻译 声音

  11. Text A-4 Common types of Ponzi scheme operate under a variety of names including “high yield investment program” and “high yield bonds”. Their common characteristics are very high returns with no clear underlying business to generate them. < Back Next > Home Reading A 翻译 声音

  12. Text A-5 More complex forms of Ponzi scheme can be harder to detect. They may well appear to be legitimate investments. They may even be part of an investment that includes both legitimate and Ponzi elements. An example of the latter is an investment company that offers very high returns to depositors, and does lend the money (as a real investment company would) to make returns, but does so knowing that the returns on loans will not suffice to cover the interest paid to depositors. < Back Next > Home Reading A 翻译 声音

  13. Text A-6 Anything that offers very high returns without correspondingly high risk should be regarded with great suspicion. Any investment sold through unusual channels (e.g., spam email or cold calling) or by a business that is not appropriatelyregulated (e.g., by a national regulator) is also both suspicious and probably illegal. It is usually possible to check with regulators whether someone selling investments is regulated or not. < Back Next > Home Reading A 翻译 声音

  14. A-Trans-1 < Back Reading A 庞氏骗局 庞氏骗局是一种看似高回报实际是以受害者自己的资金来支付应付报酬的投资骗局。它以卡罗·庞齐的名字命名,此人于20 世纪20 年代在美国策划组织了一场大规模的庞氏骗局。

  15. A-Trans-2 < Back Reading A 庞氏骗局承诺投资者在短期内获得高回报,而用来支付高额回报的资金却是从投资者那里筹集来的。这就意味着这种骗局可以支撑一段时间,因为投资者似乎得到了所承诺的回报。早期参与者能够获利,这与金字塔编局是一样的。然而,由于这种骗局需要越来越多“投资者”的不断加入,迟早有一天会出现不再有投资者愿意参与此项投资的情况。最终的结果就是行骗者能够获取丰厚利润,早期参与者也能获利,但后来的参与者却会失去他们的“投资”。

  16. A-Trans-3 < Back Reading A 一个例子就能清楚地说明此骗局是如何运作的。假设该骗局承诺每月10%的回报,行骗者收取投资者的资金,然后在每月月底拿出十分之一作为回报。投资者似乎得到了所承诺的回报,这就会鼓励更多的人把资金投入这一骗局,甚至还会诱使原来的投资者继续投资。十个月之后行骗者就会把第一批投资者的本金(假设他们没有再继续投资)全部归还,但此时行骗者已经得到了后期投资者的大部分资金,此时,行骗者便可以携款消失。

  17. A-Trans-4 < Back Reading A 常见的各种庞氏骗局通常冠以“高收益投资项目”或“高收益债券”等各式各样的名号,其共同特点就是高回报,但却没有支撑高回报的基础业务。

  18. A-Trans-5 < Back Reading A 一些更复杂的庞氏骗局较难识破。一些表面看来很像是合法的投资项目,一些则混合了合法投资与庞氏骗局的元素。举一个后者的例子,某投资公司向储户提供高额回报,他们会(像一个真正的投资公司那样)通过借贷来赚取利润,但他们很清楚贷款所获的收益不足以支付储户的利息。

  19. A-Trans-6 < Back Reading A 任何只有高回报而没有相应高风险的投资都很可疑。当一个投资项目是通过非正常渠道销售(如垃圾邮件或陌生推销电话),或由非正规监管(如接受国家监管机构的监管)的公司销售时,都应该受到质疑,而且很可能是非法的。通常可以去监管机构核查某个投资项目是否受到监管。

  20. scheme < Back Reading A n. a clever plan, especially to dosomething that is bad or illegal (often usedto show disapproval); an official plan that isintended to help people in some way e.g. Police uncovered a scheme to steal paintings worth more than $250,000. e.g.The money will be used in teacher training scheme.

  21. return < Back Reading A n. (often pl.) a profit from an investment e.g.Product areas are being developed to produce maximum returns. e.g.Farmers seek to improve returns from their crops.

  22. Carlo Ponzi < Back Reading A Carlo Ponzi: also Charles Ponzi (1882-1949), an Italian Immigrant to the United States, who became one of the Greatest fraudsters in American history.

  23. profit < Back Reading A v. to make a profit; obtain an advantage orbenefit e.g.Some industries, such as shipbuilding, clearly profited from the war. e.g.Not all children would profit from this kind ofschooling.

  24. pyramid scheme < Back Reading A pyramid scheme: A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, often without any product or service being delivered. 金字塔骗局;传销

  25. run out of < Back Reading A to use up e.g.We’ve run out of petrol, so we have to take a bus to the theater. e.g.Some experts declare the world could well runout ofInternet addresses in three years, unlessurgent action is taken.

  26. suppose < Back Reading A v. to assume to be true or real for thesake of argument or explanation e.g.Suppose we win the lottery—what would you do with the money? e.g.Suppose you are offered the job—will youaccept?

  27. original < Back Reading A a.used or produced at the creation orearliest stage of something; complete newand different from anything that anyone hasthought of before e.g.They will restore the house to its original state. e.g.I don’t think he is capable of having original ideas!

  28. invest < Back Reading A v. to buy shares, property or goods in orderto gain a financial return e.g.The company is to invest 12 million dollars in its manufacturing site in Shanghai. e.g.She had invested heavily in the bond market.

  29. characteristic < Back Reading A n.a quality that is typical of aparticular person, place orthing, and thatmakes them easy to recognize e.g.Ambition is a characteristic of all successful businessmen. e.g.The need to communicate is a key characteristic of human society.

  30. underlying < Back Reading A a. basic or fundamental e.g.The underlying cause of cancer is the inability of one’s body to properly utilize the nutrition that it receives. e.g.There are underlying principles common to allmodes of business communications.

  31. detect < Back Reading A v. to discover or identify the presence orexistence of e.g.Cancer may soon be detected in its earliest stages. e.g.Paul detected a faint note of weariness in hisfather’s voice.

  32. the latter < Back Reading A the second or second mentioned of twopeople or things e.g.Jack and Bill are twins, but the latter is much taller than the former. e.g.The town has a concert hall and two theatres. The latter were both built in the 1950s.

  33. suffice < Back Reading A v. to be enough to achieve a purpose or tofulfill a need e.g.One example should suffice to prove it. e.g.No words will suffice to convey his grief.

  34. correspondingly < Back Reading A ad. accordingly or equally e.g.The new edition is bigger and correspondingly more expensive. e.g.As his political power has shrunk, he has grown correspondingly more dependent on the army.

  35. channel < Back Reading A n. a system or method that is used as away of achieving something e.g.Many distribution channels common in the developed countries, e.g. superstores, mail order, are still rather new to the Indian consumers. e.g.Music is a great channel for releasing your emotions.

  36. appropriately < Back Reading A ad. in a proper or suitable way e.g.An appropriately designed road network is key to the development of any nation, whether developed or developing. e.g.The chain of volcanoes is known, appropriately enough, as the “Ring of Fire”.

  37. regulate < Back Reading A v. to control or supervise an activity orprocess, usually by means of rules or laws e.g.Problems can arise when the government fails to regulate markets properly. e.g.The volume of economic activity was regulatedby the supply of money.

  38. A-Task 1 < Back Next > Home Reading A Task 1 Complete the following table according to the passage. a high rate of returns in a short time high yield investment program high yield bonds anything offering high returns without correspondingly high risk

  39. A-task 2-1 < Back Next > Home Reading A Task 2 Choose the best answer for each of the following questions or statements according to the passage. • Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? • A. The first Ponzi scheme was run by Carlo Ponzi. • B. A Ponzi scheme usually attracts investors with a high rate • of returns. • C. The early investors can actually make some money in a • Ponzi scheme. • D. A Ponzi scheme gets the same profits as a pyramid • scheme. D

  40. A-task 2-2 < Back Next > Home Reading A 2. Most people will not get the promised high returns because _____. A. Carlo Ponzi has died B. the fraudster cannot keep his promise C. more investors are coming D. they have to wait for the investment to create profits 3. A Ponzi scheme can usually fool many people because _______. A. the fraudster pays everyone high returns B. they have got high returns for some time C. all the money collected is used to pay returns D. the fraudster is good at investment B B

  41. A-task 2-3 < Back Next > Home Reading A A 4. More complex forms of Ponzi scheme ___________. A. do not seem to be a fraud at all B. are run by real investment companies C. lend money to make returns D. pay a little interest to depositors 5. According to the passage, the best way to prevent a Ponzi scheme is to __________. A. check with a regulator B. stop investing after getting the first high returns C. be away from any investment D. ask an expert for help A

  42. < Back Next > Home Business Know- how Handling Money When Traveling Overseas • Carry as little cash as possible, just a bit more than enough for cabs, tips and little things; • Use debit cards or/and credit cards to pay for expenditures. Make sure these cards are accepted overseas; • Withdraw cash from ATMs and keep the number of withdrawals to a minimum; • Exchange currency at major financial institutions. Don’t do it at airports, train stations, hotels, and commercial money exchangers; • Always pay in local cash; • Carry a backup card in case of emergency.

  43. Reading B < Back Next > Home Reading B Text Task 1 Task 2

  44. Text B-1 < Back Next > Home Reading B 翻译 • Tips to Save You Money, • Time and Efforts with HSBC • Interbank transfer in Hong Kong dollars • The standard rate at a branch is HK$170, but if you use HSBC Internet Banking, your cost drops to only HK$10.

  45. Text B-2 < Back Next > Home Reading B 翻译 2. Outward telegraphic transfer Enjoy the biggest saving by using HSBC Internet Banking any time of the day where the fee is only HK$110. if you remit funds to China’s mainland, you will enjoy a HK$30 discount for payment to accounts held with HSBC branches in China’s mainland. 3. Monthly fee You can avoid the HK$50 monthly fee for a Hong Kong dollar savings account if you keep your balance at HK$5,000 or above.

  46. Text B-3 < Back Next > Home Reading B 翻译 4. Automatic bill payment Pay bills instantly any time through HSBC Internet Banking, or even pre-set dates for automatic payment, and you’ll be sure to avoid overdue payment charges. 5. Consolidated monthly statement Becoming a Premier, PowerVantage or SmartVantage customer, you’ll receive a consolidated monthly statement presenting a concise view of your financial position. All your financial arrangements like insurance, loans, investments and mortgages, will be included in your monthly statement, showing your entire financial situation at a glance.

  47. Text B-4 < Back Next > Home Reading B 翻译 6. Securities or unit trusts You can trade securities or unit trusts easily and conveniently with phonebanking or HSBC Internet Banking. 7. Day and Night Banking Centers Day and Night Banking Centers operate outside standard working hours, enabling you to make enquiries or receive assistance with all your personal financial needs, including insurance, investments, loans, mortgages, etc.

  48. Text B-5 < Back Next > Home Reading B 翻译 8. Remittance service If you are receiving a payment from overseas, simply ask the payer to send it by telegraphic transfer rather than a check drawn on an overseas account. As such, the payment can be credited to your account directly, saving you the time and efforts waiting for check clearance at branch.

  49. Text B-6 < Back Next > Home Reading B 翻译 9. Various self-service methods

  50. B-Trans-1 < Back Reading B 如何办理汇丰业务,省钱、省时又省事 欢迎使用汇丰银行服务和收费便捷指南。在本指南中,您将了解到节省时间和金钱的实用技巧,为您提供更加增值的银行服务。更多选择,更高效率,更多理由携手汇丰银行。 1. 港元银行内部转账 支行的标准费率为170港元,但如果您通过汇丰网上银行,费用则降为仅10 港元。