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Entertainment during the American Revolution PowerPoint Presentation
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Entertainment during the American Revolution

Entertainment during the American Revolution

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Entertainment during the American Revolution

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  1. Entertainment during the American Revolution By: Elizabeth M. Carlos s. Walter L. Adman A.

  2. Who created the song Yankee Doodle? • Richard Shuchburg sang Yankee Doodle for the British. His song made fun of the colonist so, the Americans love that song so they made a dance in 1781(Colonial and Revolution Songs).

  3. What was the name of the song William Billing created? • The famous song that William Billing created was name “Chester” (Colonial and Revolution Songs).

  4. What was the music that the patriots sang? • “The Liberty Song” because it reminded them about the people that died fighting in the war (Colonial and Revolution Songs).

  5. What sport they play the most in the American Revolution? • The sport that they play the most was tennis and swimming, It’s the same things that we do too now for fun in 2006 (Colonial Games and Toys).

  6. Which sport is similar to the one we play now? • Swimming, basketball, tennis, soccer, and volleyball, just like the ones we play now (Colonial Games and Toys).

  7. Which game did they play less? • The game that they use to play less are puzzles and Yo-Yo (Colonial Games and Toys).

  8. What games they used to play? • They use to play with Yo-Yo, Puzzles, Hoops, Tennis, and Cards (Colonial Games and Toys).

  9. How did colonial children made their toys? • They used natural materials for fun too. • (Apples) they would dry them and poke features in them to make a doll’s head • (Shells) were used as dishes for dolls or used in hopscotch (Colonial Games and Toys).

  10. Where do you think they got their toys and games? • They did not go to stores. • They got toys from leftover wood, strings. The kids sometimes use barrels to make some toys, and they never said that that was boring. (Colonial Games and Toys).

  11. Did the children have time to play? • The children enjoyed their work and took satisfaction in doing it well. But even though the children were busy they always found some time to play (Colonial Games and Toys).

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